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This year, the Twins will serve youth. It may even be served as breakfast. The Twins were in the AL wildcard race last year right up to the end. They’ll be hard-pressed to continue that success this year. They have many young players, but they aren’t enough to make them a winner – at least not this year. These players make up a potential explosive team with glimpses of their future potential. Both the pitching and hitting are too unpredictable to be considered “good.”

The MLB offseason can be slow-moving. Very little happened between November and December. Things have changed dramatically in the past month. Blake Snell and Yu Darvish, Francisco Lindor and Liam Hendriks have all moved to new homes. Minnesota Twins fans would love to see the land with the same name.

This hope is based on good reasons. They are among the top ten or five most successful teams in baseball and have the potential to attract elite talent through a stacked farm system with around $20 million of cap space.

Rumours have been swirling about, including names like Trevor Story, Kris Bryant and a reunion of Jake Odorizzi. While we had already considered which pitchers might end up here, there are still many positions that could be filled.

It is a question of probability that these high-ranking men will end up in Minnesota. We look at the odds of twelve of the most prominent names being available, and whether or not they will be wearing a Minnesota uniform by 2021.

We broke it into four levels to make it easier for you to follow.

  • Tier Four: These players won’t be coming to Minnesota. These players are unlikely to become Twins, regardless of whether they have the money, trade asking points, or chemistry fit.
  • Tier Three: There is definitely a chance. There are many other possibilities for these players, but the Twins keep an eye out. It’s not impossible.
  • Tier Two: These players are those that the Twins have checked out, but it would be a lot to bring them here.
  • Tier 1: These are players the Twins could easily meet or have been in contact.

Minnesota Twins Betting

The young core of the Twins is comprised of prospects Byron Buxton, Eddie Rosario, John Ryan Murphy, and Miguel Sano. These players are enough to spark your curiosity, but not enough for you to be scared of starting pitchers.

Their pitching rotation would consist of Santana and Phil Hughes, Kyle Gibson, Tyler Duffey, and Ricky Nolasco. This is a pretty small roster. The Twins will struggle to keep the ball from opponents bats unless someone has a breakout year. This would make them a good over-under option.

Pay attention to trends and the pitching matchups when you bet on any MLB match-up. The best team in a league is not necessarily the most talented. If the #1 team is playing in a 3-game series with the #4 or #5 teams of the division, it’s likely that the cellar-dweller will win at most 1 of those games. Sometimes, upsets can be a good thing.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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