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Pittsburgh Penguins Odds | Bet On Pittsburgh Penguins Games

The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of the more exciting teams that fans of ice hockey can watch. In the previous season, despite having one of the best records in the league, the Pittsburgh Penguins fell short in the first round at the Stanley Cup playoffs, losing to the New York Islanders. That is all in the past, and online sportsbooks decided that they are still a fierce contender for this year’s Stanley Cup. Regarding odds, the Pittsburgh Penguins are certainly a top 10 team, and various sport betting sites give them odds of +1,800 to be champions this year.

With that being said, let’s see what we can expect from them.

Pittsburgh Penguins Betting Odds

The Pittsburgh Penguins were a force to be reckoned with in the 2020-21 regular season. They managed to top their East Division, racking up 37 wins. They had one extra victory, compared to the second-place finishers, the Washington Capitals. They started the previous season with a +1,100, which is pretty decent. As the season went by, and sport gambling sites saw that the Penguins were making some big strides, the odds became better for them to win their division, and they became legitimate Stanley Cup contenders. However, a 4-2 defeat to the NY Islanders was the end of their playoff run.

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Pittsburgh Penguins Betting Lines

If you are planning to wager some money on the Penguins, the most usual and straightforward bet that you can use is the money line bet. This is simply betting some money on the team to win the game, no matter by how much or in which way.

There are also other interesting types of wagers you can place, like over/under, a puck line bet, and prop bets. If you are a die-hard fan, you probably know your team like the palm of your hand, along with all their strengths and weaknesses. If so, a prop bet is something that can get you even more excited for an upcoming game. This wager has nothing to do with the outcome of the game but the match’s statistics. For example, you can place a wager for the Penguins to score the first goal, or the last one, how many shots will they have, and how many saves will their goalie Tristan Jarry make.

The Best Welcome Bonus For Pittsburgh Penguins Vegas Odds

The new season is around the corner, and sport betting sites have already given their odds for who will win the 2021/22 Stanley Cup. The Penguins are certainly one of the favorites to dominate their division, having +350 odds and around +1,800 to lift the whole championship. If you want to stay away from the money line bet, bookies are offering other types of bets like over/under, prop bets, puck line bets, etc.

On another note, you should always look for a solid welcome bonus or free bets before registering with a bookmaker. This will especially help you if you’re a rookie wishing to start betting on Pittsburgh Penguins.

Which Sportsbooks Have The Best Pittsburgh Penguins Odds?

If you fancy NHL betting, you will need to look for competitive odds. Now, you can conduct your own research and tear the internet apart, or you could just take a look below and check out the latest odds from hand-picked operators by us.


How To Bet On The Pittsburgh Penguins

If you’re wondering how to begin betting on Ice Hockey – don’t. We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide that will help you place your bet in no time – check it out below.

  • Register an account at your preferred betting site
  • Deposit some money and claim free bets (if available)
  • Find the Penguins odds for an upcoming game
  • Choose your desired bet

Who Will Win The Pittsburgh Penguins Game Tonight?

Before the season started, the Penguins played 6 exhibition games with various teams. These games will only be a fitness test and a chance for the team to try out some tactics. When the pre-season was concluded, the Penguins played their first home game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Having incredible talents like Bryan Rust, Jake Guentzel, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Kris Letang, all lead by Mike Sullivan, we can expect some big games from the Penguins.


Pittsburgh Penguins Home Games

It is always a treat to start off the season having home-ice advantage. Not only for entertainment purposes, but a home crowd is always considered as the 7th player. There are many talented teams in the league, and some noise would be nice to stick a little bit of nervousness on the visiting team.


Pittsburgh Penguins History & Stats

The Penguins entered the league in 1967, and since then, they have managed to win the Stanley Cup five times. Considering that they have only made it to the finals 6 times, they have an incredible record. Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin have even managed to receive the Hart Memorial Trophy or the MVP trophy.

Who Is The Pittsburgh Penguins Head Coach?

The coaching staff at the Penguins has certainly changed over the years. Since the team’s foundation, they have witnessed 22 different head coaches.

  • Head Coach: Mike Sullivan
  • Associate Coach: Todd Reirden
  • Assistant Coach: Mike Vellucci
  • Senior Goaltending Coach: Andy Chiodo
  • Assistant Coach, Video: Maddison Nikel
  • Goaltending Coach: Kain Tisi
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Alex Trinca, Alexi Pianosi

Previous Pittsburgh Penguins Coaches

Here are some of the head coaches in the past two decades:

Ivan Hlinka (2000-2001)

Rick Kehoe (2001-2003)

Ed Olczyk (2003-2005)

Michel Therrien (2005-2009)

Dan Bylsma (2009-2014)

Mike Johnston (2014-2015)

Pittsburgh Penguins Leaders

Below, you will see the names of some of the most notable players that ever wore Pittsburgh Penguins’ kits.

  • Goals: Mario Lemieux (690)
  • Assists: Mario Lemieux (1033)
  • Points: Mario Lemieux (1723)
  • Penalty Minutes: Kevin Stevens (1048)
  • Hat Tricks: Mario Lemieux (40)
  • Save Percentage: Matt Murray (.914)
  • Goals Against Average: Marc-Andre Fleury (2.58)
  • Saves: Marc-Andre Fleury (17,774)

Pittsburgh Penguins Trivia & Facts

If you’re the type to like history, below, you will find a couple of interesting facts regarding the Pittsburgh Penguins.

  • 2019-20 Revenue: $159 million
  • 2019-20 Operating Income: $14 million
  • 2019-20 Gate Receipts: $64 million
  • 2019-20 Player Expenses: $85 million
  • Highest Paid Player: Evgeni Malkin
  • Career Playoff Points Leader: Mario Lemieux
  • Career Playoff Goals Leader: Mario Lemieux
  • Career Playoff Assists Leader: Mario Lemieux
  • Team Value: $650 million
  • Owners: Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle
  • Stadium Naming Rights: PPG Paints Arena
  • Stanley Cup Wins: 5


You still have time to go to your favorite sports betting site and place your predicted bets on the Penguins. The roster is filled with talented players, and the eastern conference should be pretty afraid of this years’ Penguins team.

Pittsburgh Penguins Betting FAQ

Where to bet on the Penguins in Pennsylvania?

You can either visit a local bookmaker or make an account with sportsbooks featured in our article.

Where do the Penguins play their home games?

The Penguins host all of their home games at the PPG Paints Arena.

Have the Penguins ever won the Stanley Cup?

Since they have been in the league, the Penguins have managed to win the cup 5 times.

At which conference do the Penguins play?

The team plays in the Eastern Conference.

Which division do they play in?

The Penguins are part of the Metropolitan division.

Who is Pittsburgh Penguins’ all-time points leader?

Mario Lemieux is the team’s all-time points leader.

Who has scored the most goals in a season for the Penguins?

Back in the 190-81 season, Rick Kehoe managed to score 55 goals.

Who are their biggest rivals in the NHL?

Since the mid-70s, one of the Penguins’ biggest rivals have been the New York Islanders. The two teams have met in the playoffs a total of 4 times. Until now, The Islanders have the advantage, beating the Penguins 3 times in the playoffs.

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

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