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Los Angeles Rams Betting Odds | LA Rams Schedule & Standings

The Los Angeles Rams are an NFC West team that boasts dedication and perseverance, supported by many fans throughout their years of existence. They’ve had some rough preseasons a few years or so, but they have also been leading in the standings in numerous NFL regular seasons.

Many bettors find their preferred sportsbooks and prepare to place their wagers before the seasons start. It’s already a tradition. Finding the best Los Angeles Rams odds can be a complicated and lengthy process if you are doing it every year on your own. However, this time, we are here to assist.

Follow our advice and check the most favourable Los Angeles Rams odds below – this is the best way to place your winning bet for sure.

Los Angeles Rams Betting Odds

The Rams have their defence stand firm, as they are preparing tactics for their offensive capabilities. Considering that most of the offensive players have suffered minor injuries, we don’t expect to see this team’s offence get together in the next game or so.

However, the defence is so tight, it can stand in the way in almost every other team’s attack, and deliver thunderous counteroffensives. The team has the NFL’s most productive slot receivers which gives hope to put its offence in the top-tier positions in the NFL.

Bettors never fail to watch a spectacular Rams game, and the moneyline odds for the Rams to win are, most of the time, be preferable.

In case they are considered a slight underdog by bookies, which can happen depending on their performance in a regular season, betting on the Rams will surely bring you a larger payout! And as for the Super Bowl odds, or the NFC Championship game, our advice would be to skip this team and maybe give it a shot next season.

Our editorial team feels the need to remind you to have fun and make sure betting doesn’t turn into a gambling problem.

Los Angeles Rams Betting Lines

We will start with the LA Rams’ future bets. To further explain how these work, let’ imagine that these are the most current future odds:

  • Rams odds to win Super Bowl LVI   +1300
  • Rams odds to win NFC          +650
  • Rams odds to win NFC West   +190
  • Rams odds to make playoffs   -330
  • LA Rams win total         11.5 (-110)

If you’d like to place a moneyline bet, the simplest one out there, the Rams odds would appear something like this:

  • Rams +108
  • Buccaneers -122

The point spread odds would be presented in this format:

  • Rams +1.5(-109)
  • Buccaneers -1(-110)

This is how would over/under odds for an upcoming LA Rams game look like:

  • >55.5 (-110)
  • <55.5 (-105)

These are some of the most popular online sports betting bet options that we believe bettors favour. However, there are several more sorts of bets available, including prop bets, point total bets, in-play, and live betting.

Whichever type of betting you prefer, just make sure to practice responsible gaming.

The Best Welcome Bonus For the Rams Vegas Odds

There are several Canadian online sportsbooks that provide Vegas odds for LA Rams games. Before you choose a bookmaker, be sure the odds are to your advantage. Furthermore, the leading online betting companies provide substantial introductory bonus offers that are specifically geared toward NFL betting. You can earn free bets to spend on money line betting, prop bets, or any other form of betting, including point totals.

However, the welcome bonus is frequently offered exclusively to new players, so make sure to read the terms and conditions before registering for a site. However, keep in mind that you should only gamble for amusement purposes and play responsibly at all times.

Which Sportsbooks Have The Best Rams Odds?

We managed to pick a few online sportsbooks in Canada where you can bet safely, considering the best NFL odds.

Bodog is one of the top online sportsbooks that you can find in Canada. If you decide to make a deposit there will be no additional fee. Some other top Canadian sportsbooks offering the best Rams odds are SportsInteraction, Betsafe, Powerplay, and Bet99

Make sure to do your own research and choose the sportsbook with the biggest payout.  Also, keep in mind that online betting should only serve for entertainment purposes, and be careful of developing a gambling problem.

How To Bet On The Los Angeles Rams

So you decided to bet on the Rams? Here’s what you should do next:

  • Fill out an online sportsbook registration form with your personal information
  • Make a deposit and select a payment method
  • Visit the sports betting page, choose the match you want to bet on and the betting line you want to place your wager on
  • Put your money down, get your popcorn, and crack open a cold one!

Who Will Win The Los Angeles Rams Game Tonight?

It depends on several factors. If the LA Rams have had a rough preseason, it’s better to think twice before placing a bet. The team is still not in its best form, considering the QB’s sprained ankle and some minor inconveniences in the coaching staff. We hope that the defence will fill in the gap that the shaky offence has left empty and that the LA Rams will consolidate in time for the playoffs.

The Rams Home Games

The LA Rams have a better win outcome on their home games rather than on their away games, as expected. According to statistics from their last 21 home games, it turns out they have won 61,9% of them, and lost about 38,1% of them. So, with Los Angeles rams odds in mind, if we were to wager on the LA Rams playing at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, we would most probably place our bets on the LA Rams to win.

With a capacity of 70,000 seats, the SoFi stadium in Inglewood CA is a perfect play to enjoy Sunday night football.

Rams History & Stats

The LA Rams come from the metropolitan area in L.A. California. They first started competing in the NFL under the franchise Cleveland Rams, based in Cleveland, OH. They relocated to Los Angeles in 1946, becoming the LA Rams. The team moved again, this time to St. Louis Missouri in 1994 playing as the St. Louis Rams until relocating again to L.A. in 2016.

The Rams won their first and only Super Bowl in 2000.

Who Is the Head Coach?

Sean McVay has led the LA Rams as head coach since 2017. In 2018, he became the youngest head coach to ever lead a team to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the LA Rams lost the 2018 Super Bowl to the New England Patriots, led by Tom Brady.

Previous Coaches

Among the former LA Rams coaches are:

  • John Fassel 2016
  • Jeff Fisher 2016
  • Jeff Fisher 2012-2015
  • Steve Spagnuolo 2009-2011
  • Jim Hasslet 2008
  • Scott Linehan 2006-2008
  • Joe Vitt 2005
  • Mike Maritz 2000-2005
  • Dick Vermeil 1997-1999
  • Rich Brooks 1995-1996
  • Chuck Knox 1992-1994

Rams Betting FAQ

Where do the Los Angeles Rams play their home games?

The Rams play their home games at the SoFi stadium located in Inglewood, California.

Have the Los Angeles Rams ever won the Super Bowl?

The Rams have won one Super Bowl in 2000.

In which conference does the team play?

The Rams play in the National Football Conference (NFC).

Which division do they play in?

The Rams play in the NFC West division.

When did they join the NFL?

The Rams joined the league in 1937.

Last Updated on December 6, 2021

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