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With a score of 0-2, the Falcons have had a poor start in the 2021/2022 NFL season. It doesn’t come as a big surprise, considering their losing streak lasting three years. These results ended Dan Quinn’s position as Head Coach, one he held for the last 5 years. Arthur Smith is stepping in his shoes as Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons, promising to deliver a boost to the team’s offense.

Coming into the third NFL week, the Falcons’ team plays an away game against the New York Giants. Unfortunately, the Falcons lost the last two games: the first to the Philadelphia Eagles (32-6), a catastrophic loss on home court, and the latter to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their superstar Tom Brady (48-25). However, it’s still early in the season, and even though the Falcons are rated as the underdogs by most bookies judging by their betting odds, we might be in for a surprise.

Atlanta Falcons Betting Odds

The Falcons are coming in last in the NFC South standings. Their CB, A.J. Terrel suffered from a concussion in the Week 2 game against the Buccaneers at the Raymond James Stadium and he might be absent from the field in the upcoming game against the Giants. So far, the team’s betting odds aren’t looking so good.

On the other hand, the Falcons have the 3rd highest average passing rating in the league (131.2) which keeps them in the game. Quarterback Matt Ryan, with his high RTG of 76.4 looks determined to set the team straight for their first win this season. However, he has been ineffective so far, dragging Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts with him.

Being the +3 underdog on the road comes as no surprise.

Let’s hope that coach Smith will solidify the offense because according to experts – their defense is ranked at the low 31st place!

Atlanta Falcons Betting Lines

First things first – let’s look at the Atlanta Falcons futures odds.

Future odds are a type of bet that covers an extended time that can range from preseason to a full season or further on. Here are a few current future bet odds you can wager on the Atlanta Falcons:

  • Falcons odds to win Super Bowl LVI   +10000
  • Falcons odds to win NFC   +5000
  • Falcons odds to win NFC South   +2000
  • Falcons odds to make playoffs     +500

Next, comes the moneyline bet, which is the simplest one. Punters need to choose one of the teams playing to be the straight-up winner. For the Falcons’ next game, the odds are in favor of the Giants.

  • Falcons +140
  • Giants   -148

So, if you decide to place a CA$100 bet on the Falcons, and they win, you will get CA$140 on top of your bet. Wagering on the Giants for the same amount will get you CA$67.57.

The point spread determines whether a team wins or loses by a number of certain points. In this case, odds are:

  • Falcons +3 (-113)
  • Giants -2.5 (-115)

The over/under line established by bookmakers is referred to as the point total. In over/under bets, the bookie sets a predetermined point total, so the number forecasts how many points will be scored in a game in total.

Atlanta began the season with one of the NFL’s worst scoring defenses and a powerful offensive, resulting in point totals that were above the league average. However, under interim coach Raheem Morris’ new direction, the Falcons tightened up their defense, resulting in a midseason dip in their over/unders.

  • >47 (-110)
  • <47 (-105)

These are some of the most popular bet types for online sports betting that we think punters might prefer the most. However, you can find a lot more bet types such as prop bets, totals, in-play, and live betting.

If any of the odds seem confusing, you can always use an online betting calculator to help you calculate your winnings.

The Best Welcome Bonus For Atlanta Falcons Vegas Odds

Many Canadian online sportsbooks offer Vegas odds for Atlanta Falcons games, so before choosing a bookie, make sure that the odds are in your favor. On top of that, the top online betting sites offer lucrative welcome bonus offers exclusively tailored for NFL betting. You can get free bets that you can use on money line betting, prop bets, or any other type of betting – even point total.

The welcome bonus is often available for new players only, though, so make sure to read the terms and conditions before you register for a site. Keep in mind, however, that you should only bet for entertainment purposes and practice responsible gaming at all times.

Which Sportsbooks Has The Best Atlanta Falcons Odds?

We did our due diligence and found some of the best online sportsbooks that you can bet on in Canada. Safety, gambling licenses, and good odds are what we took into consideration while searching for the finest sportsbooks for you to bet on.

Our first choice would be Sports Interaction, which offers a big welcome bonus besides the good odds. New customers may take advantage of a hefty sign-up incentive. Following a short and safe registration process, SIA matches first contributions dollar for dollar.

Some other Canadian online sportsbooks sites that will ensure you won’t have a gambling problem are:

  • Powerplay
  • Bet99
  • Betsafe
  • Bodog

How To Bet On The Atlanta

If the Falcons are among your betting favorites, what you need to do to bet on them is the following:

  • Sign up with an online sportsbook by entering your personal info.
  • Choose a payment method and make a deposit.
  • Visit the sports betting page and pick the best odds to win.
  • Place your wager and cross your fingers!

Who Will Win The Atlanta Falcons Game Tonight?

Atlanta Falcons play their next game on September 26 against the New York Giants. In the last five games against the Giants, the Falcons have won three times. The Giants are playing home at the MetLife Stadium in New York, giving them a slight odds advantage. Considering the Falcons’ poor start this season, we would place a bet on the Giants.

The Atlanta Falcons Home Games

The home opener in NFL Week 2 against the Philly Eagles was a huge blow.  The Falcons lost, with only 6 points scored and 32 conceded! The next home game is against the Washington Football Team on the 3rd of October. We would recommend placing your sports betting on the Falcons on this one since they must win if they want to make it to the postseason!

Atlanta Falcons History & Stats

The Falcons come from the most populous city in the U.S. state of Georgia -Atlanta. Entering the NFL as an expansion team in 1965, they were offered a franchise and started competing in the NFC’s south division. Their all-time score is 369-475-6 and they have appeared in two Super Bowl finals with no luck in winning one.

Who Is Atlanta Falcons’ Head Coach?

Arthur Smith is the new Head Coach for this NFL season. After managing the offense for the Titans for nine years, Falcons expect an increase in offensive gameplay.

Previous Atlanta Falcons Coaches

Former Falcons coaches include:

  • Raheem Morris
  • Dan Quinn
  • Mike Smith
  • Emmit Thomas
  • Bobby Petrino
  • Jim Mora
  • Wade Phillips
  • Dan Reeves
  • June Jones
  • Jerry Glanville
  • Jim Hanifan
  • Marion Campbell
  • Dan Henning
  • Leeman Bennet
  • Pat Peppler
  • Norm Van Brocklin
  • Norb Hecker

Atlanta Falcons Betting FAQ

Where do the Atlanta Falcons play their home games?

Ever since 2017, the Atlanta Falcons’ home grass is the Mercedes Benz Stadium located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Have the Atlanta Falcons ever won the Super Bowl?

Even though they have played in two Super Bowl finals, the Falcons have never won the Lombardi Trophy.

In which conference does the team play?

The Falcons are a part of the National Football Conference (NFC).

Which division do they play in?

The franchise plays in the South Division of the NFC.

When did they join the NFL?

The Falcons played their first NFL season back in 1965.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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