NBA Basketball Point Spread Explained | [Guide]

Point spread betting is one the easiest forms of basketball betting you can make. Although it seems simple, this bet is still very popular with professionals. Do not assume that a complex bet will result in better odds or larger payouts.

Professional or seasoned gamblers only use point spread bets. They are often wildly successful. They are successful because they make the right picks and don’t complicate the situation. We will walk you through the basics and how a basketball point spread bet works, as well as the benefits and drawbacks, and give you some strategies and tips to get you on the path to profitability.

How they work

In basketball and sports, it’s a given that one team will win more games than the other. If you could place the same wager on every team, betting would become a bit pointless. The best team would be the one everyone would bet on, and the sportsbook could quickly run out of money and close its doors. Point spread betting attempts to even the playing field by offering bets that have the same risk on both sides. In effect, they aim to create an even 50/50 playing field.

This is done by the sportsbook by offering a line of betting that is based upon how many points they believe the winning team will win. This is similar to how older siblings “spot” us a few points back when we were playing basketball together as children. Let’s take, for example, the Florida Gators playing the Arkansas Razorbacks. Let’s say Florida is the superior team, and the sportsbook believes they will win by seven points. It’s not possible for everyone to bet equally. Otherwise, everyone would bet Florida and wipe them out. The point spread is what you need to know. For Florida to win, the sportsbook would place the point spread at -7. This indicates that the team is the favorite to win. If you wish to place a bet on Florida, you must wager that they win by at least 7 points.

Basketball Point Spreads: Benefits

Point spread betting is very popular in basketball for many reasons. We don’t see any other type of bet surpassing point spreads anytime soon. These are just a few reasons why we believe basketball point spread betting is so popular.

No matter what, bet on your favorite team

Our teams will struggle to win many games for those of us who don’t follow the bandwagon. Even the best teams may lose to teams they are supposed to win.

Point spread betting is a financial suicide without it. Sports bettors have an even playing field because of point spreads. You can still place a bet on your team even if they lose by 20 points. You can bet that they were putting on a point spread bet if they are still cheering after a blowout.

Point Spread Bets Are Simple

These bets, as you might have noticed, are easy and straightforward. All that we have already said about point spread betting is all you need to know. They don’t have a complicated side. You just need to pick the team that you believe will do better than the line.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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