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Boxing is one of the most popular sports for watching and betting for many years. The betting market is quite a competitive one, so there are many available sites popping left and right. Because there are many online betting sites where you can make your boxing bets, it’s just about choosing the right one.

It’s important to be well informed, to know about all the boxing events and upcoming fights that are happening. There are a few things that you need to know like boxing odds, online sportsbooks,

In this article, we will guide all boxing fans through the basics of betting odds providing you with a safe boxing betting guide. Let’s head in the world of boxing betting odds, sports betting. Get all the information about betting sites that you can visit and place your boxing bet.

Is Betting on Boxing in Canada Legal?

This kind of betting is legal in Canada only on sites that have a valid gambling license issued by a relevant authority. In any other case, the sites that don’t respect these gambling laws won’t be allowed to work and cannot be deemed reliable.

Overall, sports betting and online gambling is legal in Canada, however you should always strive for responsible gaming. If you want to bet on boxing online you need to find the top boxing betting sites to do so. Gamblers should also be of a legal gambling age otherwise they won’t be able to place any bets. In Canada, the age is between 18 and 19 years old.

Boxing Betting: How It Works

Boxing betting is pretty much a straightforward process. The way things work around here is that if you place your bet on a particular boxer, and they win, you will get paid. If the opposite happens you will lose your money. The last option of winning a bet is placing wagers on a draw. That means if no one wins, the boxing bettor gets the prize. Below we will talk more about the boxing odds and the betting types so that you can find your way around betting on boxing online much easier.

Types of Boxing Bets

In boxing betting there are different types of bets that bettors need to know beforehand. Before we get to the betting tips, it’s important to go over the basics of boxing bets. The bets that you will make on these boxing matches if done properly, can bring you a real money.

In the group of bets are included: Over/Under Betting, Boxing Match Betting, Round Betting, Outright Winner bet/Moneyline, Method of Victory, Draw, Parley, Prop Betting. The way they function will be explained in the next betting guide. But first, the betting odds!

Boxing Odds

Getting to know the boxing betting odds is also crucial so that you know how to play. There are several types of boxing betting so the boxing odds vary depending on the type of bet. A good boxing wager for example can be placed on Tyson Fury.

There is a distinction between European and American odds. UK and European odds look like this: Fighter 1 – 1.33, Fighter 2 – 3.5, Odds of a draw – 26. U.S odds: Fighter 1 -300, Fighter 2- +250, Odds of a draw: +2500. Whether you place wagers on either of them you will get the same payment.

Over/Under Betting

This type of bet is recommended for those that are at the beginning of their journey because the way it functions is very simple.

For a certain sports event, there is a defined total that is connected with the points that will be scored. In your bet, you should clearly state if you think that the final result will be over the total or under the total that was issued by the sportsbook.

Boxing Match Betting

Refers to a proposition type of bet which is defined by the fact that a bettor can make different bets on different aspects of the game. It means that you can bet over or under on the number of rounds, or if the match will end in a technical knockout or a regular one.

Round Betting

This is a bet that requires betting on a specific round. This means that the bettor will place their live bets on the specific round in which the fight will be over or it will clearly state the entire number of rounds the boxing match will have.

Outright Winner/Moneyline

A Moneyline wager or win bets have a quite simple form of betting. Canadian bettors actually bet on who they think will win the match. Pay attention to your favorite players like Anthony Joshua, Floyd Mayweather, or Tyson Fury and the prize will be guaranteed.

Method of Victory

This one is very similar to the Boxing Match bet. Represents one of the most frequently used bet types. In the victory method, the bettor should guess which one of the two fighters is going to win and if it will be a TKO, a KO, or a DQ.


A draw type of bet means betting on the fact that the fighters won’t be able to score at least two scorecards, so the match will be declared as a draw.

Will the Fight go the Distance?

This bet is for more experienced boxing bettors. You should bet on boxing more frequently so you can have the right amount of experience to win this bet. The form of it is that you are betting that the fighter will last throughout every round without being defeated and will win the whole match.


This is a complicated kind of bet as it combines multiple bets on one ticket. In order to win the money, all of the other picks should be correct. If only one of them is missed, a player simply loses and goes home being sad and penniless.

Prop Betting

Proposition Bets differ from other bets by being used for betting on any aspect of the match. This includes guessing who will score first or who will win, there are many of them you just have to be well informed and bid on everything you know.

These prop bets give you the feeling like you are on a rollercoaster, there are plenty of possibilities and the combinations are endless so the betting flow doesn’t stop at all.

Tips and Strategies to Use for Betting on Boxing

While there is no foolproof formula to ensure winning, there are ways to ensure that you have some success in betting. If you’re looking for tips and strategies for boxing, we’ve compiled a few that might help you start betting.

Learn the Rules

One of the fundamental things is to learn all of the rules and the basics. This won’t take long because things here are pretty straightforward, as opposed to other types of online sports betting. The basics include learning about the bets and knowing how and when to place them. It’s also important to learn how the scoring system works as not all boxing bouts end with a KO. In a lot of cases, the judges scores determine the winner so you need to know how to pick the fighter who was the best chance of getting the higher scores.

Develop your Betting Strategy

As with betting on other sports, Boxing requires you to make a strategy prior to betting, albeit a much easier one. Try to research weight classes, boxers previous matches, their skills and stats. Things like their recent form, winning history, and strength are also things that might help you decide on the potential winner. Also, learn the bet types. Try to watch a few boxing matches and make virtual bets to understand how they work before you place real money on a sports betting site.

Learn How to Handicap the Market

Handicapping the market is not simple at all, it is a very complex subject that requires reading and developing a long time skill in order to master it and then have income from gambling itself.

It means identifying betting opportunities that have a value that is positive and expected. These types of wagers are marked +EV and in time they should bring you your gambling income. All jokes aside, if you are able to perform well in this field you could earn some serious money.

Be Responsible with your Bankroll

You might be tempted to start betting left and right in the beginning, but you always have to be careful with moderance to avoid developing a gambling problem. Managing your bankroll requires being disciplined about how you invest in your bets, the frequency, and the volume of it all. The bettors that are not following through won’t have the chance to taste the cherry on the pie.

So allocating and managing your funds is a must that will provide longevity to the made bets and not let them go to waste. A golden rule you should go by is that the money that you use in your daily life should be set aside from the money that you are using for making bets, make sure you never forget that.

Choose the Best Boxing Betting Sites

There are a lot of sports betting sites on the market so it can be hard to choose the right one. There are certain things that you should look for in order to choose smart. First and foremost is to always look for betting sites that have a valid gambling license to avoid getting scams. The betting types, odds, as well as the variety of matches should play a role in choosing. Some sportsbooks offer free bets as well, which is a great opportunity to see how betting works. Remember to check the terms and conditions beforehand, to avoid and unpleasant situations.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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