Betting Over/Under Strategy | [Guide]

The addition of the over/under betting option was one of the most innovative innovations in sports betting. The over/under bet, also known as a totals betting, gives you extra flexibility in your betting by allowing you to bet on the game’s flow and not the outcome. Although the bet is simple, it’s attractive for beginners. This bet is used every day by the pros in sports betting.

This guide will walk you through the essential aspects of the over/under wager. This guide will explain the basics of the bet, its payouts, and the advantages of using it. Next, we will discuss the more advanced strategies that you can use to win totals bets.

Keep in mind that the term “over/under” and “totals” will change from one to another. No matter what term we use, the bet is the same. These are two names for the same bet. To avoid confusion, we want to be clear.

The nuts and bolts of an Over/Under (Totals Bet)

A sports betting wager called an over/under (totals) allows you to place a bet on the game’s flow, regardless of who wins it. You will bet on the total number or events that occur in a given game. This is primarily going to be the total number of points, runs or goals scored. But it could also be other things.

This total number will not be affected by the outcome of any game. This means that it doesn’t matter who wins the game. It doesn’t matter who wins the game. All that matters is how many runs, points or goals each team scores.

It’s OK to be confused if you still have questions. This bet is easy to understand if we take a look at some examples.

Let’s look at an NFL football match as an example. Let’s assume that the Washington Redskins are playing against the Denver Broncos. In this game, the sportsbook will first try to predict the winner and then predict the final score. Let’s assume they believe the Broncos will win. The final score will be:

  • Washington Redskins 17
  • Denver Broncos 24

The casino will then create an over/under wager for the game. The bet on the total points scored by each team is called the over/under. The sportsbook believes that the final score will be 24-17. Therefore, the total points should be 41.

You will now be able to place a wager on the total number of points scored or whether you are betting under 41 points. If you choose to take the over, you’ll bet that more than 41 points will be scored during the game. If you choose to take the under, you are betting that less than 41 points will occur in the game.

It doesn’t matter who scores more points. You will win your wager if you bet the over and the Redskins defeat 42-0. You still win your wager if the Broncos win by 42-0. No matter which combination of points you score, it doesn’t matter how high you get over the 41 mark. The over will win as long as there are more than 41 points in the game. You don’t care much if the winning team is on the totals bet.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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