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Houston Texans Betting Odds | Texans Schedule & Standings

The Texans are the NFL’s newest member team, having been established in 2002. The Huston Texans are Houston’s second team. Following the separation of their first franchise, the Oilers, to Tennessee to become the Titans in 1996. The Texans, like other expansion NFL teams, struggled during their beginnings but have recently achieved significant success. Fans and NFL bettors are quickly establishing a large support base. They are expecting to see the Texans achieve top scores and beat competitors with significant results.

Houston Texans Betting Odds

If we take a presumptive game between The Texans and the Cleveland Browns. Both teams, the Texans and the Cleveland Browns with a score of 31-21 defeat we could see that the odds are playing in the Texan’s favour. After Tyrod Taylor’s 15-yard touchdown run gave them a 14-7 lead, they enabled 17 consecutive score points to go their way. Unfortunately, Taylor limped off the field with a hamstring injury, and he wasn’t able to play during the following Thursday. In the defeat during that Sunday game, rookie QB Davis Mills threw a touchdown strike and an interception.

With a game of this sort, placing a moneyline bet as a prediction of who will be the winner, seems to be the wise decision since the odds are in support of the Texans’ game. The Houston Texans odds are -110 to win and they have an average over/under score of 45.5 points

Moreover, alongside moneyline betting, you can also bet on the exact number of points the Texans’ score, or even predict whether the points they score will be more or less compared to the sports betting sites’ predictions.

Houston Texans Betting Lines

Week 1 and Week 2 NFL results’ are a great source to compare betting odds for the matches that are about to happen in Week 3. Take a closer look at Texans’ NFL betting odds and carefully pick where you will place your bets. The Super Bowl bets are another place to observe the odds and presume the winning lines for the following matches.

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Which Sportsbooks Has The Best Houston Texans Odds?

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Bettors who would like to take a chance on the Texans’ odds will get an amazing matching deposit bonus and other rewards at Betaway. They also offer free bets every week, as well as some money back on BetYour Way.

The second pick we have for you is the 888 Sportsbook. They constantly provide lucrative matching percentages and other prizes that attract many bettors to their site.

How To Bet On The Houston Texans

The Texans have already outperformed expectations thanks to a shockingly formidable attack. In the past, Houston faced the Carolina Panthers, who won over the New Orleans Saints. In that match, the Texans were +8 home underdogs. In case similar performances are on the horizon of the Texans’ odds to win, here are some options where you will get rewarded the most.

Moneyline – The Moneyline is the most basic betting, determined by the competition’s plain winner-loser outcome. In Money line betting, it makes no difference how much each team wins or loses because the payoff stays the same.

Point spread – The point spread is used to evaluate if a league wins or loses by a specific amount of points. Consider the following example: Texans -4.5 (-110) and Jaguars +4.5 (-110). Houston would be preferred by 4.5 points in this case, as represented by the mark “-4.5.” If the Texans would be able to secure the win 27-20, the Texans (-4.5) could win the bet and earn a maximum payout of $19.09 ($9.09 profit) on a $10 wager. If the Jaguars make the same scenario during a game within five points and lose 34-30, the Jaguars (+4.5) would win, and the payoff is like indicated above.

Point total (over/under) – The over/under line set by the bookies is the point total. Take this game as an example – The Texans’ against the Cleveland Browns, for instance, had a predicted point total of 53.5 points. The Texans were defeated 10-7 by the Cleveland Browns, resulting in a total of 17 points. Those who backed the under on the over/under would have won in the match Texans vs Cleveland.

In-play and live betting – Betting while matches are being played may be the most exciting and profitable. Throughout a match, the odds are constantly shifting, which may be profitable for quick and informed bettors.

Parlays and teasers – Parlays and teasers are great methods to combine several bets. On hectic Sundays, punters may typically combine multiple teams to score or wrap the spread, so if all wagers are correct, the payout is twofold.

Who Will Win The Houston Texans Game Tonight?

Texans fans had a comforting sensation for the first time ever since the team’s home-opening at NRG Stadium in 2019. After COVID-19 kept people away from the stadium to begin the 2020 season, Texans supporters went to NRG Stadium on Sunday to watch their beloved team face division opponent Jaguars.

David Culley began his story with a game versus Jacksonville. Urban Meyer was the coach for Jacksonville and they could show off the time they play on Sunday. Lovie Smith, the Texans’ first-year defensive line coach, had his first test against Jaguar’s new quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the first top choice in the selection.

The Houston Texans Home Games

The team revealed their course of action for commemorating traditional motifs at home matches in the last NFL season. The most prominent players have had a prominent place in these celebrations. Some names that were featured are the running back David Johnson, the wide receivers Anthony Miller and Danny Amendola, the linebacker Joe Thomas and many more.

The annual Liberty White Out Game started the Texans’ season opener home schedule against the Jacksonville Jaguars. All through the playoffs, there was a Salute to Service, Pink Ribbon Day, and the team celebrated notable community members and supporters.

Houston Texans History & Stats

The club debuted as an expansion team in 2002, marking them the NFL’s newest franchise presently participating. The Texans took over for the city’s former NFL team, the Houston Oilers, who competed from 1960 to 1996 before moving to Nashville and becoming the NFL Tennessee Titans.

Even though the squad underperformed in their opening game in their first couple of years, they achieved success in the AFC South in 2011, earning their first game division title and sealing their first postseason berth. The Texans went on to earn the AFC South title five more times in 2012, 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019. They are the lone member who has never played in a conference finals game since the 2020 season.

Who Is Houston Texans’ Head Coach?

David Culley took over the head coach position in 2021, and he is still the head coach in the present.

Previous Houston Texans Coaches

1 Dom Capers 2002-2005

2 Gary Kubiak 2006-2013

3 Bill O’Brien 2014-2020

Houston Texans Betting FAQ

Where do the Houston Texans play their home games?

They host their home games in Houston City in NRG Stadium.

In which conference does the team play?

They belong to the American Football Conference – East and the National Football Conference – East.

Who has played the most games for Houston Texans?

Long Snapper Jon Weeks holds the title with most career matches played as a Texan, with 170.

Last Updated on December 6, 2021

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