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Round Robin Betting Explained | How To Place A Round Robin Bet

You’ve probably heard the term Round Robin, as it usually refers to all-play-all tournaments, where every participant plays against each other. This is where round-robin betting gets its name from.

Namely, a round-robin bet is similar to a parlay bet (or accumulator bet) where you combine single wagers into one. However, there’s one major difference: you get to choose how many different round robin bets you want to make, and thus increase your chances of winning significantly! How’s that possible? Let us explain!

What Is Round Robin Betting?

Round robin betting is a revolutionary form of parlay betting that includes placing multiple parlay bets at the same time. The name of this betting style originates from the prominent round-robin tournament, where every team that took part in it plays a match with the other teams at least once.

When you want to bet, and you notice that there are several betting lines, including total bets, spread bets, or moneyline bets, you can decide to continue by creating a parlay. In this case, you have two choices:

  1. Create a single bet but large parlay that indissolubly ties together the result of all matches.
  2. Create a few smaller parlays to comprise all promising combinations of matches.

The first option is an old-school parlay, but the second one is an innovative round-robin bet. To create a round-robin bet, you must include a minimum of 3 parlays. However, in theory, there isn’t a maximum number of parlays you can combine into the bet. The maximum number is defined by the parlay combinations you wish to create to bet, and the team parlays you will make.

Round robin betting has the power to shake your payout, as well as to increase your odds of success.

How Do I Place Round Robin Bets?

Round robin bets are mostly compound parlay bets whose purpose is to minimize your risk. A round-robin parlay bet includes a series of wagers placed on various games. The trick lies behind the fact that all the bets you create must win in the direction of a parlay to payout. However, remember that the payout is much higher than 3 typical single totals bets.

Here is where the reward and risk show up. Once you place 3 individual wagers, and one of those is lost, you will lose the payouts for the entire bet. But, if you hit the three bets, you will make a considerable profit.

Best Sports To Place Your Round Robin Bet

If you play these combinations as a Round Robin wager, don’t forget that these bets are a sort of backup for one another. So be careful and choose the teams that you trust to win the match potentially.

Round robin bets are an extra interesting parlay wager strategy for NFL games, but you can use them for all team sports such as NHL, MLB, NBA, and soccer leagues, including MLS and the Premier League.

Round Robin Betting Strategies

The second you discover multiple bets with betting odds that are worth grabbing, never miss the chance to place a bet. If you decide to use a traditional parlay, you should know that one wrong pick will lead you to lose the whole parlay wager, which isn’t the case with round-robin bets. If you make a four-team parlay and three teams win, you are still on the plus side.

Even though round robins require higher investment when compared to traditional parlays, they significantly increase your potential profit while decreasing the possibilities of a total loss.

Round robins also bring the chance to hedge and reduce losses to a minimum. Hedging covers selecting the other side of a bet. While it reduces potential over revenue, it also smoothens losses. So, Canadian players who create the bet properly are on the right track of making some extra cash.

How Round Robin Parlays Work

Let’s take a look at an imaginary match of an unnamed sport. Each of the three teams will come with a Moneyline of -110, which means that each successful $100 you wager will bring you a profit of $90,91. Now learn how to read betting odds.

You will start with a parlay between Red Team (-110) and Blue Team (-110).

  • Red Team +7.5 (-110)
  • Blue Team-7.5 (-110)

Your next bet combination is Red Team (-110) and Green Team (-110).

  • Red Team +7.5 (-110)
  • Green Team -7.5 (-110)

Your last wager is a parlay between Blue Team (-110) and Green Team (-110).

  • Blue Team +7.5 (-110)
  • Green Team -7.5 (110)

If you play these combinations as a Round Robin wager, don’t forget that these bets are a sort of backup for one another. So be careful when choosing the teams because if you lose one of these bets, another one of them is consequently lost, as well.

The “Number of Ways” Option

The “number of ways” option refers to the total amount of lines covered by the bet. As we mentioned before, you must have at least 3-betting lines, and the maximum number depends on you. Gamblers usually combine up to 8 lines. In case you choose 4 lines, you may generate a parlay with two games, or you could go with three games as well. If you have selected four lines with a two-game parlay, you can make 6 total combinations which you can use when forming the bet.

Let’s say that those four lines you picked are all moneyline wagers on NFL Sunday Football. It means that you have a chance to take the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants to win their games.

If you go for two-team parlays, the 6 total combinations will probably look as follows:

  • Dallas, Seattle
  • Dallas, Philadelphia
  • Dallas, New York
  • New York, Seattle
  • New York, Philadelphia
  • Seattle, Philadelphia

If you wish to try constructing a three-game parlay using 4 different money lines, it will look as follows:

  • Dallas, New York, Seattle
  • Dallas, New York, Philadelphia
  • Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia
  • New York, Seattle, Philadelphia

Are Round Robin Bets Worth It?

Besides the fact that round-robin parlays ensure higher top payout and an increased chance to lessen losses, they aren’t always the best choice.

A $100 wager on a three-event point spread parlay bet could bring you a sizable $600. However, a $100 bet on a three-team round-robin parlay wager requires $300, and the potential payout is just about $1,100. So, a traditional parlay is a better option in this example.

If you choose 2-1 on your parlay bet picks, you can lose your bet together with your precious $100. But if you make a 2-1 in a round-robin bet, your investment is $300, but your payout is $528, which is a good profit. In this case, a round-robin bet is a better option for you and worth your time and your money.

Best Online Betting Sites For Round Robin Bets

Since you have learned all about bound-robin bets, now you can familiarize yourself with the best online sportsbooks that offer great sports betting options. The market is rich in betting sites, but unfortunately, not all provide what Canadian bettors truly need. Keep reading as we are about to reveal which online sportsbooks accept round robin bets, among other types of wagers they provide.

These betting sites are all reliable and trustworthy brands where you can place bets safe and secure, as they support responsible gambling and help each player with a gambling problem. Moreover, they all deliver first-class welcome bonus offers, markets for almost every sport, and competitive odds. Well, lucky gamblers, meet the top betting sites:

William Hill

We have chosen William Hill as it is recognized as the top sportsbook by thousands of punters every year. Among the sports you can place round-robin bets on are horse racing events such as the Grand National. Newbies have a chance to grab a 300% match upon their first deposit, which can be as low as CA$10. Using their CA$30 available for free bets, they can place round-robin wagers on the sport of their choice.


888 Sport is our second choice, as even though it doesn’t come with a long history, it is marked as one of the most trustworthy sportsbooks. This online sportsbook delivers fantastic odds on the popular round robin bets and plenty of opportunities when it comes to betting on football matches. Newbies can access this gambling destination for CA$10 and can start placing round-robin wagers with the CA$30 deposit match they will get.


Betway – where the name speaks for the brand. This sportsbook is a highly renowned round-robin betting platform. Sports bettors can take advantage of competitive odds using an array of sports events, and they can swim in the huge matrix of promotions, special offers, and in-play bets that will help them make a profit. Those who create a new account will get $30 as soon as they make a $10 deposit.

Round Robin Calculator

Round Robin calculator is an ideal tactic to calculate the numbers when you place multiple parlays. These calculators may ask you to enter your “notional bet” number, the multiplier on the bet, and the final score of your multiple games. Please note that a notional bet number is basically how much a punter plans to spend on betting for just one of up to 8 parlays.

There are many sports betting sites that allow over 8 parlays for round-robin bets, but we don’t recommend it. The chances to win all of those bets are pretty small. Besides the part that the payout hit the roof by combining all of them, it’s almost arithmetically impossible for you to win that bet.

You may also search for other betting odds calculators, but this one is the best option when it comes to round-robin bets.


What is an each way round robin?

Each way round-robin bet is a great horse racing gambling strategy that includes selecting a horse that will probably win and placing in another particular position. A victory on each one promises a good profit, but the size of the bet is doubled. This betting strategy can also include multiple card races, or between 3 and 8 picks more precisely.

How many teams can be included in a round robin bet?

You can include between 3 and 10 teams in round-robin bets. Actually, there isn’t a limit for the maximum teams, but most of the sportsbooks accept up to 10.

Do round robins have nicknames?

It depends on the format and the site. Some of the variations for round robins nicknames are Trixie (1 three-teamer and 3 two-teamers), 4X (4 single wagers, 1 three-team, 3 two-team), Canadian (26 options from 5 teams), and Heinz (6-team). Some variations also include names such as Lucky and Super Heinz, and the Yankee.

How are round robins and parlays different?

Round robins are just a series of parlays that include specific multiple teams. While all matches need to win for a parlay to succeed, not every choice must win to field a money-making round robin.

How do you win a round robin bet?

To win a round-robin bet, you must select at least two precise results from your selections. Your selections may contain a team parlay or single moneyline results.

Last Updated on November 29, 2021

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