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Seattle Seahawks Betting Odds Seahawks Schedule & Standings

Seattle Seahawks are a West-NFC-based American Football team launched in 1974 with a long and successful game history. This team fought through thick and thin to climb the ladders of NFL fame and reach the second-best position in the regular season.

The 32 teams that compete in the NFL are split into two sub-categories – the AFC and the NFC. The Seahawks have been playing for the NFC West division as a part of the NFC since 1976 and are currently ranked 4th in the NFC West division.

With winter approaching, real American football fans know, it’s NFL time. The Seahawks ranked second right behind the Kansas City Chiefs. This audience’s favourite has earned their fans’ trust, with 98% of voters being confident the Seahawks would rightfully take this year’s Super Bowl Championship.

Seattle Seahawks Betting Odds

The Seahawks team is always off to a great start when they are pushing their offensive line with WR Tyler Lockett in full effect. The defence shouldn’t be neglected either with WD Russell Wilson on his best behaviour. The team is expected to rise above its standard in the upcoming seasons, and they’ll have the chance to show it off when playing other successful teams such as the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans, to name a few.

Seahawks odds vary and there are seasons when the team is followed by favourable odds, but it is possible also for them to be considered underdogs.

The average betting odds for the Seahawks Seattle to win the Super Bowl vary from +2200 to +2800 if you bet during the regular season. Also, the average odds for the Seahawks to be crowned as NFC Champions are +1200 currently, and to be NFC West Champions are +450.

Seattle Seahawks Betting Lines

NFL betting is one of the most popular sports betting events in Canada. Even though the Seahawks have played some tough NFL teams such as Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, and the Washington Football Team, the Seahawks’ odds are probably the safest betting option among the four.

Let’s say the Seahawks are playing against the Vikings. If betting on a game against the Vikings and kicking it back with an interesting game dynamic is right up your alley, imagine that the money line bet for the Seahawks would be around-130. So, if you bet CA$20 for starters, the total payout you can get in the end, that is if the team wins, would be CA$35. This includes the initial deposit that you made, plus the calculated win which is CA$15, in our example.

The Best Welcome Bonus For Seattle Seahawks Vegas Odds

Bookies always do their best to create profitable odds for the avid sports bettors – including Vegas odds.

Seattles’ Vegas odds vary from -114 to -130 when betting on the moneyline. The over/under goes from O/51 to an O/56 with a -110 odd when betting on Seahawks. If you choose to bet along the spread the minimum odd is -1 and the max is -2.0.

Some of the bookies offer welcome bonuses for new sports bettors, and maybe even free bets. Bet99 offers a generous welcome bonus for NFL bettors. An accustomed betting site for Canadians is SportsInteraction with a lot more perks for bettors, offering a welcome bonus for new players.

Which Sportsbooks Has The Best Seattle Seahawks Odds?

You might want to check out SportsInteraction that features an attractive welcome bonus and treats Canadian bettors with the best NFL playing odds. Among the best ones out there are Bet99, PowerPlay Sports, Bodog, and Betway.

How To Bet On The Seattle Seahawks

Betting on the Seatle Seahawks is as easy as betting on any other NFL team.

  • Pick an online betting bookie
  • Find a betting line you choose to bet on the Seahawks
  • Find the best betting odds in your favour
  • Enjoy the upcoming Seahawks game

Who Will Win The Seattle Seahawks Game Tonight?

The Seahawks come with a long history of victories in the NFL. However, it’s tough to be sure about the odds to win regarding the next game. Several factors come into play when determining the winner of an upcoming game. When bookies prepare their odds, they consult several lines of statistics, history, team performance, injuries, newest additions and many other factors.

Football is an unpredictable sport and if the Seahawks win, opinions as to whether it is deserved will be divided. Some will lose their bets, while some will joy over the extra money they got. That’s where the fun is!

The Seattle Seahawks Home Games

The Seahawks have a “crowd” of an advantage when playing on home grass. The undeniable support and motivation provided by the 12s is a non-stopping chanting that continues to wow us game throughout the game. The energy their fans project onto the Seahawks players is truly remarkable.

The Seattle Seahawks schedule hosts 7 home games on the Field Lumen grass in Seattle this upcoming season.

  • October 8th- Los Angeles Rams
  • October 26th- New Orleans Saints
  • October 31st- Jacksonville Jaguars
  • November 21st- Arizona Cardinals
  • December 6th- San Francisco 49rs
  • December 26th- Chicago Bears
  • January 2nd- Detroit Lions

Seattle Seahawks History & Stats

The Seahawks have one Super Bowl win in 2014 under their belt. Seahawks fans are notorious in American football history as ones that have made the loudest cheering noise reaching 137.6 dB during a game with New Orleans Saints in October 2013. And who can blame them? This is the date when the Seahawks defeated the Saints in the Super Bowl playoffs and launched straight into the finale playing and ultimately winning against the Denver Broncos.

QB: Russell Willson
  • Yards: 597
  • Passing Attempts: 54
  • Completion percentage: 74.1%
  • Passing touchdowns: 6
RB Chris Carson:
  • Yards: 122
  • Rushing Attempts: 29
  • Yards per rush attempt: 4.2
  • Rushing touchdowns: 2
WR Tyler Lockett
  • Yards: 278
  • Receptions: 12
  • Yards per reception: 23.2
  • Receiving touchdowns: 3

Who Is Seattle Seahawks’s Head Coach?

The Seahawks’ head coach for the 2021 NFL season is Pete Carrol (started 2010, won Super Bowl Championship in 2014).

Previous Seahawks Seattle Coaches

  • Jack Patera (1976-1982)
  • Mike McCormack (1982- 1982)
  • Chuck Knox (1983- 1991)
  • Tom Flores (1992- 1994)
  • Dennis Erickson (1995-1998)
  • Mike Holmgren (1999-2008)
  • Jim L. Mora (2009-2009)

Seattle Seahawks Betting FAQ

Where to watch or stream Seattle Seahawks games online free?

Seahawks games are available on Amazon Prime, CBS, ESPN, Hulu, and so many other platforms.

Where do the Seattle Seahawks play their home games?

Their home field is Lumen Field in Seattle, Washington.

Have the Seattle Seahawks ever won the Super Bowl?

Yes, they have. They’re the 2014 Super Bowl Champions under the wing of Pete Carrol.

In which division does the team play?

The team plays in the NFC West division.

Last Updated on December 6, 2021

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