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Calgary Flames Odds | Bet On Calgary Flames Games

The Calgary Flames are a team with one of the most unpredictable forms, making them an interesting NHL team to bet on for 2022. The Calgary Flames odds are changing from game to game for the upcoming NHL season, but they will remain the favourite in most of their home games and retain a favourable status at most online sportsbooks.

Now, let’s see what we should expect from the Calgary Flames when the first puck drops in the new NHL season.

Calgary Flames Betting Odds

Due to the recent health crisis, the NHL underwent a series of changes in the format, which hugely impacted the NHL betting odds. The Calgary Flames played the entire NHL season in the Northern Conference against seven other teams and narrowly missed the playoffs. The Flames finished with four points less than the Canadiens and were unable to make a late-season push. The Calgary Flames had a pretty good run before the seasons’ end, but their surprising defeat from the last ranked Canucks cost them a place in the past year’s playoffs.

For the upcoming 2021/2021 NHL season, the Calgary Flames are not among the favourite teams to win it all, as they have +4,500 betting odds of lifting the trophy.

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Calgary Flames Betting Lines

The Flames are expected to be underdogs by sports punters for the upcoming 2021/2022 NHL season. This is supported by the fact that the Flames will have one of their best coaches in the franchise making a return for the next season. Since the Flames finished just four points behind the Canadiens, punters expect them to make it to the playoffs this season. Calgary Flames are not the sole favourite to win their division, as the Golden Knights and the Oilers are playing some excellent hockey as well.

To make the most of online sports betting on the Flames at every online sportsbook, you need to analyze their previous season & stats and the fact that one of their best coaches in history is returning for a second time. The team introduced new signings that will try to conquer their Pacific Division since the North Division was more challenging.

The Best Welcome Bonus For Calgary Flames Vegas Odds

NHL’s season is closing in, and online sportsbooks are creating new betting odds for the Flames. Their new signings and new coach make the Flames a certain money-line bet, at least for the regular season, with good odds. If you’re new to online betting, there are different alternatives to betting, such as over/under, puck lines, even future bets.

For example, you can already predict the next Stanley Cup winner at many NHL betting sites or wager on division leaders throughout the season. As of now, the team has Vegas odds of +4,500 to win it all, but that might change, as anything is possible in the playoff series!

Before you choose an online sportsbook to bet on, make sure to check if the site offers some betting bonuses, such as free bets, cash-back rewards, and other promotions. No matter where you choose to bet on, make sure to practice responsible gaming!

Which Sportsbooks Has The Best Calgary Flames Odds?

To discover the best odds bookies have to offer, you must conduct thorough research first. Luckily, we already did our due diligence and singled out the top sportsbooks with the best odds for the upcoming NHL season. Just check out the table below and see for yourself.


How To Bet On The Calgary Flames

Nowadays, betting on the Calgary Flames has never been more practical. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to bet on the Flames:

  • First, pick an online betting site with the best odds and create an account. Before you bet, read the Responsible Gambling policy at the site.
  • Enter your personal and banking information and wait for validation.
  • Research the game’s info, minimal bets, minimum deposits, and so on before you place a bet online.
  • After you’ve decided where to place the next bet, pick a banking option, make a deposit, and you’re good to go!

Before choosing online sportsbooks to bet on, make sure to have a ready strategy. You must know the Flames’ current NHL form, so you can have a clear picture of their chance of winning the following game.

Who Will Win The Calgary Flames Game Tonight?

The Flame’s next game, as part of the NHL preseason games was against their biggest state rivals, Edmonton Oilers.

Before you make anymore bets, make sure to check out their betting odds!

Calgary Flames Home Games

The Calgary Flames are back in NHL action for the 2021/2022 campaign with a couple of preseason games against their rivals, the Oilers, followed by a clash against the Vancouver Canucks – one of them with home-ice advantage.

In their first NHL game of the regular season, the team will face-off against their rivals Oilers yet again, as the teams will go all-in for the next ‘Battle of Alberta.’

Calgary Flames History & Stats

The team was first founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1972. Not long after, the team was relocated to Calgary, Alberta, in 1980, thus taking the name Calgary Flames along the way. Eight years after their relocation, the Flames won their first and last NHL Stanley Cup trophy by beating Montreal Canadiens 4-2 in total. The team also managed to make a run in the 2004 Stanley Cup finals but fell short of the eventual champions, Tampa Bay Lightning.

Who Is The Calgary Flames Head Coach?

Head coaches play the main role in one team’s success. Therefore, we present you with the full Calgary Flames coaching staff.

  • Head Coach: Darryl Sutter
  • Associate Coach: Kirk Muller
  • Assistant Coach: Ryan Huska
  • Assistant Coach: Cail MacLean
  • Senior Goaltending Coach: Jordan Sigalet
  • Assistant Coach, Video: Jamie Pringle
  • Goaltending Coach: Jason Labarbera
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Ryan van Asten

Previous Calgary Flames Coaches

Al MacNeil (1980-1982): 160 games coached, 68 wins, 61 losses.

Terry Crisp (1987-1990): 240 games coached, 193 wins, 155 losses, 1989 Stanley Cup winner.

Darryl Sutter (2003-2006): 210 games coached, 107 wins, 73 losses.

Bob Hartley (2012-2016): 294 games coached, 134 wins, 135 losses.

Geoff Ward(2019-2021): 66 games coached, 35 wins, 26 losses.

Calgary Flames Leaders

Every team has its legends, and nothing’s different with Calgary!

  • Goals: Jarome Iginla (525)
  • Assists: Al MacInnis (609)
  • Points: Jarome Iginla (1095)
  • Penalty Minutes: Tim Hunter (2405)
  • Hat Tricks: Kent Nilsson (14)
  • Save Percentage: Miikka Kiprusoff (.913)
  • Goals Against Average: Miikka Kiprusoff (2.46)
  • Saves: Miikka Kiprusoff (14631)

Calgary Flames Trivia & Facts

Here’s a list of every important information regarding the team and the success of the franchise.

  • 2019-20 Revenue: 120 million
  • 2019-20 Operating Income: 0.4 Million
  • 2019-20 Gate Receipts: 48 Million
  • 2019-20 Player Expenses: 74 Million
  • Highest Paid Player: Matthew Tkachuk
  • Career Playoff Points Leader: Al MacInnis
  • Career Playoff Goals Leader: Al MacInnis
  • Career Playoff Assists Leader: Al MacInnis
  • Team Value: 480 million
  • Owners: Calgary Sports and Entertainment
  • Stadium Naming Rights: Scotiabank
  • Stanley Cup Wins: (1) 1988-1989


The Calgary Flames are no longer the favourites of winning the Stanley Cup Finals in recent years, but they’ve managed to do some rebounding in the regular season. The fans always attend home games despite their form, as the Flames will try to push for the playoffs in the upcoming NHL season. If you’ve already calculated the odds, we’re here to guide you and tell you where to bet online!

Calgary Flames Betting FAQ

Have the Calgary Flames ever won the Stanley Cup?

Yes, they have. Their first and only Stanley Cup victory was in the 1988-1989 season.

In which conference does the team play?

The team currently plays in the Western Conference of the NFL.

Which division do they play in?

The Flames play in the Pacific Division in the Western Conference.

Who is the team’s all-time points leader?

The team’s all-time points leader is Jarome Iginla, who managed to score 525 goals in total.

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

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