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When you think of Canada and all the sports that define its identity, you’ll definitely find curling at the top five! An established event that you can see at the Winter Olympics, this sport originally came from Scotland, but no matter the country of origin, this sport is mostly associated with Canada, which has dominated the medals at the Olympics over the years!

Throughout the years, betting on curling became more sophisticated, and online sportsbooks all around the globe provide plenty of lines and markets.

In this article, we’ll examine some of the most common betting options a solid Canadian betting site will offer, including moneyline bets, among others.

Furthermore, we’ll provide you with a sneak peek at a couple of betting strategies and many sites that you can bet on curling at!

Biggest curling tournaments and curling world championships

The World Curling Championships are organized by the World Curling Federation and contested by national championship teams. In curling, there are men’s, women’s and mixed doubles championships. One interesting thing to know is that besides all of the above, there is a world championship for wheelchair curling.

Canada usually hosts one of the two championships; for men in odd years, and for women – in even years. Domination in both championships has always been Canada’s strong side, although Denmark, Germany, the US, China, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland and Norway have all won at least one championship.

Latest Curling Odds, Free Bets and Betting Types

Sports betting on curling and other sports are extremely popular, and you’ll need to pay attention to a few key takeaways before you begin.

The simplest betting type for curling matches is the head-to-head line, through which you simply bet on the match-winner. The great thing about curling is that there are no ties in this sport, so if you have excellent knowledge about this exquisite winter game, you have a solid chance of winning some money!

Odds play a massive part in your bet slip as well, considering they’re the main attributes that give value to it. To find the best odds, you’ll have to do your own research. By doing your research, we mean visiting multiple betting sites and determining who offers higher odds.

Typically, every match has a favourite and an underdog, and the odds are always lower for the favourite, meaning you won’t win much, but your chances are better. To spice this up, bookies will offer you a typical handicap line, which allows you to bet on the favourite but still get decent value in return. Numerous bookies offer handicap betting on curling teams, and you’ll find a plethora of handicap bets if you register with a reputable betting site.

A money line bet is pointless in a situation when a “heavy hitter” goes against an underdog that hasn’t beaten them in 10 years.

Over/Under betting in the curling betting markets is when the bookmaker gives you an option to make a wager about the final score, whether it will be above or below the prearranged number, same as soccer!

There are a dozen more betting options you can utilize on curling games, but we’ll leave that up to you to discover.

Now, let’s discuss free bets! By betting on curling, you’ll uncover that many betting sites are willing to offer you a free bet or bet credits. With them, you can place one or more curling bets for free and possibly win some cash if you manage to fulfill the wagering requirements.

Team Canada has dominated this sport over the past decade and made curling one of the top sports to bet on for Canadian bettors.

Best Curling Bets Online and Sports Betting Sites

If you are not able to place a curling bet in the pre-match section, you can still do it in the in-play section. Depending on what time of the match you place your bet at, you will still be able to get your money without having to wait for the entire game. Oddspedia is a great betting site for curling which offers a wide range of curling events you can bet on and get the best odds for each match.

You will notice that the odds vary during the game. This site will capture the changes in real-time and enable you to easily select them without losing valuable time.

Bethard is one of the top curling betting sites that offer a mobile app compatible with any platform, allowing you to access live-streamed events alongside a decent selection of betting markets and solid odds.

If you are on the lookout for a credible bookie with flawless customer support, constantly offering promotions, then 888Sport might be your best pick.


How can I calculate my curling betting odds?

It all depends on the format! If you are willing to play with decimal odds, you will just need to multiply them with your initial stake. To calculate fraction odds, you’ll have to multiply your initial stake with the higher number (numerator) and divide the result you get with the lower number (denominator).

How can I choose the best betting site for curling?

There are tons of online betting sites, but the best ones are those that have wide coverage of sports markets. Look for reputable companies with speedy payouts and up-to-date licenses.

What is the best way to predict the result of a curling match?

First, you will need to research the teams and their last few performances, including their rivals. After that, we would suggest you compare the performance of both teams in previous matches and encounters with each other. Always remember to pay attention to the teams’ current injuries and their form, as that’s the only way to successfully “predict” an outcome.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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