Top Betting Strategies 2021 Explained [Complete Guide]

While luck plays a major role in sports betting there are many skills and strategies that can be used to make a long-term profit. This guide will help you make consistent profits with your sports betting.

Many people enjoy betting on their favorite player or team, or placing long odds bets in pursuit of big wins. While it is acceptable to place money on entertainment, you will usually lose more than you win.

Although we don’t know you, we assume you are like us and enjoy winning.

This article will show you how to do it by giving step-by-step instructions and easy to follow directions on how to use some of the most powerful and popular sports betting strategies.

We will explain the most popular concepts such as hedging, betting against the public, and the zig-zag theory. Additionally, we will give you our top betting strategies and tips for popular sports like NFL, NBA, NHL hockey, and MLB baseball.

This is a general overview of the best sports betting strategies. Our comprehensive guides to each strategy will help you continue your research.

The Key Concepts for Beginners

It is important to start with the basics. You can learn the fundamentals and then you can move on to more difficult bets.

Here are some simple and quick strategies to get you started with hardwiring your brain’s sports betting circuits.

One Team – Focus

Although it is simple, this idea is more powerful than you may think. Expertise on one team is more valuable than having an average knowledge of many. You will be better able to assess the latest betting odds and learn more about a team.

You will be an expert in your team’s news. If you can spot something before the bookmakers change their lines, you can make a significant contribution to the team. This is particularly true for smaller leagues that are not marquee.

Limit your betting to one league if one team is too restrictive.

Record of Study Teams Against the Spread

The common stat “Against the Spread” is a stat that you will see often.

It is very valuable to see how teams do not only in the win/loss column, but also against the spread of points created by sportsbooks and casinos. The point spread is a secondary competition between teams when it involves gambling.

While teams want to win as many straight-up victories as possible, it is important for gambling purposes to know how they did compared to the expectations of the oddsmakers and not just their opponents. This is known as a team’s ATS statistic.

It’s a great time to place a bet if a team beats the spread by more than half of the time.

Respect bankroll management

This principle will pay dividends in all activities where you make decisions about how much money to invest. It’s not about which teams you place your wagers on, but also the frequency and amount of those bets.

A good bankroll management will help you avoid the inevitable cold streaks that can come with gambling. First, create a separate betting bankroll from your daily money.

Your average bet size should not exceed 2% of your total sports betting bankroll if it is more than $200. A roll below $200 should limit your bet size to $5. It is always better to place more bets and have a lower percentage of your roll on each bet.

Although these may seem like tiny numbers, if you want your bankroll to grow over time and not go broke, then this is the best way to do so.

You should listen to the Wise Kracks podcast if you haven’t already. Bill Krackomberger is an advocate for bankroll management. Listen to his weekly tips for sports betting.

Compare all the Lines and Odds

Although this strategy seems obvious, it is something that many people fail to implement because it requires a lot more work. Non-gambling: If one store charges you more for bread than the other, it would be foolish not to choose the cheaper option. You have to shop around for the best deals.

This is also true for sports betting. You can get better value on your wagers if you shop carefully.

You will also be able to benefit from the various promotional offers that are available upon your first deposit and sign-up. Find the best mobile sports betting apps to get started.

Ride Winning Streaks

Sometimes, it can be very streaky for both player and team performance in sports. Sometimes players can be in the zone and don’t miss a shot, while other times they are as cold as ice. Hot and cold streaks can be a huge opportunity in your betting. If you are able to identify them quicker than the oddsmakers, this is a great opportunity.

It is crucial to ensure that the odds offer the correct value and that you are evaluating all factors correctly. It may not be a good idea to join the bandwagon if a team wins a series of lower-quality teams at home.

You should keep track of your streak and other factors. You can also check their performance against the spread in recent games if you’re looking to take them on a spread.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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