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In the head-to-head meetings this weekend, the Baltimore Orioles attempt to end the pain of the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays had an 8-1 record against the Orioles heading into Friday’s opener. We will see if returning to Camden Yards can make a difference in this series. After losing their previous series in St. Petersburg to the Seattle Mariners, the Rays should be eager for victory. The Orioles were beaten in back-toback games against the New York Yankees. Shane McClanahan from Tampa Bay is expected to pitch in this game against Baltimore’s Spenser Watkins.

Can the Orioles withstand the runs?

In the opening game of their previous series, the Orioles beat the Yankees by a big margin. They were then smacked all the way. It is hard to beat any team, even the Yankees, if you allow 10 runs or more in consecutive games.

The Orioles’ one-day relief on Thursday was the only positive thing about the series. It will be interesting to see if the Orioles can make it pay when they face the Rays. The No. The No. 1 ranked team in AL East division may be suffering from injuries at pitcher but they are still the sixth-ranked league team in ERA. Young arms are rising up and keeping them in fight.

The Orioles are a different story. They have teams that have slashed.269/.342/.452 this season. The Rays must be eager to crack the Orioles’ fragile rotation. After coming up short in two consecutive losses to the Detroit Tigers, and the Miami Marlins, rookie pitcher Spenser Watkins will have another chance to shine.

In 26 innings, he threw a 3.81 ERA (and 1.31 WHIP) this season. One thing is certain, the Orioles cannot control their run-scoring on defense. There is no chance of them winning. It all starts with Watkins, and ends with the bullpen and fielders.

Side bets with full-game games

I hope Spenser Watkins has some ibuprofen in his bag for the headaches he will be experiencing during this meeting with the Rays.

Tampa Bay is still learning how to deal with the injury bug defensively, but they are still averaging 5.37 runs per games when on the road. They seem to have good luck at the plate away from Tropicana. They will lean on that against an Orioles team already outmatched at Camden Yards.

All of us witnessed what happened to the Orioles when the New York Yankees turned up the offensive jet engines. In the last two games of the series, they were defeated by Yankee Stadium by a combined score of 23-4.

Bottom line, things turned ugly and Watkins will not be able to save the Orioles from disaster on Saturday. Shane McClanahan, a key player in a major-league pitching rotation, is embarking on his Jedi journey. Given that he has already lost to the Orioles this season, McClanahan should be very familiar with them. You’d be hard-pressed not to believe he is the real deal after watching his performance against the Boston Red Sox.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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