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Can you make a living out of gambling? Although most responsible gambling policies say that it’s impossible, a number of professional bettors consistently prove them wrong. No, we don’t advise you to quit your job and become a professional sports bettor, but we’re here to guide you with different sports betting strategies and tips you can use to make the most of your money and see your name on the winners’ lists!

What Are The Best Sports Betting Strategies

You don’t have to be a professional bettor to win money regularly, but having the right strategies is crucial. If you follow our betting advice and instructions, you can also master the sports betting strategies that professionals usually use and win big money.

Before you jump into the betting world, learn all you need to know about the different betting lines, the odds, and all the time-tested betting strategies to get an advantage in sports betting sites.

We understand that sports betting isn’t easy, but you probably want the highest return on your time and money investment, right? With our betting tips and tricks, you will bet like a guru in no time.

What is the Most Profitable Betting Strategy?

Betting strategies, also known as striking formulas or systems, work by giving bettors special instructions. These instructions will help them reduce their losses and maximize their earnings. Some of those instructions work by betting more and contribute to higher wins, while others function by betting less to make a win.

To determine the most profitable strategies, we have tested several betting tactics. We created new accounts on different online sportsbooks to place bets and track the success of the 5 most common sports betting strategies, and here are our findings:

Betting Strategy A: Bet It All

The Bet it all strategy includes you wagering your maximum balance on each bet. The benefit is that once you win, you directly win big. On the other hand, if you lose, it means that you lose it all. This is a simple strategy that requires you to do thorough research on the match you’re willing to bet on, check out the statistics, and only then place your bet.

Betting Strategy B: Martingale System

The Martingale system instructs players to double their bet each time they lose, and many sports bettors love this strategy because the first win can recover all earlier losses and their profit will be equal to their first bet.

For instance, let’s imagine that you started betting with a CA$100. You may double your wager and continue doing the same thing every time you bet (CA$100, CA$200, CA$400, CA$800..), and stop when you win. By the time you bet for the fifth time, you would be bet with CA$1,600. This interesting and highly challenging sports betting strategy is recognized as a worthy strategy by most bettors because a player with a bottomless bankroll will sooner or later win.

Betting Strategy C: Fixed Amount Betting

Fixed Amount Betting system involves wagering a fixed amount on every bet. If you bet CA$100 and you have a 55% chance of winning, using this strategy, you won’t lose your whole balance fast, but your probable losing will go slow but sure.

Betting Strategy D: Proportional Betting

Proportional betting strikes require wagering just a part of your investment and then slowly increasing your wagers by that same proportion after every win.

For better illustration, check the following example. If a player had a CA$100 bankroll and wager 10%, they’d wager only $10 with their first bet. Once they won, they’d add their winnings and invest 10% of their new balance for their next wager. So, if they won CA$20, they would add that amount to the CA$100 and will bet with 10% of CA$120, which is CA$12.

Many bettors use this system on various sportsbooks because the winnings grow faster than in the typical fixed-wager strategy, and the process of losing money slows down.

Betting Strategy E: Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci Sequence is one of the best strategies which betting experts use of the top sportsbooks with strict online gambling regulations. With this strategy, gamblers will increase their bets in a Fibonacci sequence, with numbers that go like 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc.


In the Fibonacci sequence, the first 2 numbers can be 0 and 1, or 1 and 1. It is defined by the starting point of the system, and each following number is the summation of the previous 2 numbers.

For better understanding, follow this example. Let’s say that a player’s first investment is 1 unit or CA$100. They lose. Then, they place their second wager, also 1 unit or CA$100. They lose again. Next, they make their third-in-a-row bet, 2 units or CA$200. Now they win. So they move down to 1 unit or CA$100.

You can notice that this system has some similarities with the Martingale system, and the vital difference is that it lowers the frequency of bet increment if you are on a losing streak, and will also reduce the percentage at which you may win.

The Basics To Sports Betting Strategy

To make a profit and big money from sports betting, you must follow and understand a few basic tips or strategies. Sports bettors who avoid following these strategies are called “squares” and they are the punters that various sportsbooks make their revenues from every season. So, don’t be a square sports bettor and learn the tips:

Don’t Sleep on the Moneyline

With so many sports betting systems, many believe that you should stay stuck only with the moneyline bets, but we believe you should test other popular sports betting lines as well. We know that you should always practice online gambling for entertainment purposes, and we support responsible gambling, but it is always a good idea to learn something new. Instead of paying for strategy consultants that can cost you an arm and a leg, keep reading and educate yourself.

Money Management/Bankroll Management

As soon as you begin betting on sports, you must set aside some money as your fund. The amount should be equal to the amount you can afford to lose. A traditional sports betting strategy for bankroll management covers betting with just a part of your bankroll, or to be more precise, from 1% to 5%. So, if your fund for the entire season is CA$1,000 you should spend between CA$10 and CA$50 per bet on each game you want to wager on.

Learning the Point Spread

A point spread is a forecast of the number of points constituting the margin by which a stronger team is expected to defeat a weaker one, used for betting purposes. This type of betting is the latest hit for laying NBA and NFL bets. It creates a larger playing field for both new and expert bettors, offering similar odds for the underdog and favourite. By learning the point spread, you may become a master at creating outstanding betting game plans. That will increase your chances of profit and success significantly.

Running on the Runline

The runline offers players a chance to bet on whether the stronger team will beat the less powerful team by more than a run or if the less popular team will manage to keep the game in a run margin. The run line is handy for gamblers who bet on baseball. Many sites are creating a new set of odds for punters, flipping the underdog and the favourite team, thus adding extra excitement to the match.

Fading the Public

Fading the public is a tactic that is typical for those who enjoy betting against public opinion, hoping to make money. It is a high-risk wagering strategy, but it is still popular among amateur bettors who want to spend their free time watching a game and making a small bet on their favourite sportsbook. If you prefer to chill out and make a bet to make the match more interesting, not focusing on a big profit, try fading the public strategy.

Handicapping Personnel Moves

Handicapping personnel moves is a betting strategy that includes preseason, in-season, and off-season moves. All of them are equally significant, and players need to follow them diligently to make a successful wager. Did a particular team lose a player or change the couch? Or how a star like LeBron James can affect a club? These are just a few examples of personnel moves that may occur during the season or the entire year.

Specializing in One Sport

You aren’t an octopus, so don’t rush to gamble on all the available sports. Instead, choose one sport and specialize in it. Learn all the basics of that sport and discover everything for the team and its players. Track the results which this team has scored so far as well as the scores of other teams playing the same game. As soon as you learn about the sport and the teams, your triumph in gambling is (almost) guaranteed.

Line Shopping

Line shopping is a giant step towards becoming a successful sports bettor. It means is that you must create several accounts in different online sportsbooks to place a bet on a team or result that you have compared the various sportsbooks. So, once you find which bookie is offering the most generous line for you, grab the deal!

Avoid Buying Points

Avoid being trapped at “square” trends, including buying underdogs up or favorites down. For instance, some gamblers always feel the thrill to purchase NFL underdogs of +2.5 to +3.5 or favorites of -4.5 down to -3.5. The online gambling destinations are wise enough and can’t make a poor strategy for themselves, so you must avoid buying points for your own good.

Which Betting Strategy Should You Choose?

Even though all the betting systems are highly beneficial and come with tons of positive features, the winner, according to our simulation, is Proportional betting. There are many reasons why we put all our hopes into this strategy. You can test it and check it out for yourself, but we guarantee that it’s simple to use and easy to calculate.

Other Sports Betting Strategies And Myths

You have already read about the basic strategies you should follow to become a successful sports bettor, but we have prepared a few more tips that can help you make more profit.

Watch out for scammers: Be aware that the internet is loaded with scammers waiting for their next victim. If you don’t want to be trapped in the scammer’s matrix, check the sportsbook you want to place a bet on. As soon as you notice that the platform isn’t showing their records or proof, run as fast as you can from that site.

Spot the right time: Try to make your stakes at the right time, because lines shift from the time they are uploaded to the moment the game begins. So, always strive to place your bets when you are offered the best price.

Bet on home underdogs: Betting on an underdog by default will bring you a huge profit, so we advise you to check the history of the underdogs you want to bet on. You can think about placing a bet on home underdogs but go back to the “fading the public” section and read it again.

Advanced Sports Betting Strategy Articles

Here are some sports betting strategy articles that can help you learn something more about the types of sports you can place a bet on. See what they cover and choose your favorite!

Sports Betting Systems

Sports betting systems are groups of events that can be combined for a particular game in a specific sport to make a profitable gambling scenario.

College Football Betting Strategy

College football betting strategy is another way to test your luck and win some money. This method includes betting on college football teams. However, you should make research before you place your bet on them because they often change their team members.

MMA Betting Strategy

Betting on MMA is a hit in the last few years because it brings better odds for winning big. Since the most popular form of MMA betting is the superb moneyline betting, it includes betting on the winner of the game or event.

March Madness Betting Strategy

March Madness Betting Strategy means gambling on NCAA Tournament. You can bet on underdogs, but you can also use traditional betting methods.

Baseball Betting Strategy

As its name reveals, this gambling option includes betting on baseball teams as well as players who are a part of these teams.

Golf Betting Strategy

Golf Betting is not so popular gambling method, but the number of players who decide to place a bet on this sport is growing every day.

Last Updated on November 24, 2021

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