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In today’s news: besides beloved sports like ice hockey and lacrosse, the Canucks also go berserk for darts championships!

In this article, we’ll cover everything there is to know about darts betting odds. You’ll learn how to place your money on the Darts European Championship or the World Championship.

Top Darts Betting Sites For Canadian Players

Canada may be the world center for the best maple syrup pancakes, but the country also houses an impressive amount of betting facilities. Whether in-house or online, Canadian bettors can get their hands on the current best odds for darts.

You can check out the following Canadian online bookies: 888sport, William Hill, and BetVictor. They receive high praise and are always on time with enhanced odds on Canadian sports, including darts. Here you can place darts odds in various formats: decimal odds, fractional odds, and so forth.

How To Bet On Darts: Darts Betting Guide

If you’re ready to test your luck on the World Championship odds, then let us teach you how to develop a go-to betting strategy.

Choose Where To Place Bets On Darts/ Darts Betting Markets

Before getting started, you must choose where you will place your first bet on the PDC World Darts Championship. Go for licensed and regulated betting markets such as the ones we recommended above. If you don’t trust a website, check if it’s regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission or another reputable legal body.

Research The Players

Make sure you pay attention to who’s playing in the Professional Darts Corporation when placing a bet. Do in-depth research of each player to estimate your best winning odds. You can also look into statistics from third parties online and their best estimations.

Check The Competition Format

Be familiar with each player’s role in the competition as well as the rules that all competitors will follow. This will help you determine what kinds of bets you can place.

Assess Your Darts Betting Options

What types of bets can you place on the online live league? Can you make money line bets or futures? It’s also crucial to pay attention to which bets would get the most bang for your buck.

Develop A Darts Betting Strategy

Make sure you decide your bankroll beforehand and plan how you’re going to spend every loonie of it. For example, if you want to have great odds of winnings, try betting on a previous Darts World Cup tournament winner. Always play strategically.

In-Play Darts Betting Advice

When you’re betting live, you have little to no control over how the game will turn out. So, always do your ”studying” beforehand to determine the winning odds.

Darts Betting Options

We know you’re here for some darts betting tips, so let’s get right into it! The following are the types of bets one can place on a darts premier league or World Championship.

To Win

To win or money line betting is all about picking the winner of a game. And like in any other sport, in darts, there is the top dog and the underdog. Bettors choose between the two and place a bet. You have better chances of winning when betting on a favourite darts player. However, you’ll earn more if you bet on an underdog.

Correct Score

In the World Championship, there’s such a thing called a correct score darts bet. Basically, you place your money on the exact score the players will hit by the end of the game. The amount of prize money here will be fantastic, as correct scores pose a challenge.

Handicaps Or Spread Betting

Handicap betting means adding or removing a certain number of legs or sets from a player’s final score to determine the bet’s success. For example, if you bet that Ryan Searle will win a game with a -3.5 leg handicap, he would need to win by at least 4 legs.

Highest Checkout

The checkout is the name given to the last three darts a player throws during a game of darts.

The last 3 darts that are thrown in the game are called a checkout. You have multiple ways to place the highest checkout bet:

  • on the overall highest checkout of the match
  • on each player’s highest checkout score
  • on which player will score a higher checkout.

180 Betting

A 180 in darts betting means the highest score a player can hit with three consecutive darts. There are 3 betting possibilities here. You can bet on:

  • The total number of 180s in the match
  • The player with the most 180s in the match
  • The player that’ll hit a 180 first.

Outright Winner

Betting on the outright winner simply means you’re betting on who will win the match. For instance, you can place your money on the tournament winner (e.g. whether Gabriel Clemens or Luke Humphries will win a Professional Darts Corporation match).

Nine-Dart Finish

Nine darts are the fewest amount of darts you can use to win a leg win. This market you are backing whether you think there will be a 9 dart in the leg or not.

To Reach The Final

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. If you want to place a unique type of bet, you can bet on who’ll reach the finals of a competition.

How Darts Betting Odds Work

Darts betting odds work just like ice hockey or football odds. You have to carefully calculate them and come to a conclusion on which bets would be most rewarding. You can do so by researching the best players in the World Cup or elsewhere, as well as getting advice from professional sports bettors.

Top Darts Events To Bet On

If you want to watch the legends Rob Cross beat Phil Taylor again, you can check out some of the top darts betting events popular among Canadian bettors, including the UK Open. These events are held all year round, so you’ll never run out of betting options!

Premier League Darts

The Premier League Darts is a world-recognized darts competition, where players come together to compete in a legs format. You can bet on the league weekly from February to May.

World Matchplay

Like many other events, the World Matchplay is one of the world championships held by the Professional Darts Corporation. Peter Wright has made quite a name for himself competing in the Matchplay, like many other famous darts players.

The Grand Slam Of Darts

The Grand Slam is where PDC players compete against players from the Darts Organization licensed and regulated in Great Britain. If you want to bet on a difficult nine-dart finish, this is the place to be.

World Grand Prix

The World Grand Prix garners huge TV audiences every year. There are 3 Grand Prix races with a different but still pretty similar format, making the matches all the more exciting. It is also the only double-start tournament in the PDC. That means players must start and finish on a double.

Players Championship

The PDC also organizes the Players Championship Finals, where legends like Joe Murnan, Brendan Dolan, and Gary Anderson come to compete and throw the first dart. The finals are held in November every year, and bettors can place their bets according to each player’s success during the regular season.


Who are the best darts players in Canada?

Jim Long is by far the best darts player in Canada, followed by John Part, Bob Sinnaeve, and David Cameron.

How do darts matches work?

Each player begins with a 501 score and takes turns throwing three darts. The judges then calculate each player’s score and deduct it from their total.

Last Updated on December 2, 2021

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