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Although the 2020-21 Charlotte Hornets season ended with a loss at the NBA Play-In Game, the overall season was worthy of optimism. The Hornets’ preseason record of 26.5 wins was easily surpassed by rookie LaMelo, who led the team. The season is still a work in progress and Charlotte will be looking to surpass their Eastern Conference counterparts and make it to the postseason in 2021-22. The gambling market will have to decide if they are ready for that leap. However, you can find all the information about betting Hornets point spreads and over/unders as well as player props in the following article.

Charlotte Hornets Point Spreads

The NBA’s most popular bet is the point spread. This is a wager on the margin of victory. The bookmakers determine the margin and allow bettors the opportunity to wager that the favored team will win by a specific amount or that the underdog team will win the game by a certain margin.

Here’s an example showing how a Hornets spread might look:

Miami Heat (+2.5).

Charlotte Hornets (-2.5).

The Hornets are the favorites in this example. This is why the minus sign (-), next to their point spread, means that they are. The plus sign (+). denotes the underdogs. The Hornets are 2.5 points in favor here so bets on them covering the spread would only win if Charlotte wins by at least three points. If Miami wins the game, or loses by just one point, bets on the Heat will pay out.

Charlotte Hornets Moneylines

The point spread is not the only way to bet the Hornets. Betting on the moneyline, which is a straight-up wager on which team will win, is another option. Charlotte was a great place for Hornets bettors, with bettors winning 10 units on the moneyline during the season.

Let’s go back to our earlier example for the moneyline odds.

Miami Heat +135

Charlotte Hornets –160

The minus sign (-), which denotes Charlotte as the favorite, is still used. While the plus sign (+) remains for the underdog, it’s the same as before. These numbers represent American odds. They translate into bets of $100 increments. If Charlotte wins, the Hornets are -160 favorites. A $160 bet would win $100. If Miami wins, the underdog Heat would be +135. A $100 bet would result in $135.

Charlotte Hornets Over/Under

An over/under wager, also known as a total, is a bet on how many points each team will score. Bookmakers will give a number and bettors can wager on the under or over. If the Heat-Hornets’ previous game had a total score of 217, the over would only cash if that combined score was more than 218; the under would win if both teams scored less than 216 points. All wagers that are placed on teams landing right on the total are considered pushes and refunded.

Props Charlotte Hornets

Prop bets let you get in on the action, without having to tie your wager to one or both teams’ performance. Props can be used to place wagers on a variety of events during the game. Player props can be placed on the player’s box score. For example, betting on LaMelo Ball scoring over/under 7.75 assists or on whether Gordon Hayward will achieve a double-double. Other prop bets are also available depending on the sportsbook. To find the best sportsbook for you, make sure to check out our reviews.

Hornets Futures

Futures betting is easy to understand: It is a wager on the outcome of a future event. You can place futures on players or teams. You can wager on the futures of a team, such as betting on the Hornets winning their division, Eastern Conference or the NBA Finals. Or you can place a season-long bet on the win total, or whether Charlotte will reach the playoffs. You can place season-long prop wagers on a player’s statistical output or on an award market such as betting LaMelo Ball will win MVP.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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