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New Jersey Devils Odds | Bet On New Jersey Devils Games

Operating with a relatively young and fresh group of players, one might say the New Jersey Devils is a dark horse hockey team in the east. Since they’ve been playing with such vim and vigor, many franchise fans believe the odds are in their favour, and the team might achieve victory in this National Hockey League. If you share the same opinion, we’ll show you where to bet on them in the upcoming season.

New Jersey Devils Betting Odds

One might wonder, has the team made all the right moves to become a success this NHL season? With some exits and new faces joining the team like Tatar and Hamilton, who’s a pretty big name, there are reasons to be optimistic if you are a Devils fan.

However, bookies don’t seem to put great faith in NJD, considering the odds of +10,000 for winning the Stanley Cup. Tampa Bay Lightning, however, is currently a hockey favourite, having won last NHL season.

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New Jersey Devils Betting Lines

Speaking of betting, here’s a small tip to anyone new to the game. The most recognized type of wagering on hockey is the money line. Before placing your wager, get familiar with Vegas odds.

The main thing you need to know is that on money lines, there are two competitors: the top dog and the underdog, represented by a point spread. The former is usually a league legend, and the latter is the inferior side. In our case, the Devils are generally placed on the inferior side and marked with a plus value. The opposing side, on the other hand, is marked with a minus value.

Key takeaway: the minus symbol represents how much we would have to risk to make a $100 profit, and the plus symbol represents how much we would win for $100.

The Best Welcome Bonus For New Jersey Devils & Vegas Odds

One reason to bet on the Devils, or any of your favourites, is the welcome bonuses offered by betting sites. Newcomers can take advantage of attractive bonuses like deposit matches and free bets!

BetUs, one of the world’s leading online bookies, offers bountiful signup incentives. You can enjoy the next season set to start in October while relishing in awesome prizes for real money and crypto deposits.

Other online sports sites with excellent rewards for first-time Canadian gamblers are MyBookie,, and Bovada.

Which Sportsbook Has The Best New Jersey Devils Odds?

Odds constantly change, and so should you. What we mean by this is that you should always examine more than a dozen bookmakers before placing a bet on the Devils. For more precise calculations, you can always refer back to this NHL betting odds table for the best odds per game.


How To Bet On The New Jersey Devils

If you’re feeling too lazy to go to your local sports wagering spot, you can always place your bet online. Step by step, we’re going to teach you how to easily do that.

  1. First things first, sign up at an online sports betting site. Try to practice responsible gaming by signing up at licensed sites.
  2. Enter your personal information and valid banking info. After finalizing the process, log back in and hover over to your preferred game.
  3. Look into the game, check out the standings, prospects, odds, and so on.
  4. {After you’ve concluded} you want to place your bet, choose your preferred payment solution, deposit, and you’re done!

Who Will Win The New Jersey Devils Game Tonight?

This team’s NHL Preseason game was against the Capitals. Now grab a bag of popcorn and check out the winning prospects of the said game below.


New Jersey Devils Home Games

If you’re unsure of your betting edge, this might make it easier for you to make up your mind. The first five matches for this team will be held on home ground, which means there are bigger chances they’ll make the cut! As the fans feed the Devils’ egos, their confidence will grow, and so will their drive to win.


New Jersey Devils History & Stats

The Devils are a professional ice hockey team based in Newark, New Jersey. They compete in the Metropolitan Division of the NHL’s Eastern Conference. Before the 2007–2008 season, the Devils relocated to Prudential Center in Newark.

This NHL team that’s been through two moves and was once rumoured to be on the move out of Jersey has instead won three Stanley Cups and placed some big names into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

A turning point in this franchise’s career was their successful partnership with William Hill, a leading sportsbook founded in Garden State. Since then, they’ve become a dynamic duo offering online sports betting on their matches.

Who Is The New Jersey Devils Head Coach?

If you wondered who helped the NHL team beat all the other teams and win the Stanley Cup, check out the coaching staff below.

  • Head Coach: Lindy Ruff
  • Assistant Coach: Alain Nasreddine
  • Assistant Coach: Mark Recchi
  • Assistant Coach: Chris Taylor
  • Goaltending Coach: Dave Rogalski

Previous New Jersey Devils Coaches

Games Coached-Wins-Losses during Regular Season

  • 1983-83: Bill MacMillan – 100-19-67
  • 1983-84, 1991-92: Tom McVie – 60-15-38, 93-42-36
  • 1984-88: Doug Carpenter – 290-100-166
  • 1988-89: Jim Schoenfeld – 124-50-59
  • 1989-91: John Cunniff – 133-59-56
  • 1992-93: Herb Brooks – 84-40-37
  • 1993-98, 2009-10, 2010-11: Jacques Lemaire – 378-199-122, 82-48-27, 49-29-17
  • 1998-00: Robbie Ftorek – 156-88-44
  • 2000-02, 2005-05: Larry Robinson – 141-73-43, 32-14-13
  • 2002-02: Kevin Constantine – 31-20-8
  • 2002-05: Pat Burns – 164-89-45
  • 2005-06, 2007-07: Lou Maloriello – 50-32-14, 3-2-0
  • 2006-07: Claude Julien – 79-47-24
  • 2007-09: Brent Sutter – 164-97-56
  • 2010-10: John MacLean – 33-9-22
  • 2011-14: Peter DeBoer – 212-102-76
  • 2014-15: Adam Oates – 46-20-17
  • 2014-15: Scott Stevens – 46-20-17
  • 2015-19: John Hynes – 354-150-159
  • 2019-20: Alain Nasreddine – 43-19-16

New Jersey Devils Leaders

  • Goals: Patrik Elias
  • Assists: Patrik Elias
  • Points: Patrik Elias
  • Penalty Minutes: Patrik Elias
  • Hat Tricks: Patrik Elias
  • Save Percentage: Cory Schneider
  • Goals Against Average: Martin Brodeur
  • Saves: Martin Brodeur

New Jersey Devils Trivia & Facts

Here’s everything you need to know about the overall success of the franchise.

  • 2019-20 Revenue: $152M
  • 2019-20 Operating Income: $4.1M
  • 2019-20 Gate Receipts: $36M
  • 2019-20 Player Expenses:
  • Highest Paid Player: P. K. Subban
  • Career Playoff Points Leader:
  • Career Playoff Goals Leader: Claude Lemieux
  • Career Playoff Assists Leader:
  • Team Value: $530,000,000
  • Owners: Josh Harris, David Blitzer
  • Stadium Naming Rights: Prudential Center
  • Stanley Cup Wins: 3


Over the past three years, the New Jersey Devils have been out for a while, and the last time they made the playoffs was in 2018. Still, fans are confident the team will bring on their A-game this NHL season, as they did every time they won the Stanley Cup Final! If you have your odds calculated, we’ll tell you where to bet!

New Jersey Devils Betting FAQ

Where to watch or stream New Jersey Devils games online free?

If you’re anticipating the game in Pittsburgh on the 30th, you can probably stream it on YouTube.

Where to bet on New Jersey Devils in New Jersey?

You can bet on the club by going to your local sports betting place or by signing up at an online betting site like William Hill.

Have the New Jersey Devils ever won the Stanley Cup?

Yes, they did win the Stanley Cup three times!

Which division do they play in?

The New Jersey Devils play in the Metropolitan Division.

Who has scored the most goals in a season for the New Jersey Devils?

The player with the most goals in a regular season is Zach Parise.

Who are their biggest rivals in the NHL?

Their biggest rivals are the Rangers. The teams have fierce rivalry against each other because their home ground is only separated by 10 miles.

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

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