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Here are the moneyline odds of the Arizona Diamondbacks’ next game. This is a great place to start for those who want to break down the daily MLB betting boards. Canada Sports Betting has the best MLB Odds available for Canadian bettors. These odds will help you place a winning bet!

The Arizona Diamondbacks are one of two youngest Major League Baseball franchises (Tampa Bay was the other). They have had a lot of success in their brief time in the league. After a 100-win campaign, Arizona won their first division title. Two years later, the Diamondbacks captured the franchise’s first World Series.

Unfortunately, Arizona has not been as successful lately with just one MLB playoff appearance since 2008. Fans hope that the 2016 season will bring glory. This ascend is possible and bettors will continue to find value in Arizona Diamondbacks odds every week.

Bet on Diamondbacks’ games

The Diamondbacks have not won a championship since 2011, when they won the NL West. The.500 mark has been the constant trend. Given the success of the Giants and Dodgers in this span, a.500 level won’t even make it to the playoffs. Arizona actually finished in 1st place at the NL West’s 11-games back.

Arizona, led by Paul Goldschmidt and P Zack Greinke is once again a threat to Dodgers or Giants. However, this team’s results have been quite consistent in losing games. Bettors aren’t sure they can trust them. The Diamondbacks were a loss leader for bettors in 2012-14. They cost them -47.9 units if they had placed a bet on Arizona winning every game.

2014 was the year that the Diamondbacks had their worst record in MLB against the moneyline, with -31.1 units.

However, 2015 saw a positive turn with a record of +1.54 units for bettors in the same scenario. Many believe this is a sign that things are about to get better for this team.

After the 2015 season, Arizona signed P Zack Greinke to a long-term contract. The former Cy Young winner can be counted upon to be the ‘ace of’ a pitching team that has experienced many problems during down seasons.

This team is on the rise and the favorable underdog odds mean that you will be able to place your winning bets with the Diamondbacks. While the Giants or Dodgers dominate the headlines, it’s clear that this team is on the rise.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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