NHL Teams Odds 2022

The NHL is one of 4 major sports in the United States. The league has 32 teams, each divided into two conferences. The season lasts until 82 games have been played, and if a team manages to be in the top 8 by the end of the regular season, they will continue to play in the postseason playoffs. In the playoffs, the teams will play several rounds and will go through if they win in a best of seven series. In the Stanley Cup final, two teams battle it out to be crowned champions.

National Hockey Team Odds

Before the start of every season, bookmakers will give out odds for every team in the league. Bettors can place bets before the season even starts by betting on their favourite team to be champions. Depending on the teams’ ranking in the league, sufficient odds will be provided by sportsbooks.

Of course, the best teams in the league will have the lowest odds in the beginning. This can all change when the season starts, and teams can fall off, making their odds a bit higher.

2022 Stanley Cup Winners Odds

As previously mentioned, players can place bets before and even during the season for who will be crowned as a Stanley Cup champion. Making a bet earlier in the season will get you better odds.

The Most Common Types Of NHL Bets

There are multiple types of NHL bets that you can utilize. The most common bet a punter can make not just in the NHL but in any sport or league is the money line wager. The money line bet is when you simply stake some money on the match-winner.

The puck line bet is another great wager where sportsbook sites will level the playing field. What we mean about that is they will take goals off the favourite team and add goals to the underdog. Bookies do this to equal the odds of a heavy favourite playing versus a lower-tiered team.

Apart from those two, over/under is another betting type, where the bookmaker gives odds on how many goals will be scored in a given game.

Regular season matches and playoff matches are not the only things players can bet on in the NHL. Punters can visit betting sites and place bets on who they think will be the player of the season, the rookie of the season, the best goalie of the season, etc. There is also an all-star game that is played during the regular season. In the all-star exhibition match, only the best of the best can participate, and of course, you can also place your stakes on this exciting match.

Season Structure

The NHL season usually starts in early October, and all teams get to play 82 games. When they have played all the games, which is sometime in early April, the best 8 teams of each conference go through the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The knockout rounds begin, and teams play three rounds of best of seven series.

NHL Team Odds FAQ

Can I use my mobile device to place NHL bets?

Of course, you can! Almost every betting website today has a fully mobile-optimized website, where players can simply enter by typing the URL on their internet browser and place bets within minutes. Some websites even develop dedicated mobile applications, where Android, iOS, and Windows users can easily download from the Play Store and App Store.

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

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