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The Denver Nuggets became first NBA team to recover from a 3-1 deficit twice during the 2020 NBA Playoffs. Unfortunately, the Nuggets’ incredible playoff run was ended in the Conference Finals against eventual NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers. Denver has the chance to redeem itself.

The 2021 NBA season was another success story and the heat of 2021 NBA playoffs are in full swing. Colorado sportsbook customers can bet on the Nuggets online until the end of their hopes for the NBA Finals. After being defeated by the Phoenix Suns in Western Conference semifinals, Denver was eliminated from NBA Playoffs.

How to read nuggets betting lies

Basketball CourtA typical line of betting for Nuggets posted at a Colorado online or mobile sportsbook could look something like this:

Denver Nuggets +3.5 O (-110) +155 O (203.5) (-110)

LA Lakers -3.5 (-110) U 175 U 203.5(-110)

Once you know what each number means, these lines are simple to understand. The spread is the number with the odds posted in brackets.

The Nuggets are 3.5 points underdogs to their Lakers counterparts. Spread bets on Nuggets must win or lose by less that three points. For every $110 bet, Nuggets punters will win $100 and their original bet back. This makes the Lakers 3.5 point favorites. Spread bets on LA must win by at least four points to make them win. For every $110 bet, Lakers bettors also get $100 plus their original wager back.

The moneyline is the number following. The Nuggets are +155 favorites, which means that every $100 bet on them will pay $155, plus the return if they win. The Lakers are -175 favorites. This means that every $175 bet on them will pay $100. Plus the bet back, if they win.

The final number that you see is the totals with the odds posted in brackets. You can place a bet that the total score will exceed or fall below 203.5 points. For every $110 placed, you will receive $100 plus your original wager back.

Denver Nuggets Point Spreads

A team’s winning record does not mean that they are a good bet every night. This is because most bets go against expectations and were high for the Nuggets in 2020-21. Spread bettors in Denver lost money with a 34-38 year record.

Spread betting is a very popular bet that depends on the outcome of a team’s win or loss. Let’s take an example.

Denver Nuggets (-6.5)

Minnesota Timberwolves (+6.5).

The minus sign indicates that the Nuggets are favored to win this game by 6.5 points. You would only win if Denver beats the Wolves by seven points or more. Spread bets on Denver would lose if the Wolves win or the Nuggets win by six points or less.

Denver Nuggets Moneylines

The betting industry also has a lot of moneyline bets. These bets simply predict which team will win, regardless of the margin. You would cash your bet if the Nuggets win the game.

Let’s take another look at this example:

Oklahoma City Thunder +190

Denver Nuggets –240

Spread bets have the favorite having a minus sign, and the underdog having a plus sign. American odds may seem confusing at first. However, they can be viewed in increments of $10 and $100. To win $10, a Nuggets wager would cost $24 while a Thunder bet would pay $19 per $10 wagered.

Nuggets vegas ods vs. online ods

Colorado online sportsbooks will offer the same odds of winning NBA betting on most Nuggets games as in Las Vegas. The betting odds for Nuggets may be different depending on tip-off. Because the lines are set up to draw equal amounts of betting from both sides, this is because

A sportsbook that has more money on one side than the other will see a change in its line. The lines will likely change in Colorado because of the greater local interest in Nuggets than in Las Vegas.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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