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Puck line Betting Odds [Guide]

The betting world wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the competitiveness of the sports growing bigger and more exciting.

Sports betting and NHL betting overall have grown more popular among sports enthusiasts as the times go by. The NHL is one of the most exciting sports to watch up to date because of the game’s fast-paced nature and has become one of the few sports that Canadians are eager to put their wagers on.

Big sports events are among the most beneficial in overall sports betting. When betting on a major sporting event, you are usually given three basic betting alternatives: money line betting, over/under betting, or point spread betting.

Puck line betting is equivalent to the other sports point spread bets; it just carries a different name because the nature of the hockey games has different points systems.

Grab a seat and crack open a cold one because we will go through everything you need to know about puck line betting.

Starting from what puck line really is, how to place a puck line wager, some cool betting tips, how puck line betting works, and so on. Read on and acquire your knowledge.

What Is A Puck Line Bet?

The puck line bet has inherited multiple (almost all) characteristics of the point spread wager. However, this bet has its unique dedicated punters as it is only available for hockey betting. Unlike the Moneyline bet, where the wagers are put on who will come on top as a winner, the puck line bets cover the hockey games where the betting point is related to the precise score.

Hockey isn’t a sport where fans can enjoy some big numbers included in the final score of each game, which is the case with many other sports. That’s why the puck line is a whole separate betting point. Usually, when putting wagers on this type of betting method, it goes with +1.5/ -1.5 on the score, and it works brilliantly straightforward.

This line betting method is choosing the favorable team and putting the odds that they will win by 2 goals, or placing your wagers on the underdogs of the match where they can either lose or win by one goal.

Puck line wagers can be placed separately or in conjunction with other types of bets. Here is an example of how NHL puck line betting works:

  • Toronto Maple Leafs +1.5 (+125)
  • New York Rangers -1.5 (-130)

For this NHL game, puck lines show that the favored team of this matchup is the New York Rangers. So, if Canadians place CA$ 130 on New York Rangers and they manage to win by 2 points, these hockey bettors will grab plus CA$ 100. And since the underdogs of this NHL game are the Toronto Maple Leafs, bettors will get CA$ 125 if the final score of the match is Toronto Maple Leafs leading by one goal or losing by one for a CA$ 100 wager.

How To Bet On NHL Puck Line

Puck line betting enables various ways to find your suiting wager and place it. Moreover, there are multiple factors that you have to watch out for to make it count as much as possible.

As NHL is the biggest sporting event in professional hockey, NHL puck line bets are one of the most famous among the Canadian bettors.

First, you have to find the most suitable sportsbook that will maximize the winning potential of the overall wager. Puck line odds are always different from one sportsbook to another. Also, take into consideration their welcome bonus that can boost your winnings to the top.

Do extensive research for the match you are about to place your wagers on, trying to suppose as close as possible which team will win outright or fall on the match. Get your knowledge of the event, as well as the last games they played, including their general performance, so you know where and when to put the NHL puck lines wagers.

Register on the desired site to find the best puck line odds for the upcoming match that you want to put a wager on. Claim the welcome offer provided by the site after entering the correct information that is needed.

Remember to bet only for entertainment purposes. Placing a wager that you can’t afford is utterly discouraged. Don’t count on this money as your primary monthly income, and remember that only one goal in a certain game can cost you the whole bet and the money you have placed on it.

The last one is to place your hockey bet and watch and enjoy the game. Get comfy and hope for the best outcome. Enjoy the extra money if everything turns just the way you predicted.

NHL Puck Line Betting Tips

NHL puck lines are just another great way to place your wagers with straightforward odds and multiple ways to maximize your winning potential. We are about to present all the puck line betting strategies that will both suit the expert bettors or the ones about to enter these waters.

First of all, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the money line underdog will also be an underdog when checking out puck line odds. Furthermore, there are multiple factors determining whether the bookmakers will set just 2 points away for both of the teams. Since the nature of the hockey game is usually with low scores, puck lines are filling the gap that other types of bets can’t.

NHL games are played more intensively and are most likely going to be played in a tight schedule. When we say tight schedule, we mean back-to-back games. For example, one team can play three games in four nights. That will reduce the overall plays from the team with less explosiveness while most of the team implements the tactic where the main goaltender is benched to rest.


This can bring a lot of value on the puck lines if Canadian punters know these small yet significant things that can swap the odds in their favor for better prediction.

When we say nothing like home, we really mean it. When betting puck lines, it is imperative that the team that you want to put your wager on has the home-field advantage. That wind in the back and confidence that teams usually get from playing at home is a huge factor when considering placing a puck line bet.

These are just a few most common tips that will help you know what to watch out for when trying to bet on the puck lines. Get ready and start betting with the power of knowledge and great strategies.

Why Bet On The Puck Line

As mentioned previously, puck line betting works separately from the rest of the betting options or can also be combined with other types of wagers. There are plenty of reasons to bet on this type of wager.

This can be a great addition when there is a heavily favored team. Punters place this bet when they are confident that the score will pop for 2 or more goals and will add a great addition to the bet.

On many occasions, the puck line offers far better odds and higher payouts than other wagering odds. This being said, puck line betting can be significantly more profitable than just straightforwardly picking a team in the NHL games that will win the game outright, hence, the moneyline bet.

How To Read Puck Line Odds

Online sportsbooks and betting sites have made it quite clear and easy to read the NHL puck line bets. When placing the puck line wager, there will be odds on the side, as well as a range of points and a + or -, just like the money line wager.

What To Look For When Placing Puck Line Bets

Aside from the tips and tricks that we gave regarding the home and the tight schedule, there are other things that you should look out for when you place a puck line. There are two statistical terms that bettors look out for before they place bets, standing in the name of ‘Corsi‘ and ‘Fenwick.’

Handicapping NHL Betting

Handicapping is always staying on your toes and being one step ahead of the sportsbooks. For this kind of wager, you need to educate yourself before placing your bet on an NHL game where the gap will be 2 goals. For the research part to be easier, search on popular sites like Odds shark.

When To Bet The Puck Line

A puck line bet should be placed when a particular NHL match is played, and the favorite team has their odds quite high. At the same time, the underdog stays with low odds and will bring the bettors the highest chances of winning more out of this bet.


Should you bet Puck Lines or Moneylines?

This decision mostly depends on the moneyline odds and the point spread/ puck line odds, and whether the match is about to get to 2 points apart for you to assure the wagers. If you are confident that the match will have an outcome of 2+ goals for one team, it is wise to bet on the puck line.

Differences Between Puck Line and Moneyline

The difference between the puck line and the money line is that the puck line is a wager put for a score prediction, just like the point spread. Moneyline is a wager where the predictions go for who is the winner of both NHL teams. However, the moneyline odds and puck lines odds can differ regarding which is the favorite team.

What happens in overtime for puck line bets?

Puck lines in overtime are working exactly the same, just like before. Still, playing overtime gives a huge advantage for those who chose the underdog team as they win the puck line anyways for the sudden death of one point.

Three-way puck line

There is a remarkable similarity between the three-way money line and the puck line betting three-way. The only difference is that the three-way puck line gives the advantage to start out on one of the teams, with the handicap and spread attached to one of them.

Last Updated on November 29, 2021

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