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Miami Dolphins Betting Odds | Dolphins Schedule & Standings

Football’s largest exhibition also happens to be the most prominent betting extravaganza. The opening of the National Football League season saw a spike in the number of new accounts created with sports bookmakers. Miami Dolphins are American Football beasts based in the Miami Metropolitan Area -competing in the National Football League as a member of the AFC East.

If you are a devotee of the Dolphins, you must be interested in how the upcoming matches will affect their position in the AFC East Division since every NFL game has a broad range of betting options. Here, you can find the latest Dolphins odds, Vegas odds, NFL week 1, week 2, or week 3 stats, among other things.

Miami Dolphins Betting Odds

The Dolphins usually start strong at the beginning of every NFL season. Even though they are regarded as underdogs, they can easily surprise the fans and beat the odds.

However, taking into account the team’s recent injuries and trades, punters should be careful when placing bets on them. The Dolphins can just as easily lose a game or two against bigger opponents, so making calculated and informed bets is a must.

Still, being the underdogs of the upcoming games, placing a bet on this team can win you significant amounts of money if they manage to win.

Miami Dolphins Betting Lines

15+ teams are playing in the regular National Football League season every year, and the Dolphins’ odds to win the Super Bowl are around +5,000 at most Canadian bookies.

We advise you to go with the most manageable money line bets, where you just have to decide the straight-up winner. The point totals per game are not important since the payout remains the same.

For example, if the Dolphins’ odds are +175, and you bet C$100 on this underdog team, and they win, you can leave with $275 ($175 profit). Or, if you have been supporting this crew for many years and followed their game journey, you can bet on some players’ performances like Matt Skura, Jaylen Waddle, Bobby Mccain, Ted Karras, and more. Betting on a players’ performance is called placing a prop bet.

The Best Welcome Bonus For Miami Dolphins Vegas Odds

While Vegas odds are set up to make money for “the house,” they’re also set up so that gamblers have a fair opportunity of winning money.

Besides offering competitive odds, nearly all Canadian sportsbooks feature incentives such as free bets and welcome bonuses that punters can claim. Claiming these offers is easy – you typically need to deposit some cash and follow the bookies’ instructions.

If you’re wondering where you can find these incentives to get started, you should know that all bookmakers featured in our article have them onboard.

Which Sportsbooks Have The Best Miami Dolphins Odds?

Online Sportsbooks are always wide open when it comes to National Football League wagers. But it would be best if you always looked for the most suitable one for you, offering you the best odds to win. Our first choice is the Draftkings Sportsbook, which currently offers one of the best NFL odds, AFC East odds, and most importantly – competitive Dolphins odds.

Nonetheless, odds frequently change, and you should always compare the odds between bookies before compiling betting tickets. All of our operators feature the most competitive odds on the market, and we will continue to update them as they change.

How To Bet On The Miami Dolphins

If you’ve never wagered before, let us teach you the basic steps of placing a bet:

  1. Register with an online sportsbook of your choice and enter your personal information;
  2. Log into your account and deposit your desired amount;
  3. Check the sports betting section, find the league and your favourite club, and look for the best odds to win;
  4. Submit your bet, and you’re all set.

In any case, if you are prone to a gambling problem, you should keep your money away from it. Just stay home and watch your favourite teams risk-free.

Who Will Win The Miami Dolphins Game Tonight?

Every Dolphins fan wants to see their beloved team winning, especially against more challenging opponents.

As seen from previous matches with tougher opponents, such as the Las Vegas Raiders, The dolphins can hold their own and even manage to win. As we said before, they’re usually regarded as the underdog, but the outcome of their matches is unpredictable. This will make tonight’s game and every future match even more exciting to watch and fun to bet on.

The Miami Dolphins Home Games

The Dolphins’ original home stadium was the Orange Bowl in Miami. Stephen M. Ross currently owns this team, but after the 1986 season, their home games are taking place at the Hard Rock Stadium, formerly known as the Joe Robbie Stadium or the Pro Player Stadium. Located in Miami Gardens, Florida, they are the oldest professional sports team.

As a team with a wide history, they’ve acquired quite the fan base – one that supports them no matter what. So, you can expect the Dolphins always to have an edge when playing on home turf, and that edge is their fans.

Below, you can check out their upcoming games:

Miami Dolphins History & Stats

The Dolphins have been a part of over 55 seasons in the National Football League. If you are interested in placing a bet, inform yourself more about this crew’s history and statistics, especially for the quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Below, we will examine a dozen facts you should know regarding the Miami Dolphins.

Who Is the Dolphins’ Head Coach?

The current Dolphins’ Head Coach for the National Football League is Brian Francisco Flores. He assisted as a deputy coach for the New England Patriots from 2008 to 2018. In his final season of coaching for the Patriots, they won the Super Bowl title. Furthermore, he was immediately hired to coach the Dolphins.

Previous Coaches

For the Dolphins franchise, there have been twelve coaches in total. We provide you with the complete list of all previous Coaches and their Games Coached – Wins – Losses during the Regular Season.

  • 1966/69: George Wilson – 56 – 15 – 39
  • 1970/95: Don Shula – 392 – 257 – 133
  • 1996/99: Jimmy Johnson – 64 – 36 – 28
  • 2000/04: Dave Wannstedt – 73 – 42 – 31
  • 2004: Jim Bates – 7 – 3 – 4
  • 2005/06: Nick Saban- 32 – 15 – 17
  • 2007: Cam Cameron – 16 – 1 – 15
  • 2008/11: Tony Sparano – 61 – 29 – 32
  • 2011: Todd Bowles – 3 – 2 – 1
  • 2012/15: Joe Philbin – 52 – 24 – 28
  • 2015: Dan Campbell – 12 – 5 – 7
  • 2016/18: Adam Gase – 48 – 23 – 25
  • 2019/Present: Brian Flores – 32 – 15 – 17

Miami Dolphins Betting FAQ

Have the Dolphins ever won the Super Bowl?

When coached by Don Shula, the Dolphins had five appearances, when finally, they won the Super Bowl title in 1972.

In which conference and division does the team play?

The Miami Dolphins are playing in the American Football Conference as a member of the East Division.

When did they join the NFL?

The Dolphins joined the National Football League as the ninth team in 1966 and have been playing professionally ever since. Six years later, in 1972, the Dolphins became the first National Football League club in history to go undefeated.

Last Updated on December 6, 2021

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