Sports Betting Guides & Tips 2021

Sports betting has been hugely popular throughout the years, being an activity where punters can bet on their favourite team and win some cash if the outcome is as expected.

Now, that’s the most basic sports wagering type, as there are numerous other bet types to talk about. Not only that, but you should know whether is sports betting legal in your country and what you should do to bet on sports hassle-free.

Numerous legalized sports betting websites exist, some offering traditional and popular sports to bet on, with others providing a different kind of experience – daily fantasy sports.

However, betting real money on a gambling site in 2021 can be rough without a proper sports betting guide! So, keep reading our thorough article and discover all about the best online sportsbooks, sports betting picks, best odds, and bonus offers that you can take advantage of.

How to Get Started with Sports Bets?

First of all, if you are new to sports gambling, you shouldn’t dive in straight away. As simple as it may seem, it’s not easy to get it right from the start. If approached the wrong way, sports betting will not be an enjoyable experience.

First of all, check the gambling laws of your country, and see if you can legally bet on sports in the first place. Your next step is finding a reputable bookmaker with different sports on offer and competitive odds. Now, if you feel confident enough, you can deposit and place wagers on professional sports leagues. Or, you can continue reading our thorough guide to sports betting and discover all types of bets (point spreads, prop bet, moneyline bet) alongside a dozen sports betting tips to get you started the right way!

Make Money With Our Sports Betting Guides & Tips

Do you love online sports betting and want to aggregate your winning chances? Or you’re simply a rookie with no idea how to bet online? Whatever the case, below, you can read a few gambling tips that will definitely help you out in the long run.

  • Always Compare Odds & Betting Lines
  • Spend Time on Research
  • Avoid Betting When Impaired
  • Learn Some Strategies and Keep Record a Betting Record

Always Compare Odds – Comparing odds is paramount in sports betting, as odds are the single thing that gives value to your betting slip. Before compiling a betting ticket, make sure to examine a couple of bookies first and see which one offers the best odds.

Spend Time on Research – Of course, researching the teams and their current form will always be important. Do they perform better on a rainy or a sunny day? Are some of their main players injured? These two and a few more are questions you must ask yourself before placing a moneyline bet.

Avoid Betting When Impaired – We shouldn’t even be telling you this, but you must never bet more than you can afford to lose nor bet to cover up your losses. In simple words, don’t gamble online when you’re on edge.

Learn Some Strategies and Keep Record a Betting Record – Just like poker, sports betting requires both luck and skill. Leaning and executing a betting strategy will definitely help you out, but remember – you won’t always win.

Find The Right Sports Betting Site

  • Licensing
  • Variety of Sports
  • Wide Range of Bet Types
  • Payment Methods
  • Bonuses & Free Bets

Licensing – To find reputable online betting sites, you must check if they’re holding an up-to-date license. In other words, never register with irregulated bookies.

Variety of Sports – Your next step is to check all the different sports your preferred online betting site has on offer. You can’t go with a bookie offering you college football odds exclusively, for example.

Wide Range of Bet Types – Sports betting is not all about straight moneyline bets, as you will need a solid betting variety to get a true taste of the betting action.

Payment Methods – Check which payment methods your preferred bookie has on offer. If you’re keen on depositing through an eWallet and the bookmaker offer only MasterCard and VISA, obviously, it doesn’t fit you.

Bonuses & Free Bets – Last but not least are free bets and bonuses. All the top sports betting sites will have decent promotions on board, and these promotions can help out both rookies and pro sports bettors.

Make a Deposit & Unlock Free Bets

Sports betting online is way better with something extra, so you should always find a bookie offering a solid promotion.

Claiming some free bets is easy, as all you have to do is make an account and deposit a qualifying amount. Reputable bookies will typically have an offer of “100% up to $100” or “bet $10 get $10”. The names are self-explanatory, and all you get to do is meet the min deposit criteria and place a bet.

Bet Types

Now, before becoming a successful sports bettor, you will have to learn about all bet types that you can utilize. Below, we will break down a few:

  • Moneyline
  • Point Spread
  • Prop Bets

Moneyline – We’ve already explained this one; it’s the most common bet you can utilize as you’re simply wagering on the match-winner. For example, in an NBA game where LA Lakers face-off Brooklyn Nets, you can bet on one of those to win the game, and you’ll win some cash if your preferred team wins the match.

Point Spread – These types of bets, especially popular among new UK customers, are in place to make betting on underdogs more common. For instance, your bookie will introduce a 2.5 point spread on Manchester United vs. Arsenal. Now, Arsenal is typically the underdog in this situation, which means that Manchester United will have to win by a 3-goal difference to satisfy the margin. In simple words, MU starts with a negative score of 2.5.

Prop Bets – These bets allow you to bet on statistics that may or may not occur during the match. For example, you can bet on which team is about to take the first corner during a football match, the number of strikeouts a pitcher will rack up during a baseball game, etc.

Sports Betting Odds Guide

The sports betting market can sometimes get confusing, which is why we took the time to break down the most important aspect of real money sports betting – odds.

Now, odds are what give value to your ticket, and you should always be on the hunt for the most competitive ones. To do this, we suggest you sign up with different bookies, compile the same ticket multiple times, and only wager your real money with the bookmaker that offers the best odds.

The value of that same ticket will vary depending on the odds bookies offer. So, while wagering $10 on McGregor vs. Anderson Silva might bring you $30 at one bookmaker, it might bring you $25 with another, which is precisely why comparing odds is mandatory.

There are three main types of odds – Fractional odds, decimal odds, and moneyline odds.

Common Online Sports Betting Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes you can do with real money betting on sports online is mismanaging your bankroll. This is a crucial aspect of gambling you have to look out for if you want to avoid losing all your real money. If you’ve just started sports betting, every seasoned bettor will tell you that the best sports betting tip is – only wager what you can afford to lose!

Interpreting gambling as a way to become rich will only lead to a downfall. You can make a profit by online sports betting, but you need realistic goals and avoid falling into despair if you encounter a downstream – remember, the first reason you started to gamble was to have fun!

To make a profit, you need to be patient. Your first question shouldn’t be how much money you can make, instead, ask yourself how you can improve your betting skills and betting knowledge to maybe win something while having fun.

Are Sports Betting Guides & Strategies Dangerous?

Sports betting can be very profitable, but it can also make you lose a lot of money if you don’t have the required knowledge, and that’s where sports betting guides can be of great help.

It can be dangerous if you go into the sports betting world blindly and without any previous advice and research. Carefully read betting guides and strategies, but do compare them with each other. Reading guides from reliable sources may also help in avoiding being deceived.

How Bookmakers & The Sports Betting Industry Make Money

A bookmaker makes a profit by laying a sports bet to the customers and paying money every time some of the customers win. The basic plan is to take in more money than what they payout. It is well known that bookmakers can’t control nor predict the exact outcome of sports events, but what they can control is how much they stand to win or lose on any specific result.

Using Sports Betting Strategy Guides with Parlays

Parlays deserve a dedicated paragraph, so let’s give it to them.

Parlays are types of wagers where you combine multiple predictions into a single betting slip. They’re popular because of the value they provide. Simply put, you can bet on the outcome of 8 matches – all of them into a single betting ticket. If all of those matches yield your presumed outcome, you will win your ticket. This is where professional bettors win big, as for only $10 wagered, you can get a return of $10,000 and more if you manage to guess multiple match outcomes correctly.


What is the Best Sports Betting Strategy?

We can’t highlight a single strategy, as one to rule them all does not exist. Instead, pro bettors rely on a combination of things, and you will have to find yours if you want to win more than you lose.

Can I Consistently Win While Betting on Sports?

No one can guarantee that you will constantly win! Following your instinct or being loyal to your team won’t make you a profit in this industry. Instead, try focusing on tracking results and long-term gains.

What Should I Know Before Betting?

The first and most important thing you need to know before you start betting is to browse your local laws and see whether gambling is legal in your jurisdiction. After that, read some betting guides and study the lines before placing bets.

How do I Start Sports Betting?

Set a budget! That’s the first thing you need to do so you don’t have a downfall very quickly. After that, pick a sport to bet on, join a betting site and enjoy the ride. But remember – bet responsibly!

Can I Place Bets Through My Mobile Device?

Yes. Nearly all bookies have fully mobile-optimized websites, and you can easily access them through your built-in browser or by downloading an app.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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