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The Oklahoma City Thunder won their season finale against LA Clippers Sunday. They tied with the Cleveland Cavaliers to finish the season fourth in lottery odds. Jonathan Givony of ESPN first reported that the NBA will hold coin flips next Tuesday, May 25 to break the tie and other draft positioning ties.

We will be able to see more information about the final draft lottery odds after this event. To determine final draft positioning, and the picks for each team, lottery night will be held on June 22.

The Thunder will be drafting four picks in the top 35 of the next draft. It’s only a matter of where those picks will end up. OKC holds the rights to their top-four protected picks, and the first rounders of the Miami Heat.

Oklahoma City Thunder Point Spreads

Despite having low expectations, the Thunder struggled in betting markets, posting a 31-40-1 record against-the spread in 2020-21 — the third worst mark in the league, behind the Rockets, Cavaliers, and Cavaliers.

Spread bets are a type of betting that is based on the outcome of a particular game. Here’s an example:

  • Oklahoma City Thunder (+10.5)
  • Denver Nuggets (-10.5)

In this example, the Thunder are the underdogs. You can see their plus sign next to the name. A bet on the Thunder spread is a 10.5-point favorite. The spread pays if the Thunder win the game or lose by 10 points or less. The bet would go out if the Nuggets win the game by more than 11 points.

Oklahoma City Thunder Moneylines

Thunder is a young team that can be unpredictable. They may appear competitive one night, but then get blown out the next. You can place a moneyline wager to take a chance on them winning or covering the spread. These bets don’t care about the margin of victory.

Another example of a Thunder match:

  • Oklahoma City Thunder +280
  • Utah Jazz -350

A plus sign denotes the Thunder as the underdog. These numbers reflect the payout structure. You would make $28 per $10 you wagered if you placed a bet on Thunder moneyline, which has +280 odds. For every $35 wagered, the Jazz moneyline of +350 would give bettors $10.

Oklahoma City Thunder over/Under

The Thunder were successful with over/under betting last season, depending on which side you chose and where OKC played. The Thunder won 22-14 at home against the over. On the road, however, the overs were just 13-21-2.

Total bets simply wager on the number of points that will be scored in a given game. Let’s say the Thunder faced the Blazers, and the total was 225. If the teams score more than 225 points, an over-bet would pay. A bet on the under would pay if there were fewer than 224 points. All bets would win if the game ended at 225.

Oklahoma City Thunder Props

Let’s suppose you don’t believe in the Thunder as a team, but love Shai Gilgeous Alexander. It’s possible to bet on his performance. This is called a player prop wager. You can also bet on his stats such as whether he will score more points than he does, or if he will record a double-double.

Thunder Futures

Futures bets can be a good option if you are looking for something more long-term. These bets usually tie to the end-of-season results. The Thunder can win the Most Improved Player award, or the Thunder will beat their season total.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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