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Ottawa Senators Odds | Bet On Ottawa Senators Games

The Ottawa Senators were founded in 1992 by Bruce Firestone, and they have been a part of the NHL ever since. The Senators are competing in the Eastern Conference as a member of the Atlantic Division. Throughout the years, they have struggled through the playoffs and still have zero Stanley Cups. We are yet to witness if they manage to break their bad fortune and anticipate the Stanley Cup playoffs with a trophy home.

At the moment, the odds start at +8,000 for them to win the following season, which equals $8,000 in winnings if you bet $100 on them to become champions. However, the odds are changing on the spot as the season goes by.

Since there are plenty of awesome sportsbooks that bring NHL betting on Canadian teams to another level, stick with us to learn all about them.

Ottawa Senators Betting Odds

NHL betting is quite popular, and the Senators will aim for the playoff spot. However, The Senators are nowhere near the favourites for the upcoming 2022 season, as last season didn’t go as smoothly as they’d hoped for. For now, the betting odds for the Senators are standing at +8,000, which results in massive gains if you bet on them and they surprise everyone.

But maybe, only maybe – we will witness some extraordinary NHL action and see them breaking the curse to get the trophy home. Check this table out and see the game’s details for the upcoming matches.

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Ottawa Senators Betting Lines

As the next NHL season gets closer, the betting lines can change quite dramatically because of various factors. To get the best value on the Senators Ottawa this season, you have to look up any injuries in the team and their layout. The second thing that comes to mind is whether they’re playing at home. The Ottawa Senators are more fierce and comfortable when they are on home ice.

As for betting options, the first one you should look at is the money line. Don’t go immediately placing puck-line and spread bets, as you’re better off if you first get familiar with the game by simply betting on the team you expect to win the match.

Once you get comfortable, over/under is a solid bet that you can utilize and reap the benefits from. With this bet, you wager on the number of goals you presume will occur during the game. If you do your research and know the goalies by heart, you will certainly up your game and your chances of winning the bet.

The Best Welcome Bonus For Ottawa Senators Vegas Odds

Before betting, obviously, you will need to get familiar with Vegas odds. Vegas odds is simply a term that’s used to describe the simple system that most sportsbooks today use, especially in the US.

These sportsbooks, not all of them, of course, feature fantastic offers for both seasoned and rookie punters. So, while not mandatory, you should always seek a bookmaker with free bets on offer. You can claim these free bets easily by signing up and depositing from $10 to $20 with the bookmaker.

If you’re unaware of where to find such sportsbooks, you can always check the operators featured in our article – we made sure that they offer something for everyone.

Which Sportsbooks Have The Best Ottawa Senators Odds?

Not one, but a combination of online sports betting sites have the best Ottawa Senators odds. If you really want the best, you will need to examine the odds from multiple operators. Odds change, which means you will need to put in some work as well. We did a little digging ourselves and came up with online sportsbooks that provide the most competitive NHL odds currently.

Check them out below.


How To Bet On The Ottawa Senators

  • Track down a site with competitive NHL betting odds
  • Enter your personal information to sign up
  • Access the Cashier section, choose your desired payment method, and deposit funds
  • Choose the match and execute a plan
  • Place your wager and hope for the best

Who Will Win The Ottawa Senators Game Tonight?

The Ottawa Senators have dropped their form recently and are currently underdogs of their upcoming matches. Most online sportsbooks feature a money line bet with odds standing at +100 for the Ottawa Senators.

Despite the odds and Ottawa Senators’ standings at the moment, they still can make their games worth watching.


Ottawa Senators Home Games

Ottawa Senators have had their home arena since they were founded in 1992. As usual, they have better winning chances if they’re playing on home ice. Bettors that watch hockey know what goes down at Ottawa Senators’ Canadian Tire Centre, if the team is determined enough.

Below, you’ll see a table with Ottawa Senators’ upcoming home games.


Ottawa Senators History & Stats

Ottawa Senators, also known as Sens, were introduced to the NHL in 1992. Before them, the original Senators were founded in 1883, and they went on to win 11 Stanley Cups championships. Unlike their ancestors, today’s Senators are still fighting for that title, but they have managed to win 4 Division Championships.

Who Is The Ottawa Senators Head Coach?

It’s important to know that coaching is a key factor in a team’s performance. Let’s have a look at the Ottawa Senators’ current coaching staff.

  • Head Coach: D. J. Smith
  • Associate Coach: Jack Capuano
  • Assistant Coach: Davis Payne
  • Assistant Coach: Bob Jones
  • Senior Goaltending Coach: Pierre Groulx
  • Assistant Coach, Video: Mike King
  • Goaltending Coach: Pierre Groulx
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Chris Schwarz

Previous Ottawa Senators Coaches

  • Rick Bowness 1992-1995
  • Dave Allison 1995-1996
  • Jacques Martin 1996-2002
  • Roger Neilson 2002
  • Jacques Martin 2002-2004
  • Bryan Murray 2005-2007
  • John Paddock 2007-2008
  • Bryan Murray 2008
  • Craig Hartsburg 2008-2009
  • Cory Clouston 2009-2011
  • Paul MacLean 2011-2014
  • Dave Cameron 2014-2016
  • Guy Boucher 2016-2019
  • Marc Crawford 2019

Ottawa Senators Leaders

Every team has something to pride on, and even though the Senators haven’t won the Stanley Cup yet, they can pride themselves with these club legends:

  • Goals: Daniel Alfredsson (426)
  • Assists: Daniel Alfredsson (682)
  • Points: Daniel Alfredsson (1108)
  • Penalty Minutes: Chris Neil (2522)
  • Hat Tricks: Daniel Alfredsson (10)
  • Save Percentage: Filip Gustavsson (.933)
  • Goals Against Average: /
  • Saves: Filip Gustavsson

Ottawa Senators Trivia & Facts

The following table will give you an insight into the financial standing of the Ottawa Senators as well as some club trivia.

  • 2019-20 Revenue: $115 million
  • 2019-20 Operating Income: -$2.9 million
  • 2019-20 Gate Receipts: $25 million
  • 2019-20 Player Expenses: $65 million
  • Highest Paid Player: Thomas Chabot $7 million
  • Career Playoff Points Leader: Daniel Alfredsson (1108)
  • Career Playoff Goals Leader: Daniel Alfredsson (426)
  • Career Playoff Assists Leader: Daniel Alfredsson (682)
  • Team Value: $430 million
  • Owners: Eugene Melnyk
  • Stadium Naming Rights: Canadian Tire Centre
  • Stanley Cup Wins: 0


Ottawa Senators’ odds are clearly showing that the team is not favoured by bookmakers to win the following NHL season nor the Stanley Cup. However, the NHL is an unpredictable league, and even though the chances are thin, this might just be the Senators’ year!

Nevertheless, you should never get carried away with betting nor trying to make up for your losses. Always practice the responsible gaming policy and remember – never try to register with bookies if you’re below the legal gambling age!

Ottawa Senators Betting FAQ

Where do the Ottawa Senators play their home games?

The Senators play their home games at the Canadian Tire Centre.

Have the Ottawa Senators ever won the Stanley Cup?

They are still fighting for that title; as for now, they have zero.

In which conference do the Ottawa Senators play?

They are currently playing in the Eastern Conference.

Which division do they play in?

Since the Ottawa Senators joined the NHL, they have been members of the Atlantic Division.

Who is the Ottawa Senators’ all-time points leader?

Daniel Alfredsson is the all-time points leader with 1108 points throughout his career.

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

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