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Kansas City Chiefs Betting Odds | Chiefs Schedule & Standings

NFL fans are once again ready to experience the magic of American Football and watch their favourite teams fight for the ultimate goal, the Super Bowl.

You don’t have to be a die-hard fan or watch all the games that are played to place some bets. Before the odds go up or down, go ahead and place some bets on who you think will win this year’s Super Bowl. This year’s odds favour the Kansas City Chiefs, with the majority of online sportsbooks giving them an average of +500 current odds.

Keep reading this article to find out everything regarding Kansas City’s Chiefs – standings, odds, points scored and many more.

Kansas City Chiefs Betting Odds

If you are new to online sports betting, and you just started to watch some NFL games, it is a great time to visit some online sportsbooks to check out Kansas City Chiefs odds.

Even if you support some other team from the AFC West division, you have to pay a bit of attention to the Chiefs team.  We know that if you sit down to watch one game, you will see that Patrick Mahomes, Chris Jones, Austin Blythe, C Creed Humphrey, WR Cornell Powell, Edwards Helaire, Joe Thuney, Andrew Wylie, Mike Remmers, and the rest of the squad can bring some special flair and excitement.

Remember the time when Kansas City Chiefs started the regular season at their best, beating Lamar Jackson and his Cleveland Browns in their season opener? However, that didn’t mean much, since the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Baltimore Ravens by just one point, the following week.

This shows that it’s hard to predict the performance of the team altogether, but you’ll have your best chances if you are aware of their capacity and follow the trends.

Do your research, bet on the Chiefs and enjoy Sunday night football.

Kansas City Chiefs Betting Lines

Like we mentioned previously, if you are new to NFL week games, and this is your first time checking out NFL odds, then we suggest that you start off slow and steady. NFL always has some interesting matches coming up, so you can place some money line bets at the beginning. These are the most straightforward bets you can do in any sport, not just football. You simply choose one team to win the game, no matter the result.

For those who have more experience in NFL betting, one of the most popular types of bets is spread bets. With spread bets, the favored team is given a handicap, meaning that they have to win by a certain amount of points, more than the bookmaker’s given amount. On the other hand, the underdog is given a chance, and if you place a bet on the underdog, they either have to straight-up win the game, or manage to lose by fewer points than the spread.

The Best Welcome Bonus For Kansas City Chiefs Vegas Odds

Before you can place some bets, you have to find a legit sports betting site, where you will get fair odds and some extra promotions. If you browse the internet for long enough, we are certain that you will find a legit sports betting site in Canada that offers free bets. Many betting sites offer these types of promotions and bonuses to new members in the form of a welcome bonus.

Which Sportsbooks Has The Best Kansas City Chiefs Odds?

With online betting sites popping up all around the world, and especially in Canada, it will take us days if not months to find the best betting sites for you.  The odds to win will be similar here and there, but the most important thing that you have to worry about is whether your preferred betting site is fair and has all the required licenses.

It is one thing to give out all the best odds to win, but if there aren’t any reputable gambling licenses on that gambling site, it is best to stay away from it. Additionally, if you see yourself showing a sign of a gambling problem it is best to just stay away from gambling sites and enjoy your Sunday night football with a couple of friends. You should always practice responsible gaming, making sure you are wagering amounts that you can afford.

How To Bet On The Kansas City Chiefs

We mentioned the money line bet and the spread bets previously, which are the two most popular types of bets. However, if you feel like you know the ins and out of the NFL and its players, then prop bets are always on the table. These types of bets have nothing to do with the result of the game and are more focused on the player’s performance.

There are some simple steps to follow in order to place a successful bet:

  • Choose a sportsbook
  • Register an account, providing all the necessary information
  • Choose the payment method that suits you and deposit some money into your account
  • Claim free bets or a welcome bonus, if available
  • Choose the sport and the team and place your bet

Who Will Win The Kansas City Chiefs Game Tonight?

It’s challenging to rightfully predict the winner of a game since both teams will equally fight for their victory. Chiefs fans will be hoping for a win, even besides knowing that the other team is their toughest opponent. If you decide to bet on the Chiefs for the upcoming game, check their season standings, injuries and previous encounters with the opposing team.

The Kansas City Chiefs Home Games

There is always a slight advantage when players are playing at home. At times, it feels like the fans are the 12th player on the field, giving the other 11 motivation.

Arrowhead Stadium has been the Chiefs’ home for almost 50 years now. Their first game at the stadium was in 1972 and they played against the St. Louis Cardinals. Back in 2010, the stadium got renovated, and today it is one of the biggest stadiums in the NFL, with a capacity of 76,416.

Kansas City Chiefs History & Stats

We present a list of the most memorable achievements and statistics of the team.

Seasons: 62 (1960-2021)

Record (W-L-T): 496-426-26

Playoff Record: 15-20

Super Bowls Won: 2

All-time Passing Leader: Len Dawson – 2115/3696, 28,570 yds, 237 TD

All-time Rushing Leader: Jamaal Charles – 1332 att, 7260 yds, 43 TD

All-time Receiving Leader: Tom Gonzalez – 916 rec, 10,940 yds, 76 TD

All-time Scoring Leader: Nick Lowery – 1466 points

Who Is Kansas City Chiefs’ Head Coach?

The current Chiefs head coach is Andy Reid. He is the 13th head coach that the team has had, and he has been part of the franchise since 2013.

Previous Kansas City Chiefs Coaches

Dick Vermeil (2001-2005): 44-37

Herman Edwards (2006-2008): 15-34

Todd Haley (2009-2011): 19-27

Romeo Crennel (2011-2012): 4-15

Andy Reid (2013-present): 99-44

Kansas City Chiefs Betting FAQ

Have the Kansas City Chiefs ever won the Super Bowl?

They have won the Super Bowl twice. The first time in 1970, and the second in 2020.

Which division do they play in?

They play in the AFC West division.

Who are their biggest rivals in the NFL?

Over the years, the Oakland Raiders, now the Las Vegas Raiders, have been their biggest rivals.

Last Updated on December 8, 2021

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