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Curling is everything but your usual sport and is very popular among Canadians.

For many years, people have enjoyed the unusual nature of this sport and visited online sportsbooks in the search for odds to use in their favour.

Curling has been up to par with the rest of the trending sports among Canadians, such as figure skating, ice hockey, ski jumping, bobsleigh and others. Moreover, with the Winter Olympics giving curling a platform to attract more viewers, worldwide sports enthusiasts have recognized and placed it shoulder to shoulder with the biggest names.

Thus, bookmakers and online sportsbooks have boosted curling, even more, giving out some attractive odds which eventually benefit sports bettors.

Continue reading this guide to learn more about the sport, the competitions, which online sportsbooks to look for, and which final odds you can consider favourable.

Online Curling Betting In Canada

Canadian punters have numerous options when searching for curling odds at online betting sites. Betting on curling has never been easier, with competitions happening almost every throughout the whole year.

If you are just starting to dabble in sports betting, you need to be aware of some aspects, especially if you plan to place some bets on curling. You need to be mindful of certain bet types and which ones to choose if you want to walk away with some cash.

Follow this article and get on the informative train regarding betting on curling; but, remember, gamble responsibly!

Best Curling Betting Sites For 2021

Given the thousands of online curling betting sites, it is hard to point out a few that offer their members high odds and promotions to serve as a wind in their backs. Before choosing the right one among the many Canadian curling betting sites, consider the following features.

Initially, you want only to check out legit bookmakers who hold a license provided to them by some of the leading license providers. It would be best to always place safety and security as your number one priority because your personal information and banking information you give to the sportsbook should be kept safe.

Once you have created an account and verified it, the next big step is to see if your preferred sportsbook has bonus offers. Since every online sportsbook wants to give out a helping hand to all new customers who have created a new account, you will undoubtedly find some bonus offers like bet credits and free bets to enhance your gambling experience.

We will also discuss the types of promos that you might come across and how you can use them to your advantage.

Curling Odds Comparison -Get The Highest Odds From Top Bookmakers

Bookmakers will always give out the best odds for curling before major events. For instance, bettors will be able to check out the best odds a few weeks before the World Championship, World Juniors, Continental Cup and the biggest event of them all, the Winter Olympics.

Before placing your first bet, make sure that you have seen the initial or welcome bonus that the sportsbook offers. Once you have seen all the promotions, it is time to pick out a game to place your wager on.

Betting on curling can be a little confusing if you haven’t watched the sport before. However, like any other sport, you can check out all the teams and players competing in the event. It is wise to do a little research, see which teams have been the favourites in past sports events, which players have stood out, and only then place your bet.

Curling World Championships 2021

The two World Championships held in 2021 were the World Men’s Curling Championships and the World Woman’s World Championship. Both events were initially scheduled to take place in Ottawa, Canada. However, because of the global pandemic, the events were moved to Calgary, Canada.

Leading Canadian bookies were giving some fantastic odds for the Canadian team, in particular. However, despite making it to the qualification games, Canada wasn’t able to win against Scotland. Like Canada, Sweden was also considered one of the favourites to win. Even though they had some questionable games along the way, they were able to beat Switzerland in the semi-finals and later Scotland in the finals.

How to bet on Curling

If you wonder how to bet on curling, there are quite a few ways to place your bets. Like any other sport, there are various types of bets. If you are a newbie and want to understand curling betting, you have to check out bookmakers’ types of bets. Here are some curling bets that you will come across at every online sportsbook.

Head To Head Markets

Even though head-to-head betting can be considered as a type of bet where you place a wager on who will be victorious, instead of betting on the team, you place a bet on individual players from each team.

To clarify this curling betting type, we can give an example. Let’s say Canada and Sweden are about to face each other in a match, and while you can place a bet on which team will win the game, you can also check if the sportsbook offers a head-to-head bet.

If they do, then the two skippers of the two teams, Niklas Edin and Brendan Bottcher, will be in the head-to-head bet. If you place a bet on Edin, he needs to outperform Bottcher in the game for you to win the bet.

Total Points

Those who are more adventurous in their curling betting can predict the total number of points that the two teams will score. Like in other sports, a sportsbook will give out a line, indicating how many points they think the teams will score.

In other sports, you can somewhat have a clue on how a game will unfold. On the other hand, curling is much more unpredictable, meaning teams can have a blowout and score many points unexpectedly. Either way, if you have watched curling and are familiar with the teams playing, total points bets are a great way to earn some extra cash.

If you are serious about placing a total points bet, be sure to know how many ends there will be in the match and whether the teams have equal chances of winning or not.

Spread Bets

While there can always be tight games and well-matched opponents, bettors will usually know who the favourite of a specific match is, and there will be no room for placing a favourable bet. This is when spread betting or handicap betting comes in and gives bettors a chance to bet on the underdog.

If you come across a curling match between Sweden and China, you can instantly call out who will win the game. Knowing that Sweden is deemed a favourite in most competitions, they will most probably win the match. However, bettors that like to give China a chance can place a spread bet, also known as a handicap bet.

With a wager deposit of CA$100, and +1.5 on the handicap, this will be the chance for you to make some cash if you plan on betting on China. To get the win on your bet, they can either straight out win the game or lose by less than 2 points.

Money Line Bet

You will find a money line bet for every sport available. This is the most basic and easy-to-understand bet. All players have to do is head over to their preferred bookmaker, choose one game, look at the odds given, and place a bet on who will win the curling match.

If you are a new bettor that wants to enter the curling betting world, this is the perfect way to start. Instead of doing additional research and finding out which team has the best players or which one is currently in top form, you can simply look at the odds, figure out who is the favourite and place your first bet on them.

The payout won’t be as big as you want; however, starting with any profit is far better than losing cash. Moreover, if you can get your hands on some free bets, it will additionally enhance your first betting experience.

Player/Team Prop Bets

More experienced bettors or those who want a little more excitement when placing bets can always opt for prop bets. Instead of betting on the winner of the game, prop bets have nothing to do with the result.

There are numerous prop bets that bookmakers offer their members, like who will be the highest scorer or how many ends there will be in the match. Even though they might be riskier than other bets, they have more favourable odds, giving players a bigger chance to profit.

Live Betting Markets – Curling

For many punters, betting on curling is having them do their research, looking for the teams that are favourites, seeing who is likely to make a surprising run and essential information that will help them with future bets.

Live betting, on the other hand, requires quick thinking, decision-making, and coming up with scenarios that could happen in the game. We all know that most of the odds will drop while games are ongoing. However, there is always room to make profitable predictions.

Research And Reap The Rewards

Since there is an endless amount of information on the internet, sports betting, including betting on curling, has never been easier. There are thousands of articles online to find crucial information, statistics, past team and individual performances, even fan predictions on future curling matches.

The more you know, the better, and the more matches you watch and statistics you follow, your chances of placing a winning bet increase.

Betting On Curling

New customers at online sportsbooks will find various types of promotions that they can use to their advantage. If you plan to start betting on curling, here are some of the bonuses you might come across when registering at an online sportsbook.

Signup Bonus

To attract more members, every sportsbook, bookmaker and online casino that offers sports betting odds will offer a special signup bonus. This signup bonus will often consist of a matched deposit bonus, giving you more opportunities to place more bets.

On special occasions, they may throw in some free bets. However, you have to be quick to claim them because time limits are set for the availability of these promotions.

Deposit Options

When you create an account at a specific betting site, you can either claim free bets, some no deposit bonuses if available, or make a min deposit to claim an existing perk.

If you choose the latter and make a deposit, you will be given some deposit methods available, choose one and then proceed to bet.

Free Bet Stakes

Even though while searching for a good online sportsbook, you won’t find many that offer free bets, eventually, all of them provide free bets sooner or later.

These options are a great way for punters to place their first bet and experience betting on curling. Some of the sportsbooks will require bettors to place their free bets on selected games, and some will give them the freedom to explore and place a wager on whichever teams or players.

Qualifying Bets

A qualifying bet is when a player places a wager to get something in return from the betting site.

For example, betting sites could offer bettors an additional CA$20 free bet if they first deposit CA$20. Bettors can place qualifying bets if the sportsbook offers them, which will become available at certain sports betting sites once in a while. Remember that most sportsbooks exclude bet credits stake from the returns.


How do you calculate the betting odds?

Depending on which sign is placed next to the odds, you can notice whether a team is a favourite or an underdog. Let’s say you see a line like this:
Canada -150
China +350
This line means that to gain a CA$100 profit, you will have to place a CA$150 bet. And on the other hand, if you place a CA$100 bet, you will be able to gain CA$350 if China wins.

How do you choose a betting site for curling?

First and foremost, look for betting sites that are legit and hold a betting license. There might be sites that don’t have permits and are just trying to scam new customers.

How do you predict curling results?

The best way to predict a curling match is to do some research, look at previous results, check out the teams’ current form, and most importantly, inspect the odds, which most of the time give out which is the favourite wand which the underdog.

Last Updated on December 2, 2021

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