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In the 2020-21 season, the Utah Jazz had their best campaign in more than two decades and secured the Western Conference’s top seed. Donovan Mitchell, one of the league’s rising stars, continued to flourish in this year. Rudy Gobert, center, won his third Defensive Players of the Year award.

The Jazz and Quin Snyder will be in the title race for many years, despite the fact that Mitchell is still young. Learn more about the Jazz odds and their schedule, against the spread (ATS) performance, team trends, etc.

Utah Jazz Point Spreads

Smart NBA fans knew that the Jazz would be great in the 2020-21 season. However, not everyone believed that a 1-seed was possible. Their 41-31 record against the spread shows that they were undervalued in this year’s betting market. Spread bets are wagers that depend on the margin of victory.

Here’s an example: A Jazz match against the Nuggets in their division.

  • Denver Nuggets (+3.5)
  • Utah Jazz (-3.5)

If you don’t know what odds are, you can look at the lines below based on the numbers and the plus/minus sign. The Jazz are the favorites (shown as the minus sign) by 3.5 points over Nuggets. Their plus sign denotes them as the underdog. You can place a bet on either side of the spread. A wager on Utah would pay if they won by at least four points. If the Nuggets win or lose by less than three points, it would lose.

Utah Jazz Moneylines

Moneylines sounds like a fancy term for betting, but it is really just a wager on the outcome of a match. The margin of victory, unlike the spread bet is irrelevant. If you placed a bet that the Jazz would win, the bet would be won if they win, regardless of whether it was by four or 40 points.

It can be difficult to understand the odds at first glance. Here’s an example game against the Blazers.

  • Utah Jazz -155
  • Portland Trail Blazers +180

It’s easier to think of moneyline odds in American format in increments $10 or $100. To win $100 if you were to place a bet on Jazz at -155 odds you would need to wager $155. Underdog Blazers would receive inverse payouts. A $100 bet would net $180.

Utah Jazz Over/Unders

Over/under betting is an option if a game is toss-up. These bets, also known as totals, simply wager on the total points scored by each team. A Jazz vs. Timberwolves match has 219 points. This means that an over-bettor would win if both teams scored 220 points or more. An under-bettor would lose if they combined for less than 218 points. Pushing is possible, meaning that the game ends at the exact number. All bets are refunded.

Utah Jazz Props

You’re probably familiar with monitoring individual players’ performance if you were part of fantasy basketball or daily fantasy games (DFS) over the past decade. This is very similar to player prop betting, which involves placing wagers on the outcome of a player’s box score. Rudy Gobert could score more than or less than 2.5 blocks, while Donovan Mitchell could score more points.

Jazz Futures

You can place a bet if you believe the Jazz will become the Northwest Division champions again in 2021-22. These types of bets are known as futures and are simply wagers on the outcome of an event. Other Jazz futures include Donovan Mitchell’s odds of winning MVP, Rudy Gobert’s chances of winning his fourth Defensive Player-of-the Year award, as well as their chances to win the title.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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