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Free Bets Canada 2021 | Complete Guide

In the world of online betting, there is one hidden gem every punter welcomes with hands wide open – free bets! The chance to win your wager with no money input from your side is what makes the journey exhilarating.

The best part about free bets is that they come in many sizes. And with that, you can try your luck as many times as possible! But, as every experienced player already knows, free bets don’t always come at you just like that.

Most of the time the free bet bonus code comes for new players, but don’t worry if you have already used this promo. Reliable betting sites care for all of their customers, so expect many promotions to come your way. And yes, free bets too!

So, if you are looking for free bet credits, how to claim them and other info on free bets, you’ve come to the right place!

What are Free Bets and How Do They Work?

Free bets are by far the most wanted promo for every gaming enthusiast out there. You get the chance to raise your winnings with free bet tokens. Simply said, you get more winnings and all for free!

If you’ve stumbled upon a free bet offer that doesn’t require any deposit from you, then you’ve hit the jackpot! Although these situations bring forth exciting times, they are rare. But, there is still a certain no deposit bonus code and free bet offers that you can find.

Before placing your initial wager, remember to check out the payment method the provider uses. Namely, several online bookmaker providers would not support Skrill, Neteller, or other choices whenever new patrons register a profile.

It is wise to see if the free bet offers you want to accept apply exclusively to mobile devices, applications, or all formats of the betting site.

In general, a free wager bonus comes to your account after you make an eligible money deposit.

Nonetheless, when you get your hands on a free wager you may see that it has some limitations. They can range from what you can use it for to when you can do that. Sometimes you have to place a wager on a specified sport associated with the free bet offers.

And this might make you feel discouraged to continue your betting journey. Many free bet stakes link to certain sports wagering, like horse racing or football, which means that you can’t use them for anything else. These are frequently associated with a certain style of offers.

There are several versions of the best free bet offers. But it is important to thoroughly research and understand the T&C for each of the free bet promotions you encounter.

However, it’s worth mentioning that free bet wagers are not refunded in profits. In other words, you can count the amount of the free bet in your winnings. So if you placed a $10 free bet tokens on a team to score an NHL game at 3/1 and they triumph, you will be able to get the profits from the game, but not the $10 wager from the free bet.

The best part about free bets is just that – they’re free! So, even if you don’t win on it you still haven’t lost anything either.

Numerous online betting bookmaker providers have rewards or VIP programs, and even regular daily offers that can bring you free bets. Remember to always check the specially dedicated part to promotions of your chosen provider so that you stay updated and enjoy the benefits of a bonus code as soon as they become available.

Pros and Cons of Free Bets

Unsurprisingly, the best free bets offer many benefits. The first thing that catches the eye with this promo is the fact that free bets are generally risk-free, so bettors may be more confident in betting for the underdog. They are not favoured to win but have the odds that bring large rewards. Why not try your luck then!

Yet, even the best free bets have some cons to them, but if you use them in the right way they will not affect your sports betting. Because of this, it is always advised that you first go through the free bets promo T&C.

You may encounter some obstacles to that bet like the fact that you can’t include the amount of the free bet in your winnings. Other times the qualification conditions might be tough to meet, so you can’t even start on this journey!

For every bettor, it is clear that free bets are the superior promo. Even when there are restrictions on the venues and sorts of bets that a player can make, the deposit, T&C, and so on, the possibility to wager on your favourite team free of charge erases everything!

Regardless, be sure to always have your priorities straight and not stray too much. A free bet could entice you to wager when you would not typically do so.

Types of Free Bets in Sports Betting

horse race

The philosophy of online gambling is diversity. Sportsbooks provide odds on thousands of worldwide sporting events. Gambling rooms often include head-to-head, discrete, and thrilling major tournaments.

Given this, it’s understandable that online bookies give out awards, competitions, and promotions. To to keep up with the competition, providers frequently strive to outrank each other whenever it comes to bonuses – especially free bets! And this is where you can make the most of it!

But to do so, you need to understand the type of free bet you’re using. For that purpose, here are the most common types you can run into.

No Deposit Free Bet

The free bet no deposit bonus in Canada, as well as the regular no deposit bonus, is an unsurprisingly desirable option. With this free bet, you don’t have to place any deposit in the first place. You simply take it and use it – that easy!

A free bet no deposit bonus usually comes as part of a welcome package, so the moment you signup with a bookie you earn this free bet. And if you’re lucky, you can find a free bet no deposit bonus as part of other promotions the bookie might have. This way, even long-time players can enjoy the thrill!

Free Bets as Sign Up Bonus

This type comes as part of your sign up i.e. the welcome bonus. There are a variety of types, amounts, and time limitations that apply to fresh users whenever they claim the sign-up offer with an online betting site.

Typically, when you signup you have to place your first deposit, make a valid wager, and you’ll immediately get free bets to your account. Then, you can spend the funds however you see appropriate throughout your gaming session.

Be mindful of any expiration periods, qualifying odds limits, or terms & conditions which may relate to their application, although they are typically what they claim to be – free bets.

As we mentioned, you can’t add the bonus money from free bets in your winnings — the bookie will pay you only the profits from that bet. However, be sure to read the terms & conditions to ensure you don’t have to wager money more than once before cashing out.

Matched Free Bet

A matched risk-free bet is one in which you have a free bet of the identical amount as your own wager. For instance, if you wager CA$20 on a certain match, you will receive a CA$20 risk-free bet no matter whether your team wins or not.

First Deposit Bonus

The moment you make your first deposit, a surprise might be waiting for you. Many providers place a special prize when you start using their services – free bets! Upon depositing the first predetermined amount with your trusted bookie, you can get several free bets.

The best part is that with this type of bet you can enjoy free bets for a bigger amount. For example, if you deposit $10, you will receive $30 in free bets, which you can later divide into smaller wagers.

Deposit and Reload Bonus

Reload as well as deposit offers are the other side of the coin for welcome bonuses. Instead of focusing on new players, they encourage existing customers. The moment you place a deposit as part of a promotion, you can receive free bets.

Several bookmakers do not offer deposit incentives, but instead, rely on alternative sorts of reload offers to keep their regular clients satisfied. Reload offers often vary from 5% to more than 10-15%, based on the quantity of the reload as well as the bookmaker’s conditions.

Reduced Juice Promos

The phrase “juice” refers to the commission imposed by a bookmaker on a winning wager. Even though all sportsbooks have “juice”, some of them offer special reduced juice promotions.

With these offers, bookies bring their odds closer to their fair market value, which can be truly valuable for the player – especially if they make a bigger bet!

Sports Betting Rebates

Betting rebates are among the most popular forms of sports wagering deposit bonuses for high-rollers. They refund a part of the overall wagering bankroll directly into your wallet on a daily, monthly, or annual basis.

Or simply put, regardless of whether you win or lose with that bet, the provider can offer a certain percent back to you. A win-win situation!

Generally, the higher the amount of wagering engagement, the greater the refund the bookmaker provides.

Sports Betting Cashback


Cashback free bets are becoming more common throughout eSports wagering platforms. They are mostly seen as special techniques to reduce the potential ‘hazard’ of certain wagers.

In the case of cashback bets, you simply place a “risk-free” bet. What it means is that even if you are not successful in your wager, you will receive your money back. But, take note that they will be in the form of a free bet.

Let’s assume you placed a CA$25 wager on BCN Squad to win the League of Legends tournament but they fail to do so. With a cashback bet, you receive your CA$25 or a certain percentage in the form of a free bet.

Top Sports Betting Sites That Offer Free Bets in Canada

It’s not just online bookmakers that use free bets as bonus offerings. Online Canadian sports betting sites and online casinos are not far behind in using various promos targeting old and new players likewise.

There seem to be dozens of online sports betting sites accessible to Canadians and all are searching for means of making their brand stand out. That is why a deposit-free bet or some other type of offer are common strategies.

Almost all betting sites are going to give out a free bet promo, but is that the right one for you? Only the top betting sites take special care of their customers and their needs, thus providing bonuses that every punter can access.

Even if your chosen provider states that free bets are only for the newly enrolled players, you should check their promotions tab. Many providers have free bets tied to other bonuses specifically made for long-term players.

Or if you are a real devotee, join the VIP program at your online bookmaker and get ready for daily or weekly promos – yes, with free bets!

Terms and Conditions for Sports Betting Bonuses

As we mentioned before, reading the terms and conditions of every online bookie you think deserves your time is the crux! This way you will know everything the provider offers, but most importantly you will know how to use their promos.

If the general T&C have no information on the bonus you’re looking for, don’t get discouraged. Many bookies give out special T&C for a particular promo. To ease this path for you, we made a list of the most important words you need to know.

Minimum Odds

The minimum odds are mostly for the sake of the bookie. Sometimes gamblers want to get big winnings by exploiting the betting requirements. And this is where minimum odds draw the line. Namely, to fulfil those betting requirements, bettors must put a certain amount of real money at the stated odds.

To satisfy the wagering criteria, most bookies, for instance, will ask players to put bets on events with minimal odds at 1.50. So, only bets with odds greater than 1.50 will satisfy the requirements.

Minimum odds are also used for a qualifying bet placed before receiving the deposit-free bets. Furthermore, there may be a minimum free bets requirement. The minimum free bet requirement specifies the minimum amount a player has to wager before they may collect the free bets promotion.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements on any online betting site are maybe the most important item to look into.

The wagering requirements have the power to alter your perception of a free bet. They normally specify how many times you have to play through your free bets. For example, if you’ve got a CA$10 free bet and a 40x wagering requirement, you will have to reach CA$4000 so that you can cash out the winnings.

Many bookmakers do not apply the wagering requirements on deposit-free bets, thus you may take your gains right away. Others, however, will impose a condition. Therefore be on the lookout for how many further bets you must put before you can withdraw your cash.

Time Limit

Another factor to bear in mind is the expiration period. Bonus funds, as well as free bets, are frequently connected to a time limit. This implies that you must use them in a pre-set time frame. It differs for every provider, however, and you may have ten days, one month, or 45 days to use your free bets.

Minimum Bet

Most betting providers and sportsbooks have minimum free bet requirements. Look at it as a deposit but one you make without spending any cash. When you have free bets, you can use those and with them satisfy the required amount of the min bet.

This small fee that you should deposit is the unwritten golden standard among sportsbooks and gaming hubs alike. The amount is circling between $0.10 to $10.

Maximum Win

There is no guarantee that any sports free bet will result in profits for the bettor. As with every other bet, you have to use a good strategy to get the maximum out of your free bets. There are a few such ways.

The most common is matched betting. Because this requires more mathematical effort than any other way of placing bets, bet simulators are often used to estimate your winnings. This way you will know how much you’ll win if you put a free bet on each event. In these cases, don’t forget that some sportsbooks implement a maximum win cap on the winnings you can make using a free bet.

FAQs on Free Bets in Sports Betting

What can I do to get free sports bets?

If you are a new player, then a simple sing up to your most trusted online bookie should do the trick. But if you are someone that has been in these waters for a longer period, then free bets might be a trickier bonus for you.
Nonetheless, even long-time punters can take a free bet if it is part of a promotion the provider offers. If you apply for the Loyalty program, then you can expect more of this bonus!

How do I claim my free sports bet?

Regarding free bet offers, it is critical to review the campaign information on various bookmaker websites. Some offers are available simply by joining, whereas others need you to be part of the Loyalty Program. A typical way of claiming is using a promo code. To get your free bet, you must provide a code while placing a bet.

Do I need to make a deposit, and if so, what’s the minimum amount?

Making a deposit is not always required. Sometimes a free bet comes as a no deposit bonus. But with bonuses that do need additional financial contributions, you should check the T&C. The sportsbook has provided everything you need to know in that section, including the minimum amount.

Are free bet bonuses restricted to a specific event or sport?

Most of the time a free bet connects to a specific sport. Some sportsbooks only allow punters to place their free bets on football or even on a specific competition. For example, a bookie might only have an active free bet promotion during some big competition, such as the Fifa World Cup. So, you will only be able to place your free bet on a match during the Fifa World Cup.
Keep in mind though, that this is not the case with every free bet offer!

Are all payment methods eligible for free bets?

Some bookmakers do not include deposits done through Skrill or Neteller for triggering the free bet deal. This restricts customers and steers them to alternative payment options.

Is online sports betting legal in Canada?

Yes! Although there are significant restrictions compared to lawful sports gambling in the USA, Canada allows wagering on sports.
Canadians could formerly only gamble on parlays, and that changed in August 2021. Parliament has approved the change to the Criminal Code to allow wagering on individual games. The sports wagering industry in Canada, since 2018, is slowly moving towards resembling that of the United States.

Is sports betting income taxed in Canada?

No, it is not. Canadians are not required to pay taxes for profits from horse racing, sports gambling, lottery, internet casinos, or even competitive gaming.
If, on the other hand, you receive interest on your gains, you need to officially disclose it on a T5 application. This is a taxed income. You should remember that you if are not paying an income tax for this you can expect a penalty.

Last Updated on November 26, 2021

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