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Baseball is back, and the Cubs will be looking to make it in this wide-open National League Central. The Cubs’ playoff chances aren’t as good as they were in previous seasons. In terms of division favorites, they opened spring training behind the Reds, Cardinals and Brewers. The team still boasts several top-name players and is expected to remain in the postseason mix through the 2021 season.

2021 Cubs World Series Odds

The Cubs find themselves in a strange place as they prepare for the 2021 regular-season. Chicago, after years of being a frontrunner in baseball, is now an underdog. The oddsmakers aren’t very bullish about Chicago entering this season.

They are currently 14 teams behind them, with the exception of National League Central foes St. Louis (+2500), and Cincinnati (+2500). Surprisingly, Milwaukee (+4400), despite having higher division odds, trails the Cubs at the championship market.

The Cubs have the 14th- and 15th best odds to win it all at PointsBet and FanDuel Sportsbook, respectively. However, both the books currently offer a +3500 price. DraftKings is the best price if you want to get Chicago from a mid-tier team in the early seasons to one that can make a run.

According to FanGraphs’ formula, the Cubs currently have a 0.6% chance at winning the World Series. In FanGraphs projections, they trail the Cardinals (1.1%) and the Brewers (1.5%), but are ahead of Reds (0.6%).

Cubs Odds to Win The National League

It shouldn’t surprise that the Cubs have lost ground in the preseason World Series odds and their chances of winning the National League pennant are also down.

Although the Dodgers are the clear favorite (+175), the Padres (+390), who have just completed a huge offseason, have the best odds. The second tier includes the Mets (+525) and Braves (+500), both NL East teams. The Cardinals (+1050), Reds (+500), Phillies (+2000), Nationals +2000), Cubs (+2200), and Cubs (+2200).

Cubs NL Central Odds

Although the Cubs are not the favourite to win this division, it is a close race with several quality clubs.

St. Louis, a division rival, is the favorite to win the central at +100 odds. Chicago (+400) is just behind Cincinnati (+325), and Milwaukee (+385). The oddsmakers consider Pittsburgh (+5000), a long shot, at this stage.

Cubs Player Prop Odds

DraftKings Sportsbook offers betting markets for individual player awards, in addition to team-oriented odds. Let’s look at the Cubs players and some of the top overall contenders.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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