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Cycling Betting & Odds 2021

Three Grand Tours and a dozen of one-day races worldwide have made cycling one of the top sports to bet on at Canadian online betting markets.

Although it isn’t as popular as football or baseball, cycling still has dozen of fans who follow the races and regularly bet on them. Given the many teams and individual athletes that compete, it is pretty hard to guess the winner of a race, making cycling betting only that more interesting!

Sticking to licensed and regulated sportsbooks is a must, but so is finding the best odds. Below, we’re giving you the most relevant cycling betting tips, so keep reading to find out more.

Cycling Betting Canada

In Canada, sports betting websites provide coverage of cycling contests regularly, including the Tour de France, one of the most popular cycling events.

A variety of betting options are available at these sportsbooks. You need to know the various sorts of road cycling racing before you put your first bet. The type of race would decide the outcome of the tournament. Cyclists compete in four different competitions: a single-day competition, time trial, stage races, and ultramarathon.

Cyclists can race 290 kilometres or 180 miles in a single-day race. The path of the one-day races may include many laps as it passes through various locations.

In the time trial racing, a cyclist competes against the clock on their own. Flat, mountain road or undulating terrain is the most common kind of terrain in this area.

For the stage races, riders compete in a series of separate races or individual stages. The overall winner will be the contestant with the lowest total time over all platforms.

An ultramarathon or ultra-distance cycling event is a single-stage long cycling contest in which the timer for the race continues to operate from the start to the conclusion. The champion is the one who crosses the finish line first, even if the best riders take breaks from their timetables.


Cycling Bets And Odds

For bettors, the 2022 season promises to be an entertaining one. More victories in 2021 have gone to Deceuninck-Quick Step than Jumbo-Visma, with 25 to Jumbo’s 14. Both Tadej Pogacar and Primoz Roglic, two Slovenian cyclists, are the only ones to have won 10 competitions each.

Tadej Pogacar has won the Grand Loop in the previous two years. Slovenia has earned the most medals, beating out Belgium and the Netherlands in the contest for medals.

Those who haven’t yet achieved triumph will yearn for it, and each new day presents a fresh opportunity to do so. Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel are two one-day classics peloton super champions.

You should keep an eye on the riders and their teams in the weeks running up to the event you want to bet on.

How To Make Money On Cycling Betting Lines?

It’s crucial to find the perfect sportsbook for you and claim the latest welcome bonus. You may place future bets, as well as several sorts of prop bets at the time of the race. Underdogs, most of the time, have better cycling odds than the favourites.

During your sportsbooks hunt, make sure you look for the greatest cycling odds for the bet you want to place. The cycling odds of a strong favourite might be as high as 1.75. For the best contenders, the odds typically range from 2.00 to 10.00.

How To Find The Best Welcome Bonus For Cycling Betting?

There are a number of outlets that provide great odds and generous incentives for new customers to join up for their betting opportunities.

Betway offers a $200 incentive for recent customers. If you want to receive your $200 back, you’ll have to deposit the whole amount since it’s a 100 percent match. In the beginning, you’d receive $75, and so on.

It’s lovely to think of getting a free bonus, but most of our partners need a deposit before awarding a bonus. In the end, though, it’s still money that’s completely free.

Which Bookie Has The Most Current Cycling Betting Odds?

When it comes to gambling on cycling, it’s crucial to know how often the odds change. If one rider had 2.50 futures Tour de France odds, the chances might decrease the following day. One sportsbook site might have different odds than others.

Multiple sportsbook sites open at once are of the utmost significance in terms of convenience. Before competition begins, you may get the best odds, which will ultimately offer you the highest return on your bet. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Sports Interaction (SIA), Bet365, William Hill, Betway; they always have the most current futures odds and prop bets available.

Recommended Cycling Bets

There are different sorts of best cycling bets to choose from when you’re just starting with your cycling betting experience. Some of the most frequent and popular bets in cycling are overall winner, top 3 finish, and top 10 finish. But these are just a few of the best cycling bets. We also recommend you place stage and future bets and try to guess who will come out on top.

Major Cycling Events

Тhe best sportsbooks are eager to provide many various options in terms of cycling odds for those who are avid fans of the sport. Fans of cycling may choose from a wide variety of exhibitions held during the whole year. Below, we are going to introduce you to the major cycling events first.

The Tour de France

The Tour de France, introduced in 1903, is only one of a handful of notable Final Grand Tour cycling competitions throughout the year. This is a multi-staging cycling contest, held in Fn France in July and spans a length of 23 days.

The Tour de France is the most reputable and demanding race in cycling by a wide margin. For the first time, the Tour de France betting was recognized in North America because of Lance Armstrong’s victory in this event.

UCI Road World Championship

The Union Cycliste Internationale organizes the annual UCI Road World Championships. The UCI RWC will include a mixed team relay in addition to a road race and individual time trial disciplines. There are no trading team events during the World Championships, unlike most other big competitions. Until the next championship games, the successful racer of each category is allowed to wear the rainbow jersey in that same category.

Tour Of British Columbia

Located in southern Great Britain, the BC Trail is a 1,200-mile journey that begins in the Fraser Valley and ends in Fernie. The BC Trail offers some of the best vistas in the province as it follows abandoned rail routes, gravel side roads, forest service roads, and singletrack.

24 Hours Of Light; Yukon

The most difficult part of a 24-hour mountain cycling event is putting on your lights and pedalling into the nighttime darkness. Many people from outside of the Yukon are competing. There has been a noticeable rise in involvement over the previous several years. Fourteen kilometres of single track and double track cycling make up the route suitable for both novices and experienced riders.

Trans Rockies Challenge

The Trans Rockies is the toughest and most magnificent contest. It is an enormous point-to-point 500+ km adventure for up to 300 brave cyclists that cross the continent while passing Panorama Mountain Resort to Fernie, British Columbia. TransRockies stages are often long and isolated, with daily lengths averaging 75 kilometres and sometimes topping 100 kilometres.


Where can you get the best odds for cycling betting?

You can bet on cycling events in many Canadian online sportsbooks, including Paddy Power, 888 Sports, Bet365, and William Hill.

Last Updated on December 1, 2021

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