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The Canadian football league playoffs are just around the corner, and everyone’s anticipating to see who’ll take the Grey Cup home this year.

Last time, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers from the West Division took the trophy. However, knowing that’s their first win since 1990, they’re facing some pretty stiff competition during this year’s league.

With so many fantastic teams passing the semi-final games and securing their places in the 2021 CFL playoffs, we’ve never been more excited for a Sunday game at the bar!

CFL Playoff Odds, Canadian Football League Lines

If you plan on betting on the CFL sometime next weekend, you should familiarize yourself with the odds.

The 2021 Grey Cup playoffs schedule is not yet known, and neither is the top-scoring team this year. We’ll receive that info in the following weeks.

However, here are the teams on board: Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Toronto Argonauts, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and Montreal Alouettes.

The Bombers secured their place in the playoffs with a victory against the Edmonton Eskimos (a.k.a. the Elks), beating the team 26-16 in what was a back-and-forth game. And now that the Edmonton Eskimos have traded Trevor Harris, one of their best players, it’ll be a long time before the team gets back on track.

However, this news means possibly another victory for the Montreal Alouettes! With Harris now by their side, the Alouettes will attempt to play as well as they can to snag the Grey Cup trophy for the 8th time in history. Their placement in the playoff games came soon after the Hamilton Tiger-Cats won over the BC Lions during the 14th week.

The Ticats also officially eliminated the Ottawa Redblacks in the regular season with a 32-2 score back in October. They are now very close to taking the trophy back from the Bombers, given they continue with the same vim and vigor.

CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs Hamilton Tiger-Cats Odds

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats secured their bag again by placing themselves in the CFL playoffs for a third consecutive time. The final determiner was their game against the BC Lions, and they managed to snag a win like it was nothing.

Now it’s time to see how this ambitious team will take the stand against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 2019’s Grey Cup winners.

Undoubtedly, both teams have fair chances of beating the other this year. However, since the playoffs schedule hasn’t been announced yet, we can only sit back and wait to see how the West Division will butt heads with the East Division.

2019 CFL Grey Cup Winners

As soon as the Blue Bombers won against the Calgary Stampeders in 2019, everyone knew it was over for the playoffs line-up teams.

The 2019 playoffs wrapped up after the Winnipeg Blue Bombers issued a fantastic win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. They beat the Tiger-Cats 33-12 and took home the 107th Grey Cup trophy after having had a championship drought for 28 years!

If you, by any chance, missed this spectacular turn of events, let’s have a quick recap:

The Winnipeg defense got off to a good start, causing two turnovers in the first five minutes. The second turnover occurred when Willie Jefferson sacked Dane Evans, causing him to fumble and lose 35 yards. After an Andrew Harris rushing touchdown, the Bombers took a 7–0 lead, buying themselves enough time to beat the Ticats.

From that point on, there was a little bit of back and forth between the teams. However, the game took a dramatic turn when Harris provided 40 of the drive’s 50 yards in two plays. He also snagged a touchdown, and the score turned to 18-6.

This turn of events and Andrew Harris being an absolute beast on the field led to the Bombers’ ultimate victory. This CFL season, they passed the semi-final matches again, and now it’s time to see how the West Division will rival against the East Division.

Introduction To CFL Bets and Odds

Are you ready to join the club and bet on the 2021 CFL playoffs this year? If so, let us introduce you to all the different types of wagers you can place.

Betting On The Point Spread

The point spread is a piece of cake for fans to bet on once they understand the strategy. When you’re placing a point spread bet on the CFL playoffs, you’re trying to guess not only who’ll take victory over the game but by how much as well!

Take a look at this point spread (the odds are fictional):

Toronto Argonauts -6.5

Edmonton Eskimos +6.5

The minus sign before the numbers denotes the favorite and the plus the underdog. That means you have better odds of a successful bet if you wager on the Toronto Argonauts.

Let’s say you decide to bet on the Argonauts. They’d have to issue a victory by 7 or more points for you to leave with your pockets full. On the other hand, a bettor that has placed a wager on the Eskimos will only be awarded a winning bet if the team loses by 1-6 points or wins the game.

Placing A Moneyline Bet

The money line bet is all about who wins in a game. There is a top dog (denoted with a minus sign) and an underdog (indicated with a plus sign), and your goal is to predict which one has better winning chances.

A safe bet is to wager on the top dog. And while that will result in a smaller cash amount, at least you’ll have secured your bag. Wagering underdogs can earn you more but will also lose you a lot of money if you don’t calculate your odds well.

Total Or Over/Under

The total or over-under bet is about guessing the number of points both teams will score. The sportsbook sets a fixed number of points on the spread, and you have to predict whether the points scored will surpass that number or not.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Saskatchewan Roughriders O 32

Ottawa Redblacks U 32

Let’s say the game finished with 35 points scored in total. If you bet on the Roughriders and they score more than 32 points, you’re looking at a winning amount. And if you had bet on the Redblacks, you’d have lost your wager big time!

The Use Of Trends In Football Betting

The use of trends can be exciting when betting on a football game. Football fans can try to predict more than just the final score of the games. In fact, there are two primary types of trends:

Situational trends. This is all about doing in-depth research on the teams that are playing during the 2021 CFL event. Here is some data that should be researched and implemented in your betting decision-making: the success of a team’s home games, past victories, whether they’re playing in the East or West division (one is stronger than the other!), and so on.

Sports betting trends. Here you consider how odds have changed over time and how that has affected the sportsbooks’ decision-making. For example, suppose a team has a solid regular season only to enter the semi-final games in November and start losing. In that case, the majority of bettors will stop wagering on the franchise. The odds of that CFL franchise won’t be worth betting against.

On the other hand, going against the majority can sometimes be a good thing. If you do enough research on an underdog and strongly believe they have fair chances of a good record, you can bet on them.

How To Find the Best Welcome Bonus For CFL Betting?

Welcome bonuses are awarded to first-time players at sports bookies. So, if you want to claim a gratifying welcome bonus, you should check out some of the best bookies in Canada.

Some betting sites you can check out are Sports Interaction, Betway, and Bet365. They’ll also be continuing to offer better and better deals as we go deeper into the season.

Which Sportsbook Has The Highest CFL Betting Odds?

One cannot determine which sportsbook has the highest odds. Odds are a variable, after all, and they change over time. You can, however, make your own predictions for each league franchise to determine the best odds to bet on.

You can check out a top betting site in Canada to determine the current favorites and underdogs. It would be best if you also noted which teams played and led the season during November. That’ll help you hit the jackpot!


Who won the last Grey Cup?

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers won the last Grey Cup after beating the Ticats 33-12.

Last Updated on April 16, 2022

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