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Pittsburgh Pirates Odds | Bet On Pittsburgh Pirates Games

The team under our spotlight today is Pittsburgh Pirates, having properly earned its place among the legends of the MLB.

The Pirates are a well-known American baseball team located in Pittsburgh and established way back in 1882. They play in the Central division of the National League, previously competing in the East division until 1993. We can’t say that they are the shiniest star in the last MLB season, but they showed compact games, as well as very entertaining and curiosity-boosting matches.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Pirates’ odds sports bettors shouldn’t miss, when it comes to online sports betting in the NL Central or the national league for entertainment purposes only.

Continue reading and find out all about the Pittsburgh Pirates – odds, history, stats, players and lots more!

Pittsburgh Pirates Betting Odds

Playing the right sports betting odds for the Pittsburgh Pirates depends on several things, including the division rival’s skills and talent, online sportsbook proposals, as well as the player lineups.

Suppose you have tried online betting before. In that case, you are familiar with the fact that even though different online sportsbooks offer similar betting odds, they come with different predictions and may change the Pittsburgh Pirates odds, in this case, just before the start of the match.

So, remember to always double-check the odds before placing your wager at the sportsbook you have chosen and spice up your betting by using different strategies each time you place a bet.

How To Bet On The Pittsburgh Pirates

If you want to become a successful online bettor, you should know that some minor things can bring you significant benefits. Namely, the common characteristic of all successful online punters is that they continually practice responsible gaming and pick only trustworthy gambling platforms to bet on. So, if you are at least 18 years old, follow these easy steps and learn how to place a bet online:

  1. Step1: Do comprehensive research and pick a trustworthy online gambling site that offers the most competitive odds and alternatives such as futures odds, money line, point spreads, Vegas odds, etc.
  2. Step2: Sign up for a new player account which you need to deposit and then place bets successfully
  3. Step3: Choose the payment method you find the most suitable for you and make a deposit.
  4. Step4: Select the match and the sport you prefer, choose the type of bet and start making online bets.

Before you continue making bets this season, learn all the betting strategies you can benefit from. It’s of utmost importance to always control your spending and if you notice that you might have a gambling problem, contact a professional as soon as possible.

Who Will Win The Pittsburgh Pirates Game Tonight?

The previous season wasn’t a successful one, and they finished last in the division as they had only 0.377% of winnings, which is the second-worst result in the National League.

Even though they did their best in the matches against Toronto Blue Jays, Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros, Washington Nationals, Louis Cardinals, and other division rivals, Pirates fans will never forget the most memorable moment, the winning series of matches against the Giants.

The unpredictability of these matches is where the fun is, so we are only left to see the game’s outcome soon. Until then, keep coming back to this site for any new match schedule updates.

In the meantime, you can learn some exciting betting strategies and discover available free bets that will help you increase your profit in the future.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Home Games

Home is where the heart is, and the Pirates’ hearts have been at many ballparks. The last home field is the sixth one so far – PNC Park, from 2001 onwards.

Last season, the first two home games were against the Chicago Cubs, and the two teams showed excellent physical condition skills. The star of the game was the pitcher Richard Rodriguez, but let’s see what’s coming!

The Pirates are preparing for the upcoming season, and they have already listed their spring training matches. Even though the official regular-season home games schedule isn’t available yet, we advise you to save our site and come back every day for new information!

Until there’s specific information on the following regular-season home games, check the already known spring training matches:

Pittsburgh Pirates History & Stats

The pirates have a rich history of competing in various divisions and leagues. The team was established in 1882, and its owner is Bob Nutting. The current team manager is Darek Shelton, with Ben Cherington as their general manager and Travis Williams as their president.

When it comes to their ballpark, they used PNC Park (2001–present), Three Rivers Stadium (1970–2000), Forbes Field (1909–1970), Exposition Park III (1891–1909), Recreation Park (1884–1890), and Exposition Park I, II (1882–1883).

Pirates showed exceptional skills during the years of their existence, and their major league affiliations were National League (1887–present), Central Division (1994–present), East Division (1969–1993), and American Association (1882–1886). The colours which represent this team are black, gold, white, and you meet the team by the nicknames Bucs or Buccos.

Who Is the Pittsburgh Pirates Head Coach?

The current head coach of the naught Pirates is Derek Shalton, who was hired for the position in 2020.

Previous Pittsburgh Pirates Coaches

The pirates have worked with 46 managers so far, and each of them left their mark on the team and contributed to their success. Here is a list of the last 5 managers:

  • Clint Hurdle – (2011 -2019)
  • John Russell – (2008 – 2010)
  • Jim Tracy – (2006- 2007)
  • Pete Mackanin – (2005)
  • Lloyd Mc Clendon-(2001-2005)

Most HRs by Pittsburgh Pirates in a Single World Series

The home run isn’t easy at all, but players do their best to sparkle in this discipline. The highest scorers in the Pirates are:

  • Willie Stargell- (48 HRs)
  • Ralph Kiner- (37 HRs)
  • Roberto Clemente- (23 HRs)

Most HRs by Pittsburgh Pirates in World Series All Time

Players never get tired of fighting to score the most HRs, even though it is tough. Here are the names of the best ones:

  • Willie Stargell- (475HRs)
  • Ralph Kiner- (301HRs)
  • Roberto Clemente- (240 HRs)

Most Career Hits by Pittsburgh Pirates in World Series

Pirates players are known to have won the trophy from their division rivals and scored excellent points. The Pirates’ most career hits-records go to:

  • B. Reynolds- (169 hits)
  • A. Frazer- (125 hits)
  • K. Newman- (117 hits)

Pittsburgh Pirates Betting FAQ

Where do the Pittsburgh Pirates play their home games?

The Pirates play their games at PNC Park in Pittsburg. It is a Great American Ball Park with a classic style that was opened in 2001.

Have the Pittsburgh Pirates ever won the World Series?

The Pirates have won 5 world series. The first one was in 1909 (4-3)-Detroit Tigers, the second in 1925 (4-3 Minnesota Twins), the third in 1960 (4-3 New Your Yankees), the fourth one was in 1971 (4-3 Baltimore Orioles), and the last one in 1979 (4-3 Baltimore Orioles).

Last Updated on December 3, 2021

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