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Cincinnati Bengals Betting Odds | Bengals Schedule & Standings

The Bengals are a professional American football team that competes in the NFL (National Football League) in the AFC North (American Football Conference Division). Founded in 1966 by Paul Brown, the Bengals started their American football story in 1968.

1981 and 1998 are significant years in the Cincinnati team history, as it’s when they won the championship.

The death of Paul Brown in 1991 changed the gaming atmosphere in the team, and the period until 2000 was a period of tremendous struggle which wasn’t quite productive.

The beginning of the new millennium brought them a stable game, and it seems like they are coming back with full strength to check what their rivals have learned so far. But what will Andy Dalton and David Montgomery, as well as the other professional players, bring for the Bengals? You will have to wait and see.

Cincinnati Bengals Betting Odds

The NFL Season has just started, and the Canadian online sportsbooks and their teams of oddsmakers have started competing in the race to offer better odds to attract more punters to their sites. The most popular and easiest-to-follow betting lines when betting on the Bengals include Moneyline Total, Points Spread, and Overs/Unders.

If you are eager to place a wager, you can expect to find these types of odds for each of the sports betting events listed in almost all sportsbooks. However, there’s no need to rush irrationally. Keep reading to learn all about the betting lines before you place a wager.

Cincinnati Bengals Betting Lines

Even though there are several NFL odds, the following three types of betting lines are the most common: The Point Spread, Total Overs/Unders, and Moneyline.

Betting on the point spread is tightly related to how many points a team loses or wins. Let’s take the following example for better illustration:

Bengals +4.5 (-110)

Their rival – 4.5 (-110)

Here, the rival is favored by 4.5 points, marked as “-4.5.” If the opponent wins the game 25-20, punters who bet in their favor will win the bet. Bettors who place a CA$10 would have a total payout of CA$19.09, so they will earn CA$9.09. If the rival loses 25-20, those who have placed a wager in favor of the Bengals (+4.5) will win the money.

All online sports betting fans agree that the over/under bet is a monumental challenge where they have to forestall if Bengals or its rival NFL team will hit more or fewer points than the amount pointed out by the specific sportsbook. Sounds like great fun, right?

Moneyline odds are favorite among the sports bettor as they include picking a team to win the match. This is the simplest way of betting and all sportsbooks offer it.

If you want to win, don’t predict the end of the game based on the Bengal’s rival name, but on the odds the Canadian sportsbooks are providing. Also, it often doesn’t matter whether they play against rival teams such as Minnesota, Bears, or Vikings, but the place where they play and the list of players that will take part in the specific game.

The Best Welcome Bonus For Cincinnati Bengals Vegas Odds

Your chances to bet and win are endless, as the online gambling market currently offers all kinds of Bengals bets. Some of the Canadian sportsbooks that are ready for this NHL season and offer Vegas Odds to their customers are BetUS, BetOnline, Draftkings Sportsbook, Bodog, My Bookie, Bet Away, and Power Play Sports.

Except for the various betting options, almost all sportsbooks in the giant online gambling market offer lucrative welcome bonuses. These attractive sign-up offers for new players can come in different forms, including matching promotions and free bets.

If you are a new player and looking for a trustworthy betting destination with generous bonuses, you can use one of the sportsbooks we have mentioned before, or you can hand-search for another one of your choice.

Which Sportsbooks Has The Best Cincinnati Bengals Odds?

Nearly all Canadian sportsbooks are armed with Bengals NFL odds, and the best for the upcoming Bengals-Steelers game are already listed and have attracted tons of customers so far. You can find the best Cincinnati odds on BetUS, Draftkings, Bodog, My Bookie, and Bet Away.

How To Bet On The Cincinnati Bengals

Betting on the Bengals team is relatively easy. However, if you are new to betting, you can follow the steps from our place-a-bet guide that we have prepared for you:

  • Find a reliable sportsbook
  • Sign-up for a new account
  • Make a deposit
  • Choose a game from their sports section
  • Place your bet

Never underestimate the extensive research for the upcoming match, as it can help you make better predictions and possibly win your bet.

Who Will Win The Bengals Game Tonight?

Sports fans and desperately waiting to see who will win the match tonight. The Bengals often come with an unpredictable game and no matter who they play against, they give their best.

Many professional sports bettors use different betting methods to make a profit while betting on the Bengals. Yes, it is a great challenge to predict who will win the match, with Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon, Tee Higgins, Ja’Marr Chase, Edge Trey Hendrickson, Trae Waynes, Riley Reiff, and Ricardo Allen on the team, chances are we’ll have an absolutely unpredictable match.

The Bengals Home Games

The Bengals play their home games at the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. The team got its name to the world-renowned Cincinnati zoo and the fact that it was home to a rare white Bengal tiger.

Check out the schedule for the Bengals home games and the latest Bengals odds:

Cincinnati Bengals History & Stats

Here are some of the BUF’s game history and statistics:

  • Seasons: 54
  • Record (W-L-T): 363-452-5
  • Playoff Record: 5-14
  • Win Super Bowl: 0 (2 appearances)
  • League championships: 0
  • All-time passing leader: Ken Anderson
  • All-time Rushing Leader: Corey Dillon
  • All-time receiving leader: Chad Johnson
  • All-time-scoring leader: Jim Breech
  • All-time AV Leader: Anthony Munoz
  • Most successful Coach: Martin Lewis

Who Is Cincinnati Bengals’ Head Coach?

Zac Taylor has been Bengals’ coach since 2019, and his record as a team coach is 7-26-1, making him the least successful head coach so far.

Previous Cincinnati Bengals Coaches

Here’s a list of this NFL team’s past coaches:

  • Martin Lewis (2003-2018)
  • Dick LeBeau (2001-2002)
  • Bruce Coslet (1997-2000)
  • David Shula (1992-1996)
  • Sam Wyche (1984-1991)
  • Forrest Gregg (1981-1983)
  • Homer Rice (1979)
  • Bill Johnson (1976-1978)
  • Paul Brown (1968-1975)

Cincinnati Bengals Betting FAQ

Where to watch or stream Bengals games online free?

You can watch Bengal’s games on various channels, including NHL Network, ESPN, NBC, CBS, or you can use Bengal’s App or NFL Mobile App.

Where to bet on Cincinnati in Canada

You can find the best Bengals odds on BetUS, Draftkings, Bodog, My Bookie, and Bet Away. But, don’t forget to practice responsible gaming to avoid a potential gambling problem.

Where do the Bengals play their home games?

The team has played their home games in three stadiums so far. Currently, they play at Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio.

In which conference does the team play?

The Bengals are a part of the American Football Conference (AFC)

Who is the team’s all-time points leader?

Jim Breech is the all-time points leader of the team, and he scored 1,151 points.

Last Updated on December 8, 2021

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