Cycling Betting & Odds 2021

Cycling betting has remained popular throughout the years, even though not the most famous or interesting sport to watch. However, numerous dedicated fans around the globe kept it alive, and they still enjoy watching those thrilling and unpredictable races take place! Like any other sport, cycling is featured on many betting sites and has various betting odds on different events and tournaments.

Online betting sites and online sportsbooks are at their peak – now more than ever! Millions of new customers are creating accounts, depositing money, and betting on their favourite participants. Cycling isn’t your typical sport, and because of that, we wanted to make a detailed guide on how you can start betting online and what cycling betting odds are available in 2021.

Online Sports Betting & Cycling Odds

An abundance of cycling betting sites are always ready to give the best odds for new punters. A cycling betting site will give their cycling odds way before major events start popping up. Some of the best cycling betting websites will even offer free bets and bonus cash for more popular cycling events! Sports betting sites, or more importantly, cycling betting sites, are filled with bettors when the world championships or more famous events like Tour de France or Giro D’Italia are a couple of days away.

This is the moment when you’ll typically find the best betting odds featured by online betting sites, given the fact they all want to attract as many punters as possible. Furthermore, it’s the moment when special bonus offers are present with cycling betting sites or a certain casino with a sportsbook. We know that many of you aren’t quite familiar with the cycling world, so let us dive in a little bit deeper and showcase some important and famous cycling events.

Major Cycling Events

Numerous cycling events that we can feature in our guide exist, including Vuelta a EspaƱa and Paris-Roubaix. However, the two most famous ones take all the glory and make players enjoy betting even more.

The Tour de France and Giro D’Italia are the two main cycling tournaments that you have to pay attention to because when they are coming up, cycling betting sites go nuts and dish out some outstanding cycling betting odds!

Tour De France

Since its first race back in 1903, the Tour de France has become an annual tournament that is the focal point when it comes to cycling. Millions of fans tune in for the 23-day event that has 21 individual stages. Those 21 stages spread across 3500 kilometres, and every segment is entertaining to watch!

All the top cycling betting sites like William Hill feature competitive odds – some of them will even surrender some of their profits to gain more attention. If you want to get into cycling betting, the Tour de France is the best event to start. You can make various bets just like in other sports, and we will break them all down a bit later.

Giro D’Italia

First held in Italy in 1909, this tournament has continued to grow in length, and throughout the years, cyclists coming from countries other than Italy have been qualified to participate. Various stages are implemented in the race – from a mountain stage to flat roads and other various terrains. If you miss the Tour de France, this event is an excellent alternative, allowing you to bet on gambling sites and still experience the cycling world.

Cycling Bets

Now, when it comes to placing bets, various types are available that make cycling betting even more exciting! Like most popular sports, there is the classic bet on the overall winner, and that’s the most famous one. However, there are other bets you can place, making your experience even more interesting! Below, we’ll examine a few popular types of bets that Canadian players will stumble upon when they visit a betting site:

  • Race Winner
  • Top 3 Finish
  • Top 10 Finish
  • Stage Betting

Race Winner

Every cycling betting site will offer players the typical bet of who will cross the finish line first. The odds can vary from race to race, so make sure that you have watched a couple of races and soaked up some information on the cyclists. Plus, you should also focus on certain teams, not just individual riders. Some teams focus on their best riders and will push and help them to get the win.

Top 3 Finish

The less risky bet that you can place in cycling is for a cyclist to finish in the top 3. This means that your cyclist doesn’t have to win the race but finish in the top 3. Again, you will have to watch some events and see which teams and cyclists are among the best. Also, find a trusted cycling betting site that offers various cycling wagers for different cycling races.

Top 10 Finish

This is probably the easiest and nearly risk-free bet that punters can make. Whether your favourite cyclist finishes 10th or 1st, it doesn’t matter – you will still win some money. The odds won’t be great, and even the top cycling betting sites won’t give you out-of-this-world odds. This is a great bet for beginners who want to spice up their time in front of the TV watching cycling races.

Stage Betting

Now, this type of bet is for hardcore fans – keen on watching all stages of the race. The odds are slightly higher than making a bet on who wins the whole race because many tournaments have more than a dozen stages. This bet is more for entertainment purposes because punters that make this bet will go on to watch the whole race.

How To Sign Up & Bet On Cycling

As we mentioned at the beginning of our guide, we will help you with signing up to a betting site, a casino with a sportsbook, and even your local sportsbook.

The main thing that new players should look for is whether the betting website offers welcome bonuses or other perks that can be used to place bets for free. A welcome bonus at a sports betting site or online sportsbooks may consist of a certain bonus cash offer to your initial deposit.

All you have to do is visit your preferred site, which by the way, you must make sure to follow certain gambling laws, create an account, log in, and see if that site has a welcome bonus. You can claim those offers easily by depositing a qualifying amount. Of course, you should first read its terms and conditions and see whether it’s worth claiming in the first place. Once done, it’s up to you to choose which type of cycling bets you wish to place and on which event!


Is Betting On Cycling Online Safe?

It all depends on the bookie you’ve chosen to bet online with. If the betting site is legit, has all the right gambling licenses, follows all the laws, and uses the right encryption technology, then all of your personal and credit card information are safe. If all boxes are checked, you can feel safe and secure that what you win – you can easily withdraw and keep.

How Can I Withdraw My Winnings?

If you manage to win, you’ll have to follow a few easy steps to withdraw your winnings. No matter which gambling site you are on, go to your account tab and choose the cashier option. Once there, you will see the payout or withdraw tab. When you click on that, you will have to input some information.

The first thing is to choose your preferred banking option, whether it is a credit/debit card, e-wallet, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency. Once done, type in the amount you want to withdraw. Different banking options have different processing times, and they range from instant to a couple of business days. However, make sure to verify your account with your bookie before asking for withdrawals.

Can I Visit Betting Sites and Bet Using my Mobile Device?

Of course, you can! Nearly all Canadian sportsbooks in 2021 are fully mobile-optimized. This means that whenever and wherever you are, you can fire up your mobile device, turn on your internet browser, type in the site’s URL, and enjoy every feature that desktop users have. Certain bookmakers have even developed dedicated mobile apps, which Android, iOS, and Windows users can easily download.

What Are the Best Tips for Betting on Cycling?

There are a few tips that we can give you right now if you are just starting to get into cycling. First of all, you will have to watch some races. There is no point in placing bets if you are not familiar with the cyclist, teams, and the whole competitive side.

Second, watch individual riders and study their strategies. What we want to say is that certain cyclists perform differently in different stages. One rider may be better on steeper hills, another may be better on flat surfaces. You can gather a lot of info on the internet and even see some historical races.

Finally, always gamble responsibly. There is no need to bet too much on something that you don’t know or bet amounts that you can’t afford to lose. If you have a certain budget, stick to it, and wager only on races or teams that you have knowledge of.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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