Matched Betting Canada 2021 [Guide]

You may see multiple advertisements for different betting sites when you surf the internet. These opportunities are often exploited by people who make good use of these free bets from the bookmakers to make money. If you are able to play these bets based on mathematical calculations, and not on chance, they are usually risk-free.

Match betting requires that you have at least two bookmakers in your account. You can get a free bet from one of these bookmakers. To retain the value of the bonus bet, other bookmakers will hedge with all other possible bets.

Many bookies offer sign-up bonuses to encourage you to open an account. If you are new to matched betting, it is better to place your first bet with the bookie. It is interesting to note that if you bet on one game, the same bet can also be placed with another exchange bookmaker. Match betting is risk-free and offers high profits, despite the outcome.

Matched Betting Canada – Complete Guide

Many people believe that betting involves a lot of risk because it involves a game of chance. However, matched betting is very risk-free. The matched betting guide explains that matched bets are entirely mathematical calculations. The normal return for a general matched betting bet is 85%, regardless of how much you get as a free bet.

To understand this concept, we need an example. There are two options when you place a wager on a football match. One team will win, and one team will lose. You can place a bet on either team in these free bets. The first bet requires you to make a deposit and the second one is completely free. You will lose nothing if you are on the losing side.

These types of betting are very popular in Canada so many Canadians choose to play online casinos that offer great incentives. You can gamble anywhere in Canada as matched betting is legal. Online casinos and matched betting are open to everyone, not just those who have accounts. This means that you can play for free and get bonus points for flying customers.

How to: Matched bet guide

We’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide that will answer the question “How does no-risk matched betting work?” and will enable you to begin betting. Before we start, you need to be familiar with two types of betting: the lay bet and the back bet. These two terms together make up the underlying concept of matched betting in Canada. Without knowing them, you will not be able make any money with matched betting.

Back bets are the most common type of bet that you can place with any online bookmaker or bricks and mortar shop. You are backing an outcome when you place a back bet. Let’s take, for example, a football bet. Imagine that you believe Real Madrid will win the next match. If Real Madrid wins, you would place a wager at the bookmaker or online. You would lose the bet as well as the stake. We’ll move on to the lay bet if that makes sense.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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