Puck line Betting Odds [Guide]

There are many betting options, from the preseason through the summer, when teams stock up on players and get rid of undesirable players, to choose from. There are many types of bets available in the NHL – including hockey sticks. The very popular puckline is one of these betting options.

What is a Puckline Bet and how do you make it?

The puckline, hockey’s version the point spread, is similar to baseball’s runline. The oddsmakers in the NHL give the underdog 1.5 goals and the favorite 1.5 goals. Based on the strength of the favorite and the weakness of the dog, the line will be adjusted accordingly.

This type of NHL bet uses only 1.5 goals because hockey games are low-scoring. 16 goals were scored by National Hockey League teams in March 1920, when the Montreal Canadiens beat the Quebec Bulldogs to win. This is not usually the case, as NHL teams average 2.95 goals per match over the past five years. A 3-2 final is the most common result.

How to read the Puckline Odds

The puckline odds at your favorite sports betting site would look like this:

  • Detroit Red Wings -1.5 (-175)
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +1.5 (+150).

The oddsmakers give the Leafs 1.5 goals as padding. Toronto would need to win the game or lose by at least two. To cover their expenses, the Red Wings would have to win the game by at least two goals.

To calculate how much you would win, you will use the numbers in brackets. Let’s suppose you bet $100 on this match. If the Wings win by two goals at -175, you would get a payout in $157.14 and your $100 back.

If you took the opposite side of the bet and the Leafs won or lost by more than two points, you would get $250. Your original $100 plus your $150 winnings are returned.

The Odds Calculator will calculate how much you would win based upon the odds and wager amount.

How to Place a Puckline Bet

This type of betting is more profitable than placing a moneyline bet or making a spread or totals bet. A puckline bet can make you more money if there is strong interest in betting on the favorite and little value on underdog. You can bet on the favorite to win the game by more than one goal and get a lower price.

Hockey Bet Parlays

This bet combines multiple wagers into one. Parlays can be compared to smoothies. However, they don’t contain any protein powder or almond butter. Instead, you add a puckline wager that a team will win by two or more goals or any other type. Hockey bettors have the option to combine a puckline wager with other NHL bets, or other sports such as football, basketball, and Major League Baseball. To cash out on your parlay bet, you must win all of the bets.

A Parlay Calculator gives you an estimate of your chances of winning based on the odds of each bet and the total amount wagered. Although you can make up to 100 parlay tickets, we don’t recommend it as this could severely limit your chances of winning.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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