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The Phoenix Suns have never been awarded a NBA title. They have only been to the NBA Finals twice. In 1993, Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson, and Scottie Pippen lost to the Chicago Bulls.

FanDuel’s oddsmakers favor the Suns to win this season’s title.

The Conference Finals saw the Phoenix Suns become the first four NBA teams to reach the Conference Finals. Three other Conference Semi-Finals series were tied at 2-2 after Monday’s games. After the Suns’ win, all U.S. sportsbooks updated their NBA Finals odds daily. Phoenix was +2500 longshots for the NBA title per PointsBet. However, they are now listed as +400 on PointsBet and +390 on FanDuel. They are also +400 on DraftKings making them one the favorite to win the championship.

Red hot Suns have won nine consecutive postseason games, dating back to the first round. Devin Booker’s performance in the playoffs has been exceptional (28.3 PPG; 7.1 RPG; 5.3 APG). Mikal Bridges and Deandre Ayton, both young players, have done more than meet the challenge. Cameron Payne (11.8 PPG and 3.9 APG), has been the surprising breakout star of the playoffs.

What are the odds of winning the lottery with Phoenix Suns?

The Phoenix Suns are the team with the best odds at #10. This means that they have a 65.9% chance of landing in the #10.

They are able to grab the #1 overall pick with a 3 percent chance, a 3.3% chance of getting #2, 3.6% for #3 and 4% for grabbing #4. They have a 13.9 per cent chance of upgrading to the top 4.

The Suns cannot move up to 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 because the top four spots are the only ones that can be upgraded. However, they can downgrade.

The Suns will drop if the teams behind them get a bump. There is a 19% chance that they will drop to #11, and a 1.29% chance that they will drop to #12. They are mathematically possible to drop to #13 or #14, but it is more likely that Robert Sarver will gift the Suns to them for free.

The Suns will likely pick the #10 or #11 pick. However, there is a chance that they are lucky enough to move up into the top 4.

James Jones will be representing the Phoenix Suns Thursday. So put on your lucky shirt and grab your lucky charm. You are in good company.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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