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In 2020-21, the Sacramento Kings made it 15 years straight without making the playoffs. They finished with 31 wins less than head coach Luke Walton. The roster boasts young talent like Marvin Bagley and De’Aaron Fox.

Will the NBA’s longest playoff drought come to an end in 2021-22 Find out more about the Kings, including their schedule, record against-the spread (ATS), injuries, and other details.

Sacramento Kings Point Spreads

In 2020-21, the Kings were on the road and night at home. They posted a terrible 13-22-1 against the spread record in Sacramento. But, on the road, they were solid 21-15.

Spread bets are a common form of betting that is about the margin to win in a particular game. Let’s take the spread on Kings as an example.

  • Sacramento Kings (+8.5)
  • Phoenix Suns (-8.5).

The plus sign is next to the number of the Kings, which indicates that they are underdogs. A Kings spread bet will win if they win the game by eight or more points. This bet would win if the Suns won by more than nine points.

Sacramento Kings Moneylines

A moneyline bet is another popular type of wager. It is about who will win the game. Moneyline bets don’t care if it’s tight or blowout. It’s all about who wins.

Another Kings example:

  • Sacramento Kings +200
  • Los Angeles Lakers -250

The Kings are the underdogs here, but they must win. This is why the payout structure reflects that fact. If the team wins, a +200 moneyline wager would pay $200 per $100 wagered. For every $250 wagered, a bet on the Lakers at +250 would bring in $100.

Sacramento Kings Over/Unders

Last season, the Kings had stark home/away splits in their over/under betting. These are bet types that wager on the total points of both teams during a game. In Kings home games, the over was 21-14-1 while it was only 14-21-1 on road games.

Let’s take an example of an under/over bet. Say that the Kings were playing the Clippers. They scored a total 228 points. The 228 number is the key. Bettors have the option to take a position on either side. If the game ended at 229 points or more, over bettors would be victorious. Under bettors would be victorious if it ended at 227 points or less. All bets will be refunded if there is a push – if the game finishes at exactly 228, then all bets are canceled.

Sacramento Kings Props

Props are less common than moneyline, spread, over/under or moneyline wagers. However, they can be some of the most entertaining wagers you could make. These can be player-specific or situation-specific. For example, De’Aaron Fox could score more than/under 18.5 points. Or which team in a Kings will reach 20 points first.

Kings Futures

Will the Kings be able to make it back into the playoffs in 2021-22? You can place a bet at any of the sportsbooks on this outcome, regardless of whether you believe it or not. It’s known as a futures wager and refers to bets that are settled at a later time (often at end of season). Other Kings futures include De’Aaron Fox winning Most Improved Player and the Kings to surpass their season win total.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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