MLB World Series Odds 2021

Some teams are optimistic about winning the championship, while others face daunting odds. Here are the World Series odds for each team in DraftKings Sportsbook as of June 21, 2021.

MLB oddsmakers get a better understanding of the teams’ performance and adjust World Series odds accordingly as baseball season approaches the All-Star break.

2021 MLB World Series Odds Table

It shouldn’t surprise that the Los Angeles Dodgers (+360), are at the top. They were a heavy favorite to win the World Series again and they played great baseball in the first half of the season. Although their odds of winning the World Series have fallen slightly due to some bad patches in May, June and July, they remain a club that has a World Series or bust mindset.

The Dodgers are facing the most significant obstacle right now: the surging San Francisco Giants (+1200). The Giants currently lead the NL West by two games and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

It’s a surprise to me that San Francisco has the sixth-best chance of winning the World Series. They currently rank second in Baseball America‚Äôs Power Rankings, and have the best record in all of the league. They have the resources of a World Series team and veterans such as Buster Posey who have won championships. San Francisco is a great team and a valuable asset.

I have the right team for you if you’re a risk-taker and like to take a chance with an outside chance. This team was in the same spot at the All Star break two years ago. After a terrible start to 2019, the Washington Nationals (+6600), never looked back. They went on to go on a 28-11 run leading into the break. That is how it ended. Take a look at the Nationals now if you believe that history repeats itself. Washington is currently six games behind in the NL East, with a record of 40-38. This will improve in the second half.

My eyes are set on one American League team, as I switch to the American League. The Houston Astros (+600), seem to be in a league all their own this season. With a record of 48-33 at the break, the Astros are third on Baseball America’s Power Rankings. Because there is no real competition in the American League, Houston is a very promising team. The New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays have both been in serious trouble. Their recent loss of their ace has had a direct impact on their success. Boston (+200) has been an amazing story but they lack the pitching depth necessary to compete in October. Houston is the only real threat to the American League. However, the Chicago White Sox (+800), are a great story, but Houston has more experience and more importantly, longevity.

2021 MLB World Series Prediction

I’m going to choose the Houston Astros to win this year’s World Series. Although the Dodgers are the most talented team, they will face a tough road to the World Series. There are many teams that can knock them off the National League in the postseason. For the Astros, however, it should be easier to make it to the World Series. Houston is the league’s best offensive team by a wide margin, with a young pitching staff that has also been dominant. After the scandal of cheating, they are a complete team with experience and a chip in their shoulders. In 2021, I believe the Houston Astros will win an honest World Series championship.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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