Parlay Bets & Odds [Guide]

Online betting on sports is huge and will not disappear anytime soon. This includes betting on all kinds of sports and even video game contests. You can also place single match bets. There are many betting options. We’ll be focusing on this type of betting opportunity today. Parlay betting is a popular form of betting that offers greater risk and rewards.

What is Parlay Betting?

Parlay betting is a very common form of sports wagering that most bettors are familiar. Despite having two distinct names, it’s an old and popular type of sports betting. It’s called “parlay betting” in the USA, while “accumulator betting” is what it’s known in Europe.

Parlay betting allows you to place multiple wagers on the same match at once, rather than placing individual bets. This is similar to combining multiple singles into one large bet. Parlay bets have a much higher chance of winning than you might expect, and there is a greater risk. To win, all parlay bet matches must pass. The entire parlay will lose if one bet is lost. It’s that simple.

How do Parlays work?

Your entire parlay loses if you lose even one sports parlay bet. This is how parlay betting works. Parlays can be made on the NFL or you could combine parlays from different sports. You could, for example, place a straight-up wager on a Major League Baseball match, along with a bet on the basketball point spread.

What does Parlay mean?

Parlays can be called combo bets, accumulators or multi wagers at your preferred sportsbook. They are a single wager that links two or more wagers together and is dependent upon all wagers winning together.

Parlay Betting Tips

Parlays are a favorite of sportsbooks because they require bettors to be flawless, which can sometimes be difficult. Parlays don’t have to be avoided. Before you place your bet, handicap each of the games that you wish to include in your parlay picks.

If you aren’t careful, the odds of winning a parlay could be very low. Odds Shark offers all the handicapping tools you need to place smart bets.

Teaser Bets

In other guides, we have already addressed the question of “What is a teaser betting?” but this time we will briefly address it. A teaser bet, which is similar to a parlay and combines multiple selections into one bet, is also called a “parlay”. Teasers cannot include picks that are against the spread or game totals. However, you can adjust the spread for each pick. You win the bet if all teams cover the spread. You lose if even one team fails to cover the new spread.

Teasers have other restrictions. These are only available for basketball and football. The payouts are determined based on the number of teams involved and the points that you move the spread.

Although theoretically, a bettor can tease the spread in two games at once, sportsbooks don’t allow it. Two teams from the same team cannot be included in the teaser.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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