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Los Angeles Chargers Betting Odds | LA Chargers Schedule & Standings

The NFL is well underway, and fans worldwide, especially in Canada, are stocked once again to cheer on for their favourite team. You don’t have to be a huge fan of American Football to go out and place some NFL bets.

We are all waiting for the online sportsbooks to reveal their predictions for the upcoming season, so if you are looking for some competitive Los Angeles Chargers odds, you are in for a treat.

The Chargers will have to face strong opponents such as the Washington Football Team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Dallas Cowboys, so exciting times lay ahead. Read our review and find out the best bookies and odds you can find regarding the LA Charges’ upcoming matches.

Los Angeles Chargers Betting Odds

NFL games are full of surprises, and the LA Charges’ games aren’t an exception. Against strong opponents such as the Kansas City Chiefs, online bookies tend to give the Charges an underdog position. On the other hand, when the Charges are playing against the Denver Broncos, almost every online sports betting site considers them favourable and gives out excellent odds.

All in all, this means the odds can greatly vary depending on the opponent they are facing. We can hope that the Chargers’ offense will step up to the challenge and bring surprising results.

Los Angeles Chargers Betting Lines

If you haven’t bet on NFL season games before, the safest and most common bet for newbies is the moneyline bet. Because the best teams most likely will win the majority of their games, it is best for you to place bets on them winning. Now, upsets can happen, and a certain matchup can go wrong. However, the moneyline bet should be your preferred bet if you are new.

If you have more experience in sports betting, especially in NFL betting, you should dabble more with spread bets. Spread bets handicap the favourite team and make the game more interesting, giving the underdog better chances.

For a spread bet to go through for the favourites, the favoured team must win the game by more points than the spread amount. If you are betting for the underdog, they must either win the game, no matter the result, or lose by fewer points than the spread.

The Best Welcome Bonus For Los Angeles Chargers Vegas Odds

No matter which franchise you support in the AFC West, or any other division, you should always look for betting sites offering free bets. Most of the time, this type of bet will be offered as a welcome bonus at sport betting sites, so make sure to choose the right one.

If you just started watching NFL, and you want to see Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, or you are a die-hard LA Chargers fan and love watching Austin Ekeler, Justin Herbert, Harris Jr., Mike Williams, Keenan Allen, and the rest of the LA Chargers, make sure not to bet only based on fandom and always practice responsible gaming!

Which Sportsbooks Has The Best Los Angeles Chargers Odds?

There are hundreds if not thousands of sport betting sites in Canada, and it would be difficult to name one that has all the best Chargers odds. Whenever you are looking for odds to win, always (and we can’t emphasize this enough), make sure that the betting site is legit and has all the reputable licenses.

If you know you have a gambling problem, and others also say that you have crossed the line, there are always ways to fix it. Plus, an NFL game can also be exciting without betting on it.

How To Bet On The Los Angeles Chargers

If you are a more present bettor and want to put your fate in the Los Angeles Chargers’ defense, you can always go for the safe money line bet or make a few predictions and go for spread bets. If you know the individual play, prop bets are a great way to make big money.

Whatever you decide, playing bets on the LA Charges is easy – just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Find a reliable online sports betting site
  2. Sign up for an account and go through the verification process
  3. Find the regular-season game you want to bet on
  4. Deposit money and make a wager

Always make sure the sportsbook you’re choosing is properly licensed and can guarantee the safety of your data.

Who Will Win The Los Angeles Chargers Game Tonight?

The Chargers may not be the favourites in the AFC West division, but they are quite up there when it comes to going all the way in the playoffs. For example, we know that the Los Angeles Chargers vs the Kansas City Chiefs always is one hell of a match regarding upcoming games. Still, since the team is pretty predictable, your best choice is to do proper research and decide based on your instincts who will come on top and come out a winner.

The Los Angeles Chargers Home Games

Teams always have a slight advantage when it comes to playing at home. It is always better to play at home with a full stadium, having all the fans cheering you on as the game starts.

The SoFi Stadium has been the home to the Chargers since its opening in 2020. It is a huge upgrade, knowing that the Chargers played their home game at the Dignity Health Sports Park before. From 27,000 to 70,240 seats is a big jump, and since last year, more Chargers fans can attend and support their side.

Los Angeles Chargers History & Stats

Here are some interesting statistics on the LA Chargers:

Seasons: 62 (1960-2021)

Record (W-L-T): 460-463-11

Playoff Record: 12-18

Super Bowl win: 0

All-time passing leader: Philip Rivers – 4908/7591, 59,271 yds, 397 TD

All-time rushing leader: LaDainian Tomlinson – 2880 att, 12,490 yds, 138 TD

All-time receiving leader: Antonio Gates – 955 rec, 11,841 yds, 116 TD

All-time scoring leader: John Carney – 1076 points

All-time AV: Philip Rivers – 205 AV

Who Is Los Angeles Chargers’ Head Coach?

The current LA Chargers head coach is Brandon Staley. He is the 17th head coach in franchise history.

Previous Los Angeles Chargers Coaches

Here are some of the previous head coaches of the LA Chargers:

Mike Riley (1999-2001): 14-34

Marty Schottenheimer (2002-2006): 47-33

Norv Turner (2007-2012): 56-40

Mike McCoy (2013-2016): 27-37

Anthony Lynn (2017-2020): 33-31

Brandon Staley (2021-present): 1-1

Los Angeles Chargers Betting FAQ

Where do the Los Angeles Chargers play their home games?

The LA Chargers call the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, their home.

Which division do they play in?

They play in the AFC West division.

Who is the team’s all-time points leader?

The all-time points leader is John Carney with 1076 points.

When did they join the NFL?

As part of the AFL and NFL merger back in 1970, the Chargers became a new team in the NFL.

Who are their biggest rivals in the NFL?

The Las Vegas Raiders are no doubt the LA Chargers’ biggest rivals in the NFL.

Last Updated on December 8, 2021

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