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The 2020-21 season was one to remember for the Pistons. Detroit lost just 20 games, falling below its 24th season total at DraftKings. Dwane Casey and Detroit’s front office moved into rebuild mode. The Pistons missed the playoffs twice in a row and now enter an offseason with much uncertainty about their roster for 2021-22. Continue reading for more information about their odds, roster projections and player props.

How to place a bet on the Pistons

Money Line (ML) NBA betting

The money line is the fastest and easiest way to get involved in any NBA game. Each team gets odds that represent an implied win chance for the game. The odds will range from -500 to +500 for favorites and underdogs. However, they can be extended further in either direction for more even matchups.

All factors that affect the odds include recent success, standings, injuries, and public betting. Based on injury reports and lopsided action, lines and odds can change throughout the day.

NBA betting against the spread

Spread betting is the best and most profitable way to bet basketball. Instead of a spread, the favorite is given a number of points that it must win the game to cover the spread. The underdog will win if it loses within the specified number of points or wins the game.

Props for Detroit Pistons

You don’t need to only bet on the final score to get in on the action. Prop bets can be placed on a wide range of markets. These include player props, which bets on the final stats of individual players, and special bets on events determined by the bookmaker. The most popular bet is the player prop. It can be bets on Jerami Grant’s final stats or on Mason Plumlee’s triple-double. Other props are more specific and ask for information such as “who will win 20-point race?” or “which player will score first basket?” Prop bets can vary depending on which sportsbook you choose. We recommend reading our reviews of sportsbooks to help you find the best one for your needs.

How to place a bet on the Pistons: NBA Futures

Instead of betting on one game, you can get action on the 2020-21 season of the Pistons or on specific players such as PF Blake Griffin. The odds of winning the NBA Championship by betting on NBA futures can vary from +250 on a favorite team like the Los Angeles Lakers to +50000 for the Pistons.

The implied win probability for the Pistons is just 0.2%, but a $10 wager would yield a profit of $5,000.

For end-of-season awards such as MVP or Defensive player of the year, there are player futures.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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