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Carolina Panthers Betting Odds | Panthers Schedule & Standings

As it’s time for the regular season to showcase what the NFL is all about, betting on the Panthers has never been more exciting. The Panthers are settled in the NFC South division along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, and Atlanta Falcons.

The Panthers’ odds to win the Super Bowl vary from season to season, once being the ultimate favourites while other times posing as the underdogs. Let’s see what their odds are in the upcoming matches on online sports betting sites.

Carolina Panthers Betting Odds

When the Panthers manage to win two significant games, like the one time versus the New York Jets, and the New Orleans Saints, you should know that their odds are always rising up in such cases.

The CPs have a history of placing themselves among the top contenders for the Super Bowl as sportsbooks have listed them with favourable odds over the season. However, abilities vary and teammates change, so don’t expect them to be at their top game whenever you bet, and save yourself from placing unrealistic wagers and risking it all.

Carolina Panthers Betting Lines

Here’s a recap on what the betting lines for the CPs are.

The money line bets for the Panthers are simple – betting on whether they will win the match or not. Whether the Panthers are the favourites or underdogs, it’ll be indicated by a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign respectively, and the odds range from one sportsbook to another.

Wagering on point total bets or over/under is the points made throughout the whole game by both of the teams. Over is whether they’ll be above the specified points and under means the points will be lower than the specified number by the bookie.

An NFL future bet is when you wager on the whole outcome in the future, whether a team will win the Super Bowl or even if the Panthers can be on top of the NFC South division. Teasers are combining two games, for example, a point spread bet on the Panthers vs New York Jets and the match after it vs New Orleans Saints. This betting line comes at a lower risk but with lower payouts.

Prop bets are betting on match statistics or a single player. An example would be if Sam Darnold would go over or under the specified passing yards on a given sportsbook. And finally, live betting is exactly what it sounds like – you wager money on an ongoing match.

The Best Welcome Bonus For Carolina Panthers Vegas Odds

A lot of sportsbooks have the Vegas odds system as it’s one of the most popular. It doesn’t matter what team you’ll bet on, whether the Panthers, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, or even the Dallas Cowboys – be on the lookout for free bets and welcome bonuses.

Nonetheless, other Canadian sportsbooks like Sports Interaction and Draftkings offer matching bonuses that will really help you out when starting your NFL betting journey. They’re not the only ones, though, as all other operators featured in our article provide lucrative incentives as well.

Which Sportsbooks Have The Best Carolina Panthers Odds?

Seeing as they’re a favourite in the match against the Houston Texans, the CPs’ odds to win are greater, but they have a smaller payout at every sportsbook. Two good sportsbooks that you can get a fair share out of are Sports Interaction and Draftkings.

However, odds change as the season goes by, and other operators with better odds might pop up at any time. When they do, you’ll find them here – we’re always keeping track of bookies featuring the best current odds.

How To Bet On The Carolina Panthers

It’s time for an easy walkthrough on how to bet on the CPs, and here’s how it goes:

  • First, register an account at a sportsbook of your liking;
  • After that, log in and claim your welcome bonus while depositing money;
  • Look for a Panthers game you want to bet on and carefully analyze the betting odds;
  • Choose single or multiple betting lines, place down your wager – you’re all set to watch the upcoming game.

Who Will Win The Carolina Panthers Game Tonight?

Sportsbooks predict that the Carolinas are coming out victorious in the upcoming game. Again, consider the fact that the team doesn’t always perform at their best when they aren’t playing at the Bank of America Stadium. However, it has turned out to be the opposite as well, since football is unpredictable as it is. For instance, the team has lost against the Ravens once in preseason, precisely on their home field.

Carolina has a diversity of great players such as the linebacker and running back named Shaq Thompson and Christian McCaffrey, Robby Anderson and DJ Moore – their wide receivers, and their quarterback Sam Darnold.

Sadly, Cam Newton, the quarterback they got in the NFL draft picks in 2011, was part of the former team, but they’re still qualified to be a decent Super Bowl contender. The New Orleans Saints didn’t come out on top, even with their sturdy quarterback Jameis Winston and running back Alvin Kamara, nor did the Jets with Zach Wilson.

All in all, we’re all going to witness an exciting first half and a whole game for that matter.

The Carolina Panthers Home Games

CP’s home turf is the Bank of America Stadium located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bellow, you can check their upcoming home games and later on some favourable odds. Remember to avoid facing a gambling problem and bet only what you can afford.

Carolina Panthers History & Stats

Below, you can check out CP’s wide history:

  • Seasons: 27
  • Win-Loss-Ties Record: (202-215-1)
  • Playoffs: 9-8
  • Super Bowls: 0 won with 2 appearances
  • All-time passing Leader: Cam Newton
  • All-time Rushing Leader: Jonathan Stewart
  • All-time Scoring Leader: John Kasay
  • All-time Receiving Leader: Steve Smith
  • Coach With Most WIns: Ron Rivera (76-63-1)

Who Is Carolina Panthers Head Coach?

Switching from being a coach at Baylor University and Temple University, Matt Rhule is the head coach of the team. He’s inclined to continue the win streak in week 3 this season, and even in the upcoming games after the third week has ended.

Previous Carolina Panthers Coaches

Since their inception, the Panthers have had five coaches, not counting the current one.

  • Perry Fewell – 2019
  • Ron Rivera – 2011-2019
  • John Fox – 2002-2010
  • George Seifert – 1999-2001
  • Dom Capers – 1995-1998

Carolina Panthers Betting FAQ

Where to watch or stream CPs games online free?

Other than CBS, FOX, ESPN, or any other broadcasting network, you can watch the games free at FuboTV or Sling TV.

Where to bet on Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, North Carolina

You’ll have to check out some legal sports betting sites around that area. Some of them include Bovada and MyBookie.

Where do the Carolina Panthers play their home games?

They play at the Bank of America Stadium located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Have the Carolina Panthers ever won the Super Bowl?

Sadly, they haven’t won the Super Bowl out of the two appearances they’ve made.

Who is the team’s all-time points leader?

John Kasay is the Panthers’ top scorer with 1,482 total points.

Who has scored the most goals in a season for the Carolina Panthers?

Graham Gano has the most points scored in a season.

Last Updated on December 6, 2021

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