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Some would say that boxing isn’t the best sport to bet on. However – we would beg to differ!

In fact, this sport was explicitly created for betting, and it’s one of the most popular sports betting-wise. In the old times, punters didn’t have online betting sites to bet on, and they had to visit the ‘pits’ and bet live. Fast forward – you now have numerous sportsbooks featuring the most competitive boxing betting odds.

Even the famous Youtuber Logan Paul decided to participate in the action – not something we’re particularly proud of as boxing fans, though. However, that’s proof enough of how big the crowd actually is and all the money that lies within.

If you’re eager to learn how to bet on boxing and take the most out of it – read on. We’ll take a look into the latest odds, all bet types, and of course – a couple of strategies to help you make better betting decisions.

Boxing Odds: Professional Boxing Betting Lines And Spreads

The most positive thing about the sport of boxing is that there are no dedicated leagues or world championships, where bettors have to wait for a match. Bettors will have numerous fights to choose from all year long, whether semi-pro or professional fights.

Before any upcoming fight, you can find odds, different lines, and spreads at many of the top sportsbooks. Reading the odds is easy. If one fighter has +400 odds, it means that they have a 4-1 chance to win, and by betting CA$100 – you stand to win CA$400.

Reading the spreads is also straightforward. Suppose you choose to bet on the spread on Fight Minutes, which the bookie presented as 25-27. If you think the fight will last longer, you would ‘buy,’ whereas if you think the fight will end sooner, you will ‘sell.’ So, if you sell CA$10 on 25 minutes, and the match concludes with a straight KO early on in the 2nd minute – you will win CA$230 ((25 – 2 (x$10)). If the match lasts longer than 25 minutes, you will lose the bet.

When you have legends of the sport like Floyd Mayweather, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Jamel Herring, and Christian Hammer, going up against up and coming hungry boxers like Daniel Dubois, Elwin Soto, Wanik Awdijan, Shakur Stevenson, Hughie Fury, and Emanuel Navarrete – you should expect competitive odds featured by most bookies.

After all – they’re not the only fighters – betting sites also enter the ring fighting to attract as many customers as possible.

Best Betting Sites For Boxing in Canada 2021

With hundreds, if not thousands of Canadian online oddsmakers – it’s simply impossible to pick a single one with the best boxing odds. It’s impossible because they constantly modify their odds, and to take advantage of them – you will have to track them all.

A good place to start doing that is this article. We’ve made sure to research the market before picking the top-dog bookmakers, so rest assured that all sportsbooks you find featured with us have the most competitive current boxing odds on the market. They’re all licensed as well.

The best way to track the odds is to make multiple accounts with our featured bookies and to place bets only with the one providing the best value for your money.

Boxing Odds Explained

To make sure you fully understand boxing odds, we’ll take the Moneyline bet as an example and the American odds system.

Let’s take this line as an example: Dillian Whyte (-450) vs. Jonathan Gonzalez (+250).

By just looking at the line, numbers, and symbols you can determine who is the favourite and who is the underdog. The minus sign represents that Dillan Whyte is the favourite, and it means that you will have to wager CA$450 to make a CA$100 profit.

The ‘+’ shows that Jonathan Gonzalez is the underdog, giving you the information that if you place CA$100 – you will profit CA$250.

This is just a simple example to show you how you can read odds. There are other types of boxing bets like outright bets, over/under bets, prop bets, methods of victory bets, parlay bets, which we will now examine.

Popular Types Of Boxing Bets

There are numerous types of bets, some you might already know from other sports and some that you have never seen before. This is why we are going to showcase some of the most popular types of bets for boxing you can expect at online sportsbooks.

Boxing Moneyline Odds

Moneyline betting is the simplest type of bet that a punter can place. Here, you are wagering on the fighter that you think will win the match. There will be specific odds placed on each fighter, showing you who is the favourite and who is the underdog.

Being the easiest bet to understand, it’s an excellent way for new customers to bet on their first fight.

Boxing Outright Odds

Outright betting is when a punter places a wager for a fighter to win a future event or fight. This type of bet is not the most popular one; however, it offers competitive boxing odds.

Boxing Over/Under Totals

An over/under bet isn’t picking a fighter to win but predicting how many rounds it will take for there to be a winner.

A quick example of this is an over/under bet that goes like this:

Savannah Marshall vs. Katie Taylor

Over 7.5 (-145) –  Under 7.5 (+165)

Here you will have the chance of predicting if the bout will last more or less than 7.5 rounds. You also have your odds next to the numbers indicating how much you will have to wager to get CA$100 profit, or how much you can profit from placing a CA$100.

Boxing Method Of Victory Odds

When it comes to the method of victory, there are three types of ways boxers can win a fight – by decision, by knockout, or disqualification.

Apart from betting on who will be winning the fight, you are also in charge of predicting how the fighter will win. Because you have to be more precise, it’s logical that the payout will be better and way higher than a normal Moneyline bet.

Boxing Fight Length Odds

Similar to the over/under bet, a fight length bet is predicting not only who will win the fight, but in which specific round the match will end.

You can make a simple bet like wagering on a fight to end in the 2nd round, or you can even wager on which minute in the round the match is going to finish.

Boxing Parlays

Most of the time, for you to make some profit betting on favourites, you will have to wager a lot of money. To make things more profitable, most of the experienced gamblers will turn to a parlay bet. A parlay bet is when you group up a few multiple wagers in one single bet.

For example, you may have Otto Wallin vs. Caleb Plant (Under 7.5 rounds),  Garcia – Sandor Martin ( Garcia to win), and Savannah Marshall to win her next fight. All grouped up, these wagers will for better odds, giving you a chance to win more money.

Boxing Betting Tips

Besides knowing the bet types, you should consider employing certain tips if you’re serious about making cash from betting on boxing. Here are some that we have managed to find, and we strongly urge you to implement them in your next bet.

Do The Research

Before placing a bet, always do your research. Check the form your boxer is in, check their record, have there been previous fights with the opponent, and what was the outcome.

You can even go a little more specific, like how many knockouts he’s delivered, in which round does he get aggressive, how many rounds does he usually last in the bout, has he ever been in a draw, which type of boxers are his weakness, etc. At the end of the day, the more you know – the better!

Play The Odds, Not The Boxer

We will always have a favourite boxer that we will cheer on to win all of his fights. But, when it comes to betting on fights, boxing odds are more important than personal favourites.

Even if your favourite boxer is Chris Eubank Jr, who is a pretty good fighter, there may be a boxer with better odds. Keeping an unbiased opinion is mandatory.

Bet With a Unit System

When you first start betting, it’s important that you have a system and not just throw your money away. A lot of experienced bettors will tell you that it’s wise to always bet 1% of your bankroll. It will give you a better insight into the sport, and if you lose – it won’t be much. Also, don’t forget to only practice responsible gaming!

Do Not Bet With Emotion

Similar to the ‘play the odds’ and ‘not the fighter’ tip, this tip suggests you never place a bet with emotion. Maybe you have a favourite, and even if they’re the underdog in the next match, you will still go for them, which is a big mistake!

Always make sure to read the odds, do your research, and leave your emotions behind before visiting an online betting site.

The Best Boxing Fighters 2021

With 2021 roaring past us, there have been some amazing fighters. Here are some that made the most headlines and have fought some of the most entertaining battles this year.

Chris Eubank Jr

Chris Eybank Jr made headlines this year on the 16th of October when he went up against Wanik Awdijan. It was a gruelling fight, but Chris Eubank Jr managed to win in the fifth round by RTD.

Anthony Joshua

The fighter coming from Great Britain came up against Oleksandr Usyk just a few months ago; however, he couldn’t win the fight. Usyk took care of business and beat Joshua by unanimous decision.

Tyson Fury

The Gypsy King made sure he kept his heavyweight title by beating Wilder on the 11th of October 2021. It took some time, with the boat going to round 11 with Fury winning by knockout.


How do Canadian boxing odds work?

The Canadian odds are represented by two signs – minus and plus. The plus stands for how much you stand to win if you wager CA$100, whereas the minus stands for how much you must wager to win $100.

How do you read the odds of a fight?

You always check out the signs given to the boxers. If there is a plus, that means the fighter is the underdog. If there’s a minus – it means they’re the favourite.

What does +500 mean in boxing odds?

+500 means that you will win CA$500 by wagering CA$100 if the outcome goes your way.

Last Updated on November 29, 2021

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