Which Events will surprise you at the Canada Games this year

Which Events will surprise you at the Canada Games this year

The covid 19 pandemic affected many sectors, and Canada Games betting was not left out. Due to medical concerns, Canada Games, scheduled to hold in 2021, was moved to a later date in 2022. Sportsbooks and bettors were initially disappointed by this new development, but not for long. Alas, the event would be held soon, …

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Which sports should you bet on while you wait for Baseball season

Which sports should you bet on while you wait for Baseball season

The baseball season in North America begins at the end of March. It has been a long wait for the 2022 season for baseball betting and MLB betting fans. With just over a month to go, betting opportunities on other sports should be an option to pass the time. Two popular betting leagues in Canada …

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What free NBA Expert Picks do you offer?

There are 2,460 games that you can bet on throughout the season. Our expert NBA picks offer betting insights into each game. Our NBA experts have the best NBA picks. They share their top picks for every season. These picks include the most popular types, including spread, money line, totals, and NBA Prop Bets. They will also cover all games today. Each pick will include a match preview that includes the most recent stats and trends. Our supercomputer runs more than 10,000 simulations each day to predict the outcome and score of every game.

Get free picks from the NBA Money Line

The easiest way to bet on a NBA basketball match is with a NBA Money line pick. A NBA money line pick involves picking the team that you believe will win the match. The outcomes of the NBA are win or loss, right or wrong, with no tie. Although money line betting is popular in the NBA, the odds of a favorite being beaten by a player can be as low at -600. If you prefer an underdog to win, you may see great returns and odds. The NBA's money line is priced differently. This makes it difficult to find the best value picks and avoid the more likely upsets. Our NBA experts draw on decades of basketball betting experience, hours of research, and years of analysis to provide you with the best NBA money lines picks, stats, and analysis ahead of every NBA season. Check out our free picks today for the best NBA money line picks!

Free NBA Picks Against The Spread for Today's Games

If you are looking to place a bet on an elite team, but don't wish to risk $600 to win $100, then our NBA picks against spread experts are the best option. You are not betting on a team to win. Instead, you will bet on them to win or lose. Golden State will be around 10.5 against the spread if they are -650 on Moneyline. To cash your ticket, they must win the game by at least 11 points.

You can also bet on the underdogs by using NBA picks against spread. Let's suppose we play against the Golden State Warriors as in the previous example. We take the points. We can win by losing 10 or less points, but we still win. These are the moments when those half-court shots at buzzer that seem meaningless turn into anguish and elation. They may also cause an upset, winning the game against the spread or winning the game.

NBA Totals Picks: Free NBA Over/Under Picks

The NBA over/under picks can be one of the most thrilling North American sports. You might see an 85-81 game in one NBA game, while a 145-142 match in another. NBA totals picks may be won or lost by one quarter. Many bettors love NBA over/under picks. Every offensive possession counts, which makes the games even more exciting. You can find many different ways to research an NBA over/under selection. This includes team news, head records, offensive and defensive stats, as well as many other metrics. All of our NBA over/under picks come with a detailed analysis, which includes key stats that will help us choose the right side. Today's NBA over/under picks are available now.

Get Expert Basketball Picks Today

We have the best free basketball picks. Our experts break down the matches today to give you the best free picks. A well-researched, informed basketball pick is one that is accurate. Before making each basketball pick, our experts analyze the player and team statistics, trends, history, and draw upon decades of handicapping expertise.

You want a completely different type of free basketball pick? Check out our Basketball Computer Picks, which are solely driven from statistical data and more than 10,000 simulations.