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Before the game of darts became the exciting sport it is today, many people only thought of it as a little activity that friends play in the pub. The game of darts has been around for centuries, but it is believed that in 1896, a man named Brian Gamlin invented the dartboard that we all know and love today.

Darts became popular in the 1970s and 1980s, where sponsors and big television companies were on board to fund and televise darts tournaments such as the NDA championship. This is the time when darts betting started to gain traction!

Many tournaments have been created throughout the years, such as the World Grand Prix, the UK Open, and of course, the grand slam of darts – the World Championship! In the UK, there is also the Premier League, which has been going strong for 17 seasons, a tournament organized by the Professional Darts Corporation or PDC.

With the rise of the sport, darts betting has skyrocketed. Once the UK Gambling Commission approved and started giving licenses, many betting sites have implemented darts as one of the sports that punters can bet on.

Darts Betting Demystified: How To Bet On Darts

Darts betting is not that different from other sports. Players can visit pretty much any betting site at any time because the sport has risen immensely in the past years.

There are numerous variants players can bet on, such as the match-winner, the correct score of the game, the total number of 180s scored in a match or the whole tournament, the highest checkout, and even the total legs one game will go to.

Some sites will even give players free bets on special occasions. Players will get these free bets mainly at the start of tournaments, like the PDC world championship, world darts championship, European championship, and other major tournaments.

Punters can place bets before the darts matches start, and they should look at the odds betting sites offer before the game takes place. Once the first dart is thrown, players can’t modify their bet.

There are darts tournaments all year round, and odds vary from tournament to tournament. Players should examine odds before the darts matches start and always settle down for the most competitive odds. On another note, specific tournaments carry bigger values, and one classic example is the World Championship odds, which are typically higher than the rest.

Tournament Markets

One of the best darts betting markets, and the one that will provide players the best betting odds, is the tournament market!

There are numerous licensed and regulated dart tournaments, especially in Great Britain. The Grand Slam of Darts Tournaments and the PDC World Championship have the best darts odds that players can come across.

Darts Handicap Betting

Like in any other sport, handicap bets are also present in dart tournaments. The handicap bets are divided into two wagers – one for one player to win the match and the other for the player to finish in the top 3 places. Most of the time, there are 1.5, 2.5, or 3.5-sets, avoiding draws in a match.

Each Way Bet Darts

Each way bets are pretty simple. These types of bets are basically two bets in one. The first bet is for a player to win the dart tournament, and the second bet is for the player to finish in the top 3. These types of bets are suitable when players can’t really get that ‘gut feel’ regarding the outcome and want to increase their winning chances.

BDO Darts Betting Outright

Outright bets are the most popular bets when it comes to darts. Punters will simply place their bet on their favorite player to be the match-winner or the tournament winner. Once the bet is settled, they can sit back, relax, watch the players’ championship finals, and root for their favorite one!

Darts Odds for The Big Competitions

Once popular competitions are right around the corner, betting sites will display their odds right next to players’ names. Previous winners will likely have lower odds, like Gary Anderson, for example. The odds will undoubtedly change as the tournaments go by, and new customers on the sites will get further information.

World Championships

Darts betting odds are typically through the roof when the World Championship starts. After all, it’s the most significant event among punters! We can easily compare it to the World Cup because the crème de la crème of players are all participating. Major tournaments like this one capture the eye of hundreds of thousands of fans, and it’s no secret that betting sites thrive during this period.

World Matchplay

This is another big tournament where darts betting odds are crunched up and ready for players to try their luck. Phil Taylor is the heavyweight of this tournament, having won it 16 times!

Premier League

The Premier League is another fantastic darts tournament where players will come across outstanding odds. Having more than 27 stages, it has become a UK tradition at this point.

UK Open

Michael Van Gerwen and Peter Wright are most of the time the clear favorites to win the UK Open. However, the 2021 champion was James Wade – a player that knows how to win, proving himself in smaller events already! But he really knows how to spoil the party in bigger tournaments.

World Grand Prix

Held in Dublin, this major tournament is just another place where players can see the best of the best compete with one another. The public can even expect some free bets while the tournament is being promoted.

Darts Betting Tips

Now that we have established which tournaments are the best for players to place bets on and what options they have once the matches begin, we also like to give out some betting tips.

#1 Take advantage of the short format

While it’s great to bet on later stages of a tournament, the most upsets that can occur in darts are in the first couple of rounds. Here, the format is short, primarily first to nine. While the most gifted players will thrive on the longer format matches, upsets can be done in the earlier stages.

#2 Browse around for predictions

One simple google search, and you will see that there are a lot of people with predictions for specific matches and tournaments. However, always check previous posts and forecasts by the site or person.

#3 Don’t rely on player rankings

This might seem a bit weird, but upsets do come more than often. With darts betting, it is wise to look at players’ rankings, but keep in mind that even top players can have bad games.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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