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Live Betting Canada 2021 [Guide]

Betting doesn’t have to end when the ball or puck drops on the field. Online betting has been around for years, and Canadians practice it often to bet online on their favourite sports and sporting events.

Live betting is currently the most popular form of online sports betting in Canada. With the rise of new online bookies throughout, the Canadian betting market ranks among the biggest ones in the world. Canadian gamers are passionate bettors, and online betting is in their blood. Canadian online bookmakers are known to give competitive odds, so it’s no surprise they’re so popular.

Live betting is now so popular that all major online gambling sites in Canada have added sports betting to their arsenal of offers. They’ve also added fabulous promotions like the free bet and lucrative welcome packages for both sports and casino games.

Stick around and read our guide on live betting in Canada to discover what online bookmakers offer the best odds for Canadian punters, what kind of promotions they offer, how to practice live betting and more.

What is Live Betting in Sports?

Live betting, sometimes called in-play betting, is when online bettors place wagers after the game has already started. You can also put wagers on more than one game as soon as it starts, a feature that is available at every online betting site in Canada.

Live odds are called ‘live’ since they tend to change on possession or a score while the game takes place. Live odds change due to the algorithm of the betting site. For example, the odds for an NFL game can change as the team nears the opponent’s end-zone; the algorithm can change the odds while a touchdown is being scored.

Even though it sounds familiar, live betting is not the same as in-game betting. Live sports betting has much more to offer to the player than in-game betting, which is why Canadian gamers most prefer this option.

The Difference Between Live Betting and In-Game Wagering

Even though the names sound similar, the main difference is that live betting offers more competitive odds and more choices while betting. In-game wagering is placing a wager on a game while it’s happening, while live betting is placing wagers on the game elements, like who will score the next point or who will win the coin toss before the start.

Live betting odds change after every possession, every play, and as the game nears its end. As opposed to that, in-game bets can only be changed during a time-out break or a commercial break.

Sports Bets You Can Make During a Live Game

There are few sports bets that players from Canada can make while the game is up and running. The first bet that you can make during a live game is known as Traditional bet. This option allows you to place a wager on odds before the game starts. As the game progresses to the end, the online odds will change in real-time to depict what has happened in the game. Let’s take live betting on one football game as an example.

At the start of the game, the New England Patriots have the odds to win that game by -200. Let’s imagine that New England’s Qb gets injured and the opponents score a touchdown. This means that the Patriots are no longer favourites since their key player is missing. The odds of them winning the game will go down, and if you guess that New England will win, you can earn a ton of money.

The second type of betting on live games is Prop bets. Prob bets are the predictions of the players’ performance. For example, Mike Evans usually scores 1.5 touchdowns in a game, but in this one, he is kept on zero catches and touchdowns in the first half. The odds of him scoring 1.5 touchdowns in the second half will go off the roof as the game nears its end. This betting option allows you to place a wager even in the second half, and if you guess it, your wallet is getting fuller!

Benefits and Drawbacks of Live Betting

Live betting has revolutionized the work of online sportsbooks, making it one of the most favourable betting options to this date. If you have extended knowledge of how live odds work on the betting markets, you can get an edge over the bookmaker. Since live betting odds change in real-time, you’ll have a chance to win real money even before the match starts.

Below, we have a list of all benefits associated with live betting:

  • You can earn unique bonuses such as risk-free bets and welcome promotions;
  • Make the right calls when watching the game on a live stream;
  • You can win real money even before the game starts;
  • Live betting odds can be better than the fixed ones presented before the game starts;

When it comes to drawbacks for online betting, there are a few. Not all online sportsbooks in Canada have the same sports on offer, and Android apps might lack some games, which is not a good thing. Another drawback that can occur is that some real-time odds can be closed to other outright odds. Some betting apps are not available throughout the whole country.

The other notable drawback is the difficulty of maintaining a strategy. The reason behind this is the odds themselves, as they tend to change by the second. The only thing you can do is come up with a general plan that will include setting a betting limit for the game, and that’s as far as you can go with live betting on any sport.

Understanding Sports Betting Odds

Understanding betting odds might sound like a headache, but it’s relatively easy. They work the same as the odds you’ll find while betting on games before they start. Depending on where you’ll choose to bet online, most of the odds will be decimal or American odds, the standard odds in North America. Moreover, expect soccer odds to be in European or so-called British odds.

Unlike the European live betting odds, the American odds are usually harder to grasp. Since the same odds apply to the Canadian market, you should know that there’s nothing to worry about. For instance, European odds are in decimals such as 1.20 or 2.50. In Canada, the odds are based on plus and minus, or +200 and -200.

The minus in front of the number means that the team is a favourite to win the game, while the plus states that the opponent is an underdog. If you guess the wager on the underdog, the amount of money you can win can be huge since online bookmakers don’t expect them to win at all.

When it comes to European odds, things work the same. The underdog team will have odds like 5.45, while the favourite around 1.20 or 1.50. Again, if you place your wager on 5.45 and guess it, you’ll be rewarded greatly. The odds work the same in live betting. As the game progresses and the score changes, the odds will either rise or decrease in real-time.

Popular Sports Among Live Betting Fans in Canada

The list of famous sports available at the best sports betting sites in Canada is vast. It’s a well-known fact that Canadians are numero uno ice hockey fans, as no other nation on the planet. Understandably, the best and most known ice hockey teams are from Canada. Even the main structure of the NHL is Canadian. Bettors from Canada always put wagers on ice hockey, as their online sports betting sites are one of the best on the market and offer excellent odds for the game.

Ice Hockey

Hockey is not the only popular sport for live betting, though. Canadian gamers love placing live wagers on the NBA, MLB, and the MLS since these sports feature Canadian and US teams.

The other popular sport for Canadians is NFL. Although the league features no teams from Canada, the best online betting sites in the country have great NFL odds. Unlike ice hockey, where the team’s performance changes from game to game, the NFL teams are known to have consistent forms and can keep the same odds for multiple games in a row.

MMA can also be ranked among the top sports to bet on in Canada, as the country has some of the greatest MMA fighters in the world today, mainly in the UFC.

Best Online Sportsbooks for Live Betting in Canada

The Canadian betting market ranks among the top ones on the globe. Canadian gamers have a plethora of popular websites where they can place live bets on their favourite teams, and most of them are top-notch betting sites. On these top-rated betting websites, you can find great promotions such as free bets and lucrative welcome promotions that can help you win real money in the process.

Here’s a list and a brief explanation of the best betting sites in Canada with all of the features for sports betting:

Betway – Betway is one of the most visited betting sites, not just for Canadian gamers but also for players worldwide. Betway appeared on the market in 2005 and quickly became a top-notch betting website with excellent odds in many sports.

This includes NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, and European football. Additionally, Betway is known for its rewards, such as the free bet promos as well as other special deals for specific sports. Betway also offers live betting on the English Premier League and even offers live streaming on some sports events!

Besides live betting, Betway offers an online casino section as an option when taking a break from sports betting. The online gambling section includes hundreds of casino games, and there might be a lucrative bonus lurking on the site – just for you!

Bodog – Bodog is an old member of the online betting industry, which appeared on the web in 1994. As one of the best betting sites in Canada, Bodog is highly praised for its mobile app, which offers excellent betting odds on a plethora of sports. The betting site contains all known sports for Canadians, such as ice hockey, baseball, basketball, horse racing, and worldwide soccer.

Bodog is one of the few Canadian online bookies that allow deposits via Bitcoin. Furthermore, Bodog offers excellent promotions such as a welcome bonus for sports betting, a 200% Refer To a Friend deal and one Bitcoin deposit promotion.

Spin Sports – Spin Sports is a popular betting website, licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The site has been around since 2017 and features more than 150 football markets and some features like Cash Out and Bet Builder.

Spin Sports have their own dedicated mobile app for Android users that can be downloaded from their website.

Regarding bonuses, Spin Sports offers up to CA$200 as free bets upon signup as part of their welcome promotion. The minimum deposit for the promotion is CA$10, and it’s available for wagering at odds of 1.3. Opt-in is required to claim the reward, and it’s available only for new players.

How to Place Bets While Watching the Game

Live betting is one of the most entertaining activities you can engage with, in your spare time. You can place any bet you like at any moment while the game is running. There are some tips and tricks for placing wagers while watching the game that you can practice, and below we have a few of them.

The first thing you need to do before placing a live bet on an ongoing match is to scout the bets before the match begins. Once started, the match will bombard you with different odds by the second, and you’ll miss a lot on value for the bet you wish to make.

For this reason, it’s better to go ahead and make a betting strategy before the game starts so you can watch it in peace while still successfully placing money on the odds you find favourable. Moreover, you should never bet on teams and sports that you’ve never seen before. By informing yourself of the team’s current player’s list, recent injuries and wins or loses, you’ll be able to predict the match’s outcome more easily. This way, you can make an informed decision when live betting on any aspect of the match, instead of just guessing.

The other aspect you should pay attention to is the site’s interface. Not all Canadian betting websites have a flawless working interface for live odds. Moreover, many operators have spent years perfecting their platforms and still haven’t succeeded in providing the best possible service. Since live betting is very turbulent and has many factors that are changing simultaneously, you’re going to need a platform that incorporates the latest technologies. This guarantees a smooth betting experience without the unnecessary stress of glitching software.

Deposit Options for Online Sports Betting

Speaking of deposit options for online sports betting, you can mainly use the same options from any online gambling site in Canada. Before you make a deposit, make sure to create a betting account first. Once the account creation process is complete, you can use one of the available banking options to make a small deposit.

The deposit options that Canadian players can use range from all major cards such as Visa and Mastercard to e-wallets, bank transfers and cryptocurrencies. Speaking of cryptos, most major Canadian betting websites allow payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. These three options are praised for their fast transactions and are always free of additional charges.

E-wallets are a great deposit option for sports betting. The Canadian market is experienced enough to accept e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.

Besides the mentioned deposit options, let’s not forget that you can also use Interac, which is the best option for players from Canada. Interac is available as a banking option in most Canadian online gambling sites and for offshore sportsbooks. Interac allows you to make fast and safe deposits to your preferred bet site for either betting or paying for the live streaming of games.

Which online betting sites accept PayPal?

PayPal is not available for Canadian gamers, and none of the Canadian bookies offer it as a banking option for in-play betting or live betting. PayPal is known chiefly for players from the United Kingdom.

Which online betting sites accept Bitcoin?

Bitcoin payments are somewhat new in the betting industry, and only a handful of sites allow them. Bodog is one sports betting site that will enable deposits via Bitcoin and even features a Bitcoin promotion. Tonybet is another live betting online sportsbook that accepts Bitcoin as a banking option, but unlike Bodog, Tonybet does not offer any Bitcoin promotions.

Intertops is a popular place for sports bettors from Canada, which allows Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. Although Interops does not offer special Bitcoin promotions, the site is ranked among the best Bitcoin sites for live betting.

Which online betting sites accept Neteller?

1xBet is one of the few Canadian bookies that offer Netteler as a banking option. The minimum deposit via Neteller is CA$1.00. The deposits from Neteller are processed instantly, without fees attached to them.

Which online betting sites accept Skrill?

Skrill is a popular e-wallet in the sports betting world. Canadians can use Skrill to claim a free bet promotion and place bets on any sport they wish. Skrill appears in many Canadian sportsbooks, and PowerPlay is one of them. The operator offers Skrill for both deposits and withdrawals.

Betzest is yet another online bookie that accepts Skrill as a banking option in Canada. So far, Betszest does not have any Skrill promotions, as the operators are still working on the bonus page on their website, but something big is on its way!

Mr. Play Sports is an online bookie that allows deposits and withdrawals via Skrill. All deposits are instantly processed, while withdrawals are completed in two business days, with no fees attached to them.

Using Credit Cards and Money Transfers

Credit cards are the most common banking option available in the Canadian betting markets. Players from Canada can use all major credit cards such as Visa, Maestro and Mastercard on every offshore sportsbook on the internet. Using credit cards is practical, as you’re required to provide personal and banking information.

Credit cards are known to have fast processes on all deposits and withdrawals with no fees, so they remain a reliable option to this day.

Money transfers are less used than credit cards, but they’re also practical. You must expect some charged fees from the bank itself by using money transfers, and they vary from bank to bank. The only problem with money transfers is the long processing time which might take up to 10 business days.

Common Questions About Live Betting in Canada

How does single-event sports betting work?

Single-event sports betting is very simple: you choose to place a wager on one sport, team or player and leave it as it is. For it to be a single event, you can’t pair it with another bet on your ticket, and it must remain the only one on it.

Should I place a pregame wager before placing a live bet?

Combining pregame wagers with live bets is an excellent strategy to maximize your possible wins. Depending on the sportsbook’s rules, you can bet the maximum amount on both the pregame line and on the live market, thus going over the operator’s wager limit. However, the risk is bigger if you aren’t that familiar with the events and teams you’re betting on, so you might want to avoid this combination in that case.

Are there bonuses and rewards in live sports betting?

Yes, there are, and many of them. The best betting websites in Canada have tons of bonus rewards such as welcome promotions, referral rewards, and free bets. Note that free bets are not available on every Canadian online betting market website, so make sure you use them if you come across any.

Is live betting available on mobile devices?

Of course, it is. Mobile betting is now the most popular form of online betting for players from Canada. The best Canadian betting sites are accessible on mobile devices, and some even have their dedicated apps for download!

Can I do parlays in live betting?

Yes, you can. Parlay betting was the only form of live betting allowed in Canada until the laws set in August of 2021 allowed all forms of betting to be legal in the country.

Is sports betting legal in Canada?

Yes, of course, it is. Sports betting is legal in Canada but with massive restrictions compared to betting laws in the United States. Canadian gamers were only allowed to bet parlays, but in August 2021, the parliament changed the law favouring the players.

Is online sports betting a safe and secure option for Canadian bettors?

Yes, it is. All online betting sites in Canada are safe and secure when it comes to online betting. The sites are using the highest security measures to protect their members. This includes the protection of all personal and banking information of the player. These measures are updated constantly, and none of your information will fall into the wrong hands.

Can I place live bets on the Oscars, Emmys or Grammys?

Yes, you can. Canadian online betting sites are known to have more betting types, including betting on Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys. The odds are live weeks before the events go live on television.

Do I need to pay taxes on my winnings from sports betting in Canada?

No, you don’t. Canadian gamers do not have to pay taxes for live sports betting, horse racing, or any other games of chance.

Last Updated on November 29, 2021

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