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Canada is a popular destination for golf betting. This sport lends itself perfectly to betting. You get your money’s worth when you play in a tournament lasting four days. Round betting and live betting are available to add excitement. If you are the tournament winner, payouts can be huge.

This page will list our top-rated golf betting websites, give examples and direct you to tournament-specific articles.

Understanding the odds of winning at golf betting

The odds of winning or losing in golf betting are very simple and easy to understand. Understanding futures betting on any sport will help you to predict which golfer will win and place, depending on the type you make.

The odds indicate the probability of that golfer placing or winning. A negative number in the odds of a golfer winning or placing will signify a favorite golfer. A positive number will signify an underdog. Higher numbers on both sides will indicate more vig on each golfer.

Although the odds can be presented in different formats, such as fractional or decimal odds, the most common format for American odds is the American one. The following formula can be used to determine the probability that a golfer will win.

To convert the odds to decimal, you will need to do this. For example, a player ranked at +500 has decimal odds of 6.00. Next, divide 1/decimal odds. This is 1/ 6.00. This will give an implied probability of 16.67%. This will increase your odds of winning long-term.

How to bet on golf

You want to make a bet on golf and understand the process and what you can win.

This is an easy formula to remember. Your stake is multiplied with the odds to get your winnings. Then subtract your stake from this total. You will need to convert decimal odds to your stake. This is how the formula works if you are looking to place $100 on the above-average golfer at +500 (6.00).

(100*6.00 – 100 = 500

We will calculate $100 with + odds. A $20 wager on a +250 player (20*3.50) = $50

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Golf Futures Betting

The result of the tournament is the most common form of golf betting. There are a few other betting options that may offer odds on specific rounds. It is very popular to place a bet on golf, but only when it is not clear who the winner will be.

In the Tiger Woods age, they were so strongly favored to win that there was no value in betting on any tournaments he played. If a golfer’s handicap is negative, they are considered a big favorite by the oddsmakers. Although betting on the underdog could bring you a large profit, the chances of winning are slim. It is sometimes not worth it.

Betting for the sake and joy of betting is not recommended. If you have the funds to place a bet, you should have done extensive research on the course and golfers, and have an idea of how the tournament will end.

If your favorite sportsbook offers futures betting, such as Each-Way or First Round, then you may find more value. While we don’t believe the favorite will always win, it is important to keep an eye on the odds. Each tournament has its own futures odds and some are more interesting than others.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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