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The Washington Wizard made a surprise trade for Russell Westbrook during the offseason and rode their point guard down the stretch to reach their first playoff appearance since 2017. With many questions surrounding the future, the Wizards will now wait to see if they can match their 2021 season which saw them finish as the third most profitable team to bet on in the NBA. For the most current information about the Wizards’ against-the spread (ATS) record, gambling trends, and other relevant information, fans and bettors should continue reading.

Washington Wizards Point Spreads

Bettors who remained loyal to Russell Westbrook all season were rewarded: The Wizards had an outstanding league against-the spread (ATS) record, earning bettors eight units.

Because it is the most common bet in basketball, you should feel comfortable understanding a point spread. It is simply a wager on the margin of victory. Here’s an example:

  • Detroit Pistons (+4.5)
  • Washington Wizards (-4.5).

The Wizards are the favorite in the above example. This is why the minus sign (-), next to their names, indicates that they are the favorite. By virtue of the plus sign (+)., the Pistons are considered the underdogs. This game is a bet on the Wizards to win by at least five points. Washington would lose against the spread if it were to lose or win by less than four points.

Washington Wizards Moneylines

The point spread isn’t the only way you can bet on the Wizards winning: The moneyline bets on who will win the game regardless of the margin. The Wizards were the second most profitable team in 2020-21, earning bettors 15.2 units. Let’s look back at the game against the Pistons and see how the moneyline worked out.

  • Detroit Pistons +165
  • Washington Wizards -200

The favorite is indicated by a (-).minus sign, just like the point spread. These odds are American odds. They should be read like math questions that can be answered with the number $100. The Wizards are the favorite, and it would take $200 to win $100. A $100 wager would win $165 for the underdog Pistons, who are +165.

Washington Wizards over/Under

Over/unders, also known as total bets, are another popular way of betting on the outcome of a sporting event without needing to predict the winner. Instead, sportsbooks will publish a number known as the total and customers can place bets over or under that number. This number represents the combined total points scored by both teams.

Under bettors will win if the Pistons or Wizards score 222 points. A game with less than 221 points will result in the winner. For the over to cash, the total must be 223 points or greater. If there are exactly 222 points, a push will occur and all wagers will be refunded.

Props for the Washington Wizards

Prop bets are not limited to betting on the outcome of a game. They cover many other bets, which may not necessarily be tied to the final score. Props can be wager on certain stat lines such as whether Bradley Beal will score more than 2.5 three-pointers or whether Russell Westbrook will have a triple-double. Some props are more specific like identifying who will score the first basket.

Wizards Futures

Futures allow bettors to place wagers on future events for a longer-term perspective. These bets could be as simple as “Will the Wizards make it to the playoffs?” or as niche as “Will Russell Westbrook break the record for triple-doubles in one season?”

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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