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Tampa Bay Lightning Odds | Bet On Tampa Bay Lightning Games

Is there anything more enjoyable than betting on your favourite team, especially knowing that they have won the last two Stanley Cup championships? We think we’ll all have to settle for a negative answer – even if Tampa Bay Lighting isn’t our favoured team, placing stakes on them has been rather profitable in the past couple of years.

If you love the National Hockey League (NHL), we’re sure you’ve heard of the Bolts. Nevertheless, even if you haven’t, and even if you’re just entering the sportsbooks waters and you’re interested in where you can find the best Tampa Bay odds – you’ve come to the right place!

Tampa Bay Lightning’s Odds

When it comes to teams as well-known as the Lightning, experienced bettors are aware that they can find their odds at many different sportsbooks. Nevertheless, only following the right money line will allow you to come off as a winner. And at the end of the day, that’s what we are all up for. That’s why we’ve created the best NHL betting table for you – always check the Bolts’ odds before placing a stake! You could also check the Carolina Hurricanes as well as the Golden Knights wagers!

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Tampa Bay Lightning Betting Lines

Following the betting lines is a crucial aspect of any NHL betting procedure, especially given that there are many different gambling odds to choose from. In other words, there are many different ways you could win or lose, which is why you should first resolve whether you want to place a future bet, a money line bet, a spread point, a total stake, or just about anything else. Given that you have settled that matter, you can then proceed to examine the NHL odds offered by various sportsbooks, while paying special attention to the NHL odds with the highest implied win probability. Nonetheless, no matter what you’re on about, you should keep in mind that gambling is meant to be entertaining – and responsible gaming is the core of a good NHL betting experience!

The Best Welcome Bonus For Tampa Bay Lightning Vegas Odds

Understanding the NHL betting odds is only the first step, while benefiting from correct predictions is the final goal. And while you’re following the National Hockey League games and thinking of the wagers you wish to place – you should take into consideration that choosing the best sportsbook might double your chance to win! Betting on the Stanley Cup Final might be exciting, but what if we are about to tell you that you can place a safe stake? Registering at the best online sportsbook means getting as many free bets as possible or getting the best deposit match bonus!

Which Sportsbooks Have The Best NHL Tampa Bay Lightning Standings?

If you watch the regular season, you know how tedious it can be to figure out what are the best odds for a given game. That’s why we’ve gathered the most recent betting odds from various sportsbooks – and you can now compare them side by side:


How To Bet On The Tampa Bay Lightning

Placing betting odds requires the same drill – no matter which team is your favourite, whether its playoffs, the NHL regular season or the NHL Stanley Cup final game – the steps are exactly the same:

  • Step 1 – Once you’ve made sure that the wagers you want to place can be found at the NHL sportsbook site, your first step is to create an account.
  • Step 2 – Given that you’ve verified your account, you should head to the Promotion section of the site and check the bonuses that you wish to claim.
  • Step 3 – The next step is to make a deposit according to the bonus requirements.
  • Step 4 – Once you’ve successfully deposited the funds in your account, you can head to the NHL odds section.
  • Step 5 – Choose your stake, go through with it and you’re all set!

Who Will Win The Tampa Bay Lightning Game Tonight?

Even though you could in theory place an NHL wager without knowing anything about the game, we’d suggest you do your research before you simply take your chances. Regardless is it the beginning of the season, or is it postseason already – who will win the Tampa Bay Lighting game tonight is always a legitimate question, and we might have the closest thing to an answer!


Tampa Bay Lightning Home Games

Tampa Bay Lightning have found their home in the Amalie Arena, in downtown Tampa, Florida. They have been playing their games there ever since the 1996-97 season, and nothing suggests a change. Following are all their upcoming games:


Tampa Bay Lightning History & Stats

Tampa Bay, or more commonly know as the Bolts are a professional ice hockey team that was founded in 1992. They have won three Stanley Cup championships, in 2004, 2020, and the last 2021 season cup too!

Who Is The Tampa Bay Lightning Head Coach?

The Lightning has a team that consists of major hockey names. The coaching staff is a winning combination – all the major team leaders are responsible for the latest NHL wins.

  • Head Coach: Jon Cooper
  • Associate Coach: Rick Bowness
  • Assistant Coach: Jeff Halpern
  • Assistant Coach: Derek Lalonde
  • Senior Goaltending Coach:
  • Assistant Coach, Video: Nigel Kirwan
  • Goaltending Coach: Frantz Jean
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Mark Lambert

Previous Tampa Bay Lightning Coaches

Since its inception, eight coaches started their NHL career and led the Bolts to their wins and losses. John Tortorella is the coach that brought them their first-ever NHL Stanley Cup Award. The other two names worth mentioning besides the first Stanley Cup coach, are Jon Cooper and Steve Ludzik.

  1. Terry Crisp 1992–1998
  2. Jacques Demers 1998–1999
  3. Steve Ludzik 1999–2001
  4. John Tortorella 2001–2008
  5. Barry Melrose 2008
  6. Rick Tocchet 2008–2010
  7. Guy Boucher 2010–2013
  8. Jon Cooper 2013–present

Tampa Bay Lightning Leaders

B. Point

  • Goals: 23
  • Assists: 25
  • Points: 48
  • Penalty Minutes: 11
  • Save Percentage: 17.6%

Y. Gourde

  • Goals: 17
  • Assists: 19
  • Points: 36
  • Penalty Minutes: 44
  • Save Percentage: 14.4%

Tampa Bay Lightning Trivia & Facts

If you’ve ever watched a game, or you’ve followed the NHL Awards ceremony, you probably got interested to know more. Following are the NHL team’s trivia & facts:

  • 2019-20 Revenue: Sales in the 2019/20 season amounted to $125 million.
  • 2019-20 Operating Income: Franchise operating revenue was $8.3 million.
  • 2019-20 Gate Receipts: The franchise receipts were 43 million US dollars in the 2019/20 season.
  • 2019-20 Player Expenses: The franchise had a players’ expenditure of USD 81 million in the 2019/20 season.
  • Highest Paid Player: Nikita Kucherov earns $12,000,000 each year as her best-paid player.
  • Career Playoff Points Leader: Nikita Kucherov (33)
  • Career Playoff Goals Leader: Nikita Kucherov (33)
  • Career Playoff Assists Leader: Nikita Kucherov (33)
  • Team Value: $470 million
  • Owners: Jeffrey Vinik owns the squad and Julien BriseBois is the general director.
  • Stadium Naming Rights: AMALIE Arena comes from the local AMALIE Oil firm, which is owned and run by family members.
  • Stanley Cup Wins: The Lightning won the Stanley Cup three times: in 2004, 2020, and 2021.


Staying up to date with the Bolts news is not just a recommendation – for most of their fans is a must! And if you happen to be a frequent bettor – following the Bolts news is something that could come in handy for you too! Getting to know the teams through their playoffs, Monday night games, recent injuries, and following them throughout the entire season is what will get things going for you and for your wagers!

Tampa Bay Lightning Betting FAQ

Where to watch or stream the Lightning games online free?

Download the FOX App and you can watch live-streamed Lightning in real-time. The app is online at FoXSports.com and is accessible for iOS, Apple, Android, Android, Fire Tablet and Fire Phone, Roku Players, and Roku TV.

Where do the Tampa Bay Lightning play their home games?

Amalie Facility is an ice hockey rink, a basketball sports field, a football arena and the home arena for the Bolts!

Who are their biggest rivals in the Atlantic Division?

The Bolts’ biggest rivals in the Atlantic Division are the Florida Panthers.

Last Updated on April 16, 2022

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