Betting on Point Spread Odds [Guide]

Point spread bets rank second only to moneyline wagers. Point spread betting is a key part of any winning strategy, no matter if you’re an experienced sharp or a novice bettor. Some professional bettors are so good at using point spread betting to create their winning strategies.

This guide will help you understand point spreads and make point spread bets. We hope to turn a profit. For novice bettors, we’ll begin with basic information, such as what a point spread is, how it works, the payouts, and the benefits.

We’ll then discuss advanced and basic strategies for betting point spreads, which are suitable for more experienced sports bettors. This article will be of value to you regardless of your skill level.

We recommend that you read the entire guide, even if you are new to betting on sports or have been doing it for a while. The sections will build upon information from previous sections. For seasoned bettors looking for specific information, skip to the next section or scroll to the bottom to view point spread betting strategies.

Point Spread Bet: The nuts and bolts

Before we get into how to crush point spread betting, it is important that everyone who reads this understands what a point spread wager is and how they work. Point spread betting is a bet in which you wager that one team will outperform the others. The line is determined by how each team will perform during the game. You then choose which team will outperform that line.

They can’t spell “5 or 6, so they decide the Dolphins will win by 5.5 points. If they believe the Dolphins will win by 5.5 point, it is obvious that they think they will lose to the Jaguars by 5.5 point. One team cannot win the game by more points than the team that loses it. This should be obvious, but it can sometimes be difficult to understand basic information when you have to absorb a lot of new information.

One team has a plus sign at the top of the point spread line while the other has one. The plus sign is for the Jaguars, while the minus sign is for the Dolphins. As we have already mentioned, the number that follows is based on how many points each team gets from the sportsbook.

If the games were to unfold exactly as predicted by the sportsbook, the Dolphins would win the game by 5.5 points. There aren’t any half points in NFL Football, so it will either be 5 or 6. In a moment, we’ll discuss why half-point spreads are used in NFL football.

We stated that to win a point spread betting bet you must bet on the team with higher than expected results. Does this mean that the team must win? It doesn’t! You win your bet if the team does better than the line predicted. You can win your point spread bet even if a team loses the game. You can lose your point spread bet if a team wins their game.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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