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Sports Betting Terms | Complete Glossary [Guide]


Accumulator wagers consist of wagers that combine numerous selections into a single wager.

Across The Board

This term can be found in horse racing. It describes a wager in which the same amount of money is put on the same horse to win the race, place, or show in a race.


When you place a wager on the outcome of a sporting event, you are taking “action” on it by putting money on the line in the hopes of winning more money.

Added Game

An Added Game is a game where the betting odds were not posted when the games were originally released by the sportsbook. It usually involves teams that are second or third tier. Betting on added games usually involves lower limits at a lot of sportsbooks.

AET Odds

AET stands for ‘After Extra Time,’ which is the extra time played if the game finishes in a tie or a draw. Football/Soccer is the most common example. It’s crucial to know if the market merely comprises ordinary time or includes the extra time when placing a wager.

Against The Spread (ATS)

It’s a phrase that refers to a team’s performance against the spread, or their win/loss record according to the spread rather than their usual wins and losses.

Also Ran

Refers to an athlete, horse, or greyhound that does not finish in a paid place at the end of the match/race.

Alternate Lines

Odds that are greater or lesser than the primary stated line are referred to as alternate lines. In football and basketball, point spread as well as game total wagering are widespread.

American Odds

American odds are one of the “main three” types of odds, along with fractional as well as decimal odds. This (-110) American Moneyline is just the same as 1.91 decimal odds as well as 10/11 fractional betting. With CA$110 money wagered, all three forms provide a CA$100 profit.


Futures odds for horses and canine competitions are announced at least a day before the contest. Ante-post betting is frequent in Triple Crown events such as the Kentucky Derby.


Arbitrage betting, abbreviated as ARB, is a wagering technique in which all probable results of a single match are covered. ARB betting choices are uncommon and appear when bookmakers disagree on the appropriate odds for a game.

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap is the most prevalent type of handicap in football. The Asian handicap odds begin at 0.25 goals and also can reach 2.0 goals. Because a draw/tie alternative is not available, they are two-way wagers, usually with the same betting odds.

Australian Open

The Australian Open is the first out of four Grand Slam tennis competitions for males and females, held for two weeks in the middle of January.

Backdoor Cover

Whenever a result helps gamblers cover a spread wager but does not affect the game’s outcome. Assuming Baltimore is still a -10 point favourite but leads 35-21, Cleveland gamblers get a backdoor cover if indeed the Browns hit a late touchdown and reach the final result 35-28 in the advantage of the Ravens.

Bad Beat

A bad beat occurs whenever a stake is on the edge of prevailing but subsequently does become a losing wager. Whenever scores are gained later in a game, it is common for a terrible beat to happen. Bettors on match totals, point spreads, as well as money lines would occasionally get a terrible beat.


A banker bet is selecting the bet that brings the best chances of winning


Funds are reserved or placed in a fund for gambling purposes. A player’s budget grows with every winning stake and shrinks to every losing bet.

Bankroll Management

Gamblers could perhaps maintain their bankrolls in the same way they would maintain a checking account. Establishing spending quotas, looking for the greatest odds offer, and only betting how much one can stand to waste are all important aspects of maintaining sports wagering expenditure.


A wager chaser is a skilled bid runner who puts bets on expert gamblers to disguise their personality from sportsbooks.

Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes is the third gem of horse racing’s Triple Crown. The competition is held at Belmont Park near Elmont, New York, during the first and second Saturday in June (3 weeks after Preakness Stakes).


Any stake encompassing cash placed at a bookmaker, casino, racetrack, or table games is referred to as a wager.

Betting Exchange

A betting exchange would be a third-party intermediary who is not a bookmaker or a gambler. An exchange publishes wagers with two aspects, and the wagering opportunity continues to operate until both sides have been wagered on. Betting exchanges generate revenue by charging a modest fee (juice) for successful bets.

Betting strategy

A betting strategy is a variety of plans used by punters to gain an advantage over sportsbooks. Before making bets, fundamental gambling techniques should involve an adequate accounting basis and sufficient information.

Betting Unit

One percent of your bet is considered a betting unit.


Bonus bet pays out the winnings and subtracts the bet stake. For CA$20 bonus at odds of CA$10 you will get CA$20 * CA$10 – CA$20 = CA$180.


A bookie or bookmaker which offers odds, as well as handles wagers, is referred to as a book.


It is an abbreviation for a bookmaker. An authorized professional who establishes regular wagering odds and handles wagers is referred to as a bookmaker. A linemaker is another term for a bookmaker.

Bookmaker Margin

When a bookmaker calculates the odds for a market, they evaluate the likelihood of each conceivable result.

Breeders’ Cup

The Breeders’ Cup is a first Class thoroughbred elite horse competition series that takes place on the opening Friday as well as Saturday of November. The tournament is held at several racing venues. Some of the Breeders’ Cup events have been held at Santa Anita Park as well as Churchill Downs.


Yet another fancy word for ‘dollar.’

Buy/Buying Points

Buy points: Gamblers can purchase points by employing different betting lines and matching totals to get a better line. If somehow the variance is established at +2.5, a participant can purchase a point to raise the lines to +3.5. For each point acquired, the juice tied to the odds grows.

Calder Cup

Given to the best freshman talent inside the NHL throughout the regular playoffs.


The College Football Championship is the annual postseason tournament to determine the national champion of the NCAA.

Chalk/Chalk Bettor

Another word for chalk is a favourite. A chalk gambler is a gamer who places the bulk of their wagers on favourites.

Circle/Circled Game

Games with a circled icon have specified wagering upper limits that are capped at a modest sum. Whenever bookies encounter uncertainties like player injury, climate, or speculations that appear before a game, matches are generally circled. Opening odds, as well as prop bets, are sometimes circled too though.

Closing Line

The last wagering odds issued before the commencement of a tournament are known as the closing line.

Closing Line Value

The value of a bet about where the line closes is referred to as the closing line value.


Multiple sides have equal odds of winning. Oddsmakers may list co-favourites to claim the NBA Finals tournament, as is customary in future odds.


A combine is a set of physical exams used to appraise novice sportsmen by recruiters from professional teams. The NFL Scouting Combine is indeed an eagerly anticipated precursor towards the NFL Draft.


Also known as vigorish and juice. The commission is the bookie’s cut of any wager. This is also the sum that a gambling exchange deducts from winning tickets.

Commissioner’s Trophy

It is an award presented to the winner of the MLB World Series each year.


The percentage of bettors on either side in a game.

Contrarian Betting

Contrarian betting, often known as betting against the crowd, seeks value by wagering on sports with uneven betting percentages.

Correct Score

Gamblers are presented with a selection of potential final rankings for a game. In football, participants may wager on a game scoring as little as 0-0 perhaps as high as 5-0, as well as any result between those. The frontrunner is by far the most probable outcome, while the underdog is indeed the least probable.

Cover/Covering The Spread

Any wager in which the favoured wins and the final result surpasses the point spread. If New England beats Miami Dolphins 32-21, the Patriots will cover this -10 point spread. Should the Patriots win 29-21, they fail to cover the spread, therefore bets are classified as losers.

Dead Heat

Refers to a situation in which the two sides finish even.

Decimal Odds

Spread across Europe, decimal odds are one of the “big three” types of odds, along with fractional as well as American odds. With fractional value, a 1.91 decimal line represents -110 in American odds or 10/11 for fractional pricing. On a successful $110 stake, all three forms provide a $100 payoff.


A wager of CA$1,000 is also called a dime.

Dime Line

Any line where there’s 10% of the ‘juice’ is called a dime line.


Abbreviation for the underdog, the dog is seen as the team with the least chance of winning and is labelled with plus odds. Assuming the Atlanta Braves moneyline would be fixed at +125 and the Houston Astros are listed with -120 odds for baseball, Atlanta would seem to be the dog.


A ‘dollar’ refers to a bet with a value of a CA$100.

Double action

A dual movement wager also referred to as an “If bet,” instantly transfers the wagers and/or earnings from a winning bet to a subsequent wagering choice.

Double Bet

A dual bet is a gamble that is twice as large as the bettor’s typical stake. Whenever one side appears to be considerably better to the other, gamblers sometimes quadruple their stake.

Double Chance

This self-explanatory term means when gamers have two chances of placing a successful wager.

Double Pop

Terms used to describe double of what a player usually bets.

Double Result

Double result: A singular gambling choice that incorporates a game’s halfway result and the game’s total result.

Double Header

A double-header is two games played in a single day. A double-header is most commonly seen in baseball when a match from the preceding day is rained off.


Any match in which the ultimate result is a tie. A draw is usually rated as a PUSH, and the initial wager sum is repaid. Three-way lines, which provide tie/draw as being one of three wagering possibilities, are an important peculiarity.


Wagering odds increase after a starting line is announced. Drifting refers to a moneyline that goes between +220 and +225 to +230.


Each-way wagering is popular in thoroughbred racing and involves placing a given sum on a racehorse to place either first or second. Assuming the racehorse comes first, both wagers payout, but only one wager counts if the racehorse placed second. A first-place finish always yields a larger value versus a second-place finish.

Early Cash Out

When one’s bet turns out to be a winning one before the match is over and they can cash out.


Acquiring a competitive edge by significant study or providing observations that are not widely understood.


The English Premier League (EPL) is the highest-ranking soccer organization in the UK.

Even/Even Money

Odds payout the same sum as the initial wager. A CA$100 wager over Fractional (1/1) American (+100), as well as Decimal (2.0) odds, will provide a CA$100 payoff.


Betting on the first and second finishers in a horse and greyhound racing

Exotic Bet

A wagering alternative other than score spreads, money lines, as well as match totals. The most frequent exotic bets include proposition wagers, specials, as well as parlays.

Exotic Wager

Exotic wagers, or proposition bets, are considered any other bets than a straight or parlay bet.

Expected Value

The amount of money a bettor may anticipate to earn or lose on a wager placed at the same odds every time.


The sum of funds that a gambler or sportsbook risks losing on any particular stake is referred to as exposure.


The team/player/competitor to have a higher chance of winning. For example, during an NFL match, San Francisco (-360) is the money line favourite against Arizona (+280).


Bettors are frequently allowed to gamble the field in proposition (prop) bets. This is a collection of all the teams or players who aren’t particularly included.

FIFA World Cup

The World Cup tournament, held every 4 years, is perhaps the most-watched football competition in the world. In 2026, the World Cup will be held in the United States, Canada, as well as Mexico.

Final Four

The final four squads in the NCAA March Madness state championship are referred to as Final Four. Before the National Championship, exactly two Final Four matches are completed.

First Half

With sports such as basketball, football, and soccer, the first halftime wager is a stake that is based on the outcome of the first halftime. A spread, money line, as well as game total, seem to be the most prominent first halftime wagering odds. For first halftime wagers, a range of squad and individual props are available.

First Half Bet

The straightforward term describes a bet where gamblers guess which team will be leading in the first half.

First/Last/Anytime Scorer

Predicting a certain player will score a touchdown during a game.

Fixed Odds

Whenever a stake is made and accepted by a sportsbook, the line has fixed odds.

Flat Betting

Flat betting is used when a gambler bets the same amount of money for every wager.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are another way of saying European odds.

French Open

The French Open is the second Grand Slam competition for males and females, also known as Roland Garros.

Future Bets

When a bettor wagers on an event that will take place in the future is called a future bet.

Futures Bet

A stake put on a tournament that will occur in the immediate or faraway future.

Game Total Bet

Over/Under wagering about how many objectives will be achieved in a match is known as a gaming total bet.

Graded Bet

When a tournament has concluded, a graded wager is one that sportsbooks formally classified as a champion, a loss, or a push.

Grand Salami

Betting on the total goal number at the end of the match.

Half Ball Handicap

Football wagering odds in which the point spread equals 0.5 goals, give or take.

Half Time Bet

Bets put on the result of only the second period of a sport are referred to as half-time bets.


Handicaps are wagering odds established by a sportsbook to equalize the playing field.


A gambler who examines matches before placing a wager.


Handicap betting is a means for bookmakers to level the playing field in a sporting event.


The entire sum of cash accepted by a sportsbook on a particular sports event.

Hart Trophy

The Hart Trophy is given to the most outstanding player in the NHL throughout the regular season.


Hedging a wager is gambling on the opposing side of an initial stake to get a certain payout.

Holding your own

A gambler who is on a winning or losing sequence but is only breaking level on a sequence of wagers.

Home Field

The team’s domicile field.

Home Field Advantage

The imagined added benefit gained by a squad when competing in familiar surroundings at their home field.


One half-point is applied to the point spread as well as game total odds

If Bet

An If Wager is a type of bet that is comprised of two or even more stakes.

In-Play Betting

Bets are placed only after the game has begun

In-Play Wagering

Describes when players can wager on an ongoing match.

In-game Wagers

Refers to all types of wagers players can bet on for various sporting events.

Joint Favorite

The joint-favourite is defined as two or even more teams with much the same wagering odds within the same match.


Bookies establish the juice, often called vigorish, which is the commission bookies take out of each bet.

Kelly Criterion

The Kelly criterion is now being utilized to estimate what percentage of their bankroll/capital should be spent in each bet/trade to optimize long-term growth.

Kentucky Derby

The initial gem of horse racing’s Triple Crown.

Key Numbers

The numbers 3 and 7 are considered key numbers since scoring in football and baseball is done in threes and sevens.

Larry O’Brien Trophy

The Larry O’Brien Trophy is given to the winner of the NBA Finals each year.

Laying Points

Laying points refers to wagering on a favoured team.


A strategy implemented by bookies and gamblers to limit risk in a specific marketplace.


Oddsmakers establish different lower and higher betting limitations that fluctuate depending on the sport and wagering possibilities.


A bookie’s line is a set of oddsmakers.


An individual or organization establishes daily money lines and rates, similar to a sportsbook.

Listed Pitcher

If a stated pitcher does not begin the match, wagers are normally invalidated and the funds refunded.

Live Betting

Sometimes referred to as in-play wagering, it is available after a professional event starts. As a game progresses, the spreads, money lines, including totals are updated and re-posted.


Handicappers frequently use the term ‘lock’ to entice gamblers to purchase handicapping expertise.

Long Shot

A complete underdog is considered to be a long shot as the chances of winning are extremely low.


A longshot is a presumed weaker team, sometimes characterized as an underdog.

March Madness

March Madness is a yearly NCAA college basketball National Championship competition.


Margin betting is a type of betting in which the bookmaker creates a points margin to divide the number of possible outcomes.

Martingale System

When using the Martingale betting strategy, players double their losing bets until they win.

Masters Tournament

The Masters is the first Grand Slam golf competition.

Matched Bet

A matched bet is making a back bet at a sportsbook using a free wager and an opposing lay bet at a betting exchange.


Trying to cash bets on both ends of a wagering choice in the middle.


Major League Baseball is indeed the world’s premier baseball organization.

MLB Draft

Each June, MLB leagues choose candidates from colleges, recreational baseball players, and secondary schools. The MLB selection consists of five stages, and the majority of the athletes chosen will be allocated to minor league clubs.


Major League Soccer (MLS) is the highest valued soccer league in North America.


A clean wager with no point spread in which gamblers must estimate the result directly.

Moneyline Bet

Multiple wagers, like parlays, are a singular bet that comprises at minimum two parts on a ticket

Moneyline Odds

The simplest wager on which team will win is called money line betting, and the odds for these wagers are moneyline odds.

Multiple Bets

· Double: Single parlay ticket with two sides.

The term “double” refers to one parlay wager with two halves.

· Lucky 15: Four sides create four single bets, one four-leg parlay, six double bets, and four treble bets.

Four sides result in four individual wagers, one four-leg combination, six twofold wagers, and four triple wagers.

· Lucky 31: Five sides create one five-leg parlay, five four-leg parlays, five single bets, ten double bets, and ten treble bets.

Five sides result in one five-leg combination, five four-leg parlays, five solitary wagers, 10 dual wagers, and ten triple wagers.

· Patent: Three sides create three single bets, three double bets, and one treble bet.

Three sides result in three solo wagers, three twofold wagers, and one triple stake.

· Treble: Single parlay ticket with three sides.

A single three-sided parlay bet.

· Trixie: Three sides create three double bets and one treble bet.

With three sides, you get three twofold wagers and one triple wager.

· Yankee: Four sides create one four-leg parlay, six double bets, and four treble bets.


A performer who has been recognized as the Most Valuable Player.


A nap, like a clinch, is a handicapper’s recommended safest choice on a daily wagering ticket.


NASCAR, or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.


It’s an abbreviation for National Basketball Association.

NBA Draft

Each June, NBA clubs pick high school players in 2 different overall draft rounds.


The regulatory organization for all collegiate athletics in the United States.


The National Football League (NFL) would be the world’s most recognized gridiron football association, with clubs located in the United States.

NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is a seven-round process conducted in April in which NFL franchises pick great college football talents.


The National Hockey League (NHL) is perhaps the world’s biggest hockey league, with clubs headquartered in the United States & Canada.

NHL Draft

During June, NHL franchises pick collegiate athletes as well as professional European talents in a seven-round overall pick.


Players who bet ‘a nickel’ have wagered CA$500.

No Action

Gambling alternatives that are terminated by a sportsbook are evaluated as no activity.

Novelty Bet

Proposition and specialty wagering choices that go past the regular money line, point spread, including game total odds are referred to as novelty wagers.


Gambling lines established by a sportsbook on various sports.

Odds Formats

The three primary odds types are American (+100), Decimal (2.00), and Fractional (1/1).

Odds On Favorite

Each side is seen as significantly preferable to the other, so is valued with odds that provide such little benefit.

Odds Shopping

Odds shopping is the process of evaluating the lines of several bookmakers in an attempt to find the greatest affordable odds.


An individual or organization establishes daily betting odds and rates, similar to a linemaker.

Off The Board

Off the board, abbreviated OTB, are presented on wagering boards but do not have odds associated with them.

Opening Line

The initial betting line for a sporting event that is publicly available is called an opening line.

Outright Betting

Forecasting the ultimate winner of a championship or finals battle is known as outright wagering.


With game total choices, an Over bet is the inverse of an Under bet


The total of all the odds on the result of a particular event is known as the overround.


A figure that indicates how many runs/goals/points would be achieved in a game.


A parlay is a solitary wager that comprises two or more teams. It is also referred to as an aggregate or multi. To generate a victorious bet, each party should win.

Parlay Banker

A banker is a preferred side that serves as the foundation of a parlay gamble, to which additional sides are contributed. On a parlay wager, for example, New York (-130) would have been the banker, followed by Detroit (+110) than Chicago (+120).


The sum a gambler receives when they win a wager.

PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is the second significant Grand Slam golf competition of the PGA Tour calendar.

Pick ’em

A gambling choice in which the odds for both teams are precisely equal.

Player Props

An event that doesn’t directly affect the outcome of a game is called player props. Most of the time, it applies to casino games.

Point Spread

A wager on a margin of victory is a point spread.

Post Time

An event’s official opening time

Power Ranking (AKA Power Rating)

A process of grading teams in a certain division from greatest to poorest based on a range of factors.

Preakness Stakes

The middle gem of horse racing’s Triple Crown.

Preakness Stakes

The Preakness Stakes is a thoroughbred horse race held in the United States.


Another word for a bookie’s juice.

Prop Bet

A ‘proposition bet’ is a wager made on the (non)occurrence of an event not directly impacting the game’s eventual outcome.

Proposition Bet

Proposition bets, commonly known as prop bets, are unorthodox or unusual bets that are available in most sports competitions.


A proxy is a single or a group of people who take a gamble on behalf of others.

Public Betting Percentage

The percentage of wagers placed on a given side by the general public is known as a public betting percentage.

Public Money

The sum gambled by the public at large on every gambling choice is referred to as public money.

Puck Line

In hockey, point spread betting is known as a puck line.


Yet another term for an underdog team.


Any gamble that ends in a draw is referred to as a push.

Quarter Bet

Quarter bets are bets that only revolve around one quarter of play in professional sports that have quarters.

Real-Time Odds

The odds issued by a bookmaker on an event that is accessible for wagering during a game are known as real-time odds.

Recreational Bettor

A gambler who only wagers on significant athletic events.

Reduced Juice

Reduced juice translates to reduced commissions, which equals more money in the gambler’s pocket.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Refers to the amount of money you will receive for a winning bet.

Reverse Line Movement

It’s when a line swings away from the side that receives the most bets.

Rotation Number

Oddsmakers assign a value to each wagering choice on the table, which is known as the rotation number.

Round Robin

A Round Robin is a competition where every team plays against every other.


Awarded to the best 1st time player in the majority of major sports leagues. A common futures wagering alternative is to bet on who will be voted Rookie of the Year (ROY).

Run Line

Baseball point spread betting is known as the run line in baseball bet sportsbooks.


Players who are banned by an operator/bookmaker.

Second Half Bet

Any betting on the result of the second half of the match.

Selke Trophy

The Selke Trophy is given to a winger having the best protecting abilities throughout the regular season of the NHL.

Sell points

Selling points is the opposite of buying points. Players can sacrifice spread to get more favourable odds and juice. For each point sold, the juice gets more beneficial to the gambler.

Sharp (Wiseguy)

A professional bettor who uses considerable expertise to make their bets.

Sharp Money

This is a title a bettor can earn due to a long-term winning streak.


Special bets, such as prop as well as exotic bets, are offered in addition to the more conventional Moneyline, game score, but also spread betting possibilities. During important occasions such as the FIFA World Cup football competition, hundreds of discounts are available.


An online platform that takes gamers’ bets on sports events and pays out their winnings.

Spread Betting

Whenever wagering on a tournament, you might take or lay points. A spread wager would involve choosing, for example, the Los Angeles Rams with -7 point odds versus New York Giants (+7). To redeem a victorious wager, the Rams must beat the Giants by at least 8 points. When betting on favourites, gamblers lay the spread but also take the spread when betting on underdogs.


A square is a beginner or leisure gamer who is the polar counterpart of a strong or experienced gambler.


The quantity of funds at stake whenever a gambler places a wager.

Staking Method

This one varies according to the gambler. Some gamers establish absolute risk limitations on each wager they make, whilst others utilize a portion of their budget as their investment.

Stanley Cup Trophy

The Stanley Cup Trophy is given to the winning club in the NHL Stanley Cup finals each year.


Odds that fluctuate fast and frequently as a result of a high volume of wagering volume by clever gamblers or syndicates.

Steam Move

This occurs when sharps bet significantly on one side of a betting line.

Straight Bet

A solitary stake on the moneyline, spread, as well as on a game score.

Straight Up

The term refers to a wager in which the bettor needs a team or person to win a game outright, regardless of the point spread.


A grouping of gamblers who combine their finances and utilize their accumulated intelligence to place bets on sports.

Take The Points

Taking points refers to the favourite team in sports betting and it’s the contrasting term of laying points.

Take The Price

When betting on a horse race, you will be given the choice of taking the current price or the starting price.

Taking Points

A wager on the underdog. Example – Baseball gamblers who back up the Washington Nationals on the +1.5 run line have been collecting points.

Taking The Points

Refers to the odds when you bet on the underdog


Combining the bet on two different games is also known as ‘teaser.’

Teaser Card

A regular breakdown of all matches from a single sport with odds that are greater or lesser than the going rates on the main gambling board.

Teaser Odds

Any line that a sportsbook moves upwards or downwards to tempt (tease) gamblers.

Ted Lindsay Award

Awarded to the most productive NHL athlete as determined solely by current hockey professionals.

The Open Championship

The Open Championship is the major Grand Slam golf championship of the year.

Three-way Odds

Gambling choices with three sides plus draws as a wagering alternative.


A ticket is a statement provided by a sportsbook to indicate the acceptance of a wager.


Gambling guidance is provided by insiders and tipsters predicting the most probable result of a tournament.


A tipster is an individual or organization that provides gambling recommendations.

Tissue Price

Making your betting tissue is a method of pricing a race so that you may set your odds on each horse.


This term is used in boxing and it means Technical Knockout.

Total Bet (Over/Under)

An over-under is a wager in which a sportsbook predicts a number for a statistic in a game. Due to this, gamblers wager whether the actual number in the game will be above or beyond that number.


A total bet is a single betting on whether the combined goal, point, or run total of a single game will be higher or lower than what the sportsbook sets before the game.


A tout is a person who makes money by selling winning picks against the spread and the over/under.

Triple Crown

The thoroughbred Triple Crown racing competition consists of three thoroughbred races: the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

True Odds

This term is referred to the actual odds, as opposed to what the sportsbook says.

Two-way odds

Gambling alternatives with two sides that exclude ties as a wagering alternative.

U.S. Open (Golf)

The United States Open (Golf) is the third of 4 key Grand Slam golf competitions held in June over numerous golf courses around the United States.

U.S. Open (Tennis)

The final Grand Slam tennis competitions, held in August and September at Flushing Meadows–Corona Park in Queens, New York.


On match overall wagering, Under is the inverse of Over.

Underdog (dog)

Considered to be the weaker team.


One unit stands for one percent of the bankroll.

Vezina Trophy

The Vezina Trophy is given to the NHL’s most useful goalkeeper following the playoffs.


Juice is also known as vigorish. The typical vigorish price is (-110) and gamblers must risk CA$110 to receive a CA$100 return.

Vince Lombardi Trophy

The Vince Lombardi Trophy is given to the champion of the NFL Super Bowl each year.


The bet on any sport available in a bookmaker, casino, or racetrack.

Westgate SuperContest

The Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest, which began in 1988, is marketed as the pinnacle football betting endeavour.


The third Grand Slam tennis championships for males and females.


This is a wager that stands by a certain team winning at every quarter or a certain number of quarters.

Wise Guy

This refers to a gambler who has detailed knowledge of the games on which they wager.

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