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New England Patriots Betting Odds | Patriots Schedule & Standings

The New England Patriots used to be one of the most favourable teams when it comes to online sports betting. The NFL betting odds for the Patriots are typically in their favour, as they are one of the most dominant teams in the sport.

The best online sportsbooks on the market put their faith in the Patriots, mainly after they undoubtedly come triumphant in tough matches such as the one against the New York Jets.

To learn more about the NE Patriots, you should examine the NE Patriots betting odds and money lines.

In this article, we’ll guide you through all the vital things you ought to know.

New England Patriots Betting Odds

The NEP used to be the number one contender for the Super Bowl title every season since 2001. With the departure of their living legend Brady and later Cam Newton, the Patriots are no longer the favourites to win it all.

If we do an NFL betting preview, the Patriots have left their shiny years behind and they are now considered as vulnerable as the rest of the teams in their division. For example, if bettors see odds such as +3300 for New England to win the Super Bowl, it means they are one of the underdogs that particular season.

New England Patriots Betting Lines

Other than understanding the betting odds, you need to learn the difference between each type of bet:

  • Moneyline Bets – With this option, NFL bettors from Canada can wager their money on which team will win the game. This is the most common betting option online.
  • Over/Under – This option allows you to place online bets on the number of total points throughout the game, and whether the final score will be over or under the bookie’s predetermined value.
  • Future Bets – The Future Bet option allows you to place a wager on the next Super Bowl winner – even before the season starts
  • Teasers – If you’re looking for less risky options, teasers will allow you to wager on two games, with adjusting the points on total bets.

The Best Welcome Bonus For New England Patriots Vegas Odds

Ever since they were implemented throughout North America, Vegas Odds have remained popular to this day. Along with Vegas Odds, you’ll be able to find attractive welcome packages, free bets, and other incentives. Most of the NFL betting sportsbooks will offer attractive welcome packages, with a free bet option included, for those that wish to try out and place a bet on the NE Patriots.

Which Sportsbooks Have The Best Odds?

To find the best NFL New England Patriots odds for the team, you will need to do some research. Most online sportsbooks on the market have +3300 odds, making the NE Patriots underdogs for the first time in 20 years.

However, we can’t single out a single sportsbook that we think offers the best odds, but what we can do is give you multiple sportsbooks so you can compare their odds yourself. Once you find the most fitting one, make an account with it.

How To Bet On The New England Patriots?

If you wish to bet on the NEP, you’ll need to do a few things.

  • Find a licensed and regulated online bookmaker;
  • Register an account and provide the online sports bookie with the required information;
  • Choose your payment method and deposit money;
  • Start with online betting on the NEP

However, don’t forget to practice responsible gambling no matter where you choose to bet, since online gambling is for entertainment purposes only!

Who Will Win The New England Patriots Game Tonight?

We are positive that the team will be better than the one in the previous season, and we can expect a tremendous game that will prove that the odds to win for the NEP were justified. Perhaps the Patriots won’t win the Super Bowl this year, but with some free agent signings – they surely can beat anyone that comes, regardless of their NFL odds at the time.

The Team’s Home Games

The NE Patriots are of the best hosts in the whole NFL. They are always the favourite of winning a home game, no matter who is calling the shots as the quarterback. If you choose to use your free bets rewards, you will have a great chance of winning because of the team’s history at the Gillette Stadium.

Their fans are the 12th player in the stadium, and the team has a massive chance of winning against all teams on the schedule.

Here you can check out the England Patriots schedule for the upcoming home games.

History & Stats

The team was founded under the name of Boston Patriots in 1959. Ever since the AFC-NFC merger, the team has steadily risen to the ranks from a weak team to the heights that no other franchise can reach nowadays. The Patriots in the 21 century always have the best odds to win the AFC Championship Game, even with their new QB Mac Jones.

The team is known to play in the postseason almost every time, even though they missed it in the previous 2019/2020 season. The team is a leader in many states in the playoffs, such as Super Bowl wins, Super Bowl appearances, home games won, among many others.

  • Season in the NFL: 51
  • Postseason winning percentage: .638
  • Division Titles: 19
  • Super Bowl Appearances: 9, winning 6 of it
  • All-time Passing Yards Leader: Tom Brady
  • All-Time Scoring Leader: Steven Gostkowski
  • All-Time Reception Leader: Steven Morgan (10,352)
  • Top Scoring Coach: Bill Belichick: 244 wins, 92 losses, 336 games coached, 6 Super Bowl Championships.

Who Is the Head Coach?

The Patriots’ current head coach is the one and only Bill Belichick, the foundation of the infamous ‘Patriots Way’ working & training ethic. Bill has been the head coach since 2000, and it’s one of the longest-serving head coaches in the league as of 2021.

Previous Coaches

Here are some of the previous coaches of the NE Patriots:

  • Pete Carrol (1997-1999): 48 games coached, 27 wins, 21 losses
  • Bill Parcells (1993-1996): 64 games coached, 32 wins, 32 losses
  • Raymond Berry (1984-1989): 87 games coached, 48 wins, 39 losses
  • Bill Belichick (2000-present): 336 games coached, 244 wins, 92 losses, 6 Super Bowl titles

NEP Betting FAQ

Where does the team play their home games?

The NEPs have played their home games at the Gillette Stadium since 2002.

Have the New England Patriots ever won the Super Bowl?

The Patriots have won a total of 6 Super Bowl titles from 9 finals since 2001. They won the last Super Bowl championship 3 seasons ago.

In which conference does the team play?

The team plays in the American Football Conference (AFC).

Which division do they play in?

The Patriots play in the AFC East Division with the Dolphins, NY Jets, and the Bills.

Who has played the most games for the New England Patriots?

Tom Brady is the man with the most games played for the New England Patriots, with a total of 286 appearances.

Who are their biggest rivals in the NFL?

The NE Patriots’ biggest rivals include the Pittsburgh Steelers and the division rivals Miami Dolphins.

Last Updated on December 6, 2021

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